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Play - Form of the Situation as Such?
Kanócz, Robert ; Michálek, Jiří (advisor) ; Zika, Richard (referee) ; Benyovszky, Ladislav (referee)
Robert Kanócz: Play - Form of the Situation as Such? Abstract The present work belongs to the context of phenomenological ontology and tries to find out, what play/game is and what relationship it has to the nature of being. I understand the question what "play"/"game" ("hra" in the Czech language) is as the question what characterizes the matters referred to spontaneously by this word, and whether it is possible to find one universal meaning present in all these cases. I answer that such a universal meaning does exist, that a play/game is an "in its meaning autonomous process of being decided about something" (where "being decided" is meant impersonally, with no necessary reference to any conscious subject which decides) and I explain in what sense all the types of instances referred to with the abovementioned Czech word display these features. I further show in what sense the most general or fundamental situation in which we are, i. e. the situation of appearing of anything, displays the features of a game/play - it can be viewed as the always the same, "unescapable" process of being decided about what will be present. On this ground a theory of being or the world as, ultimately, a play/game can be conceived, which may sound very convincing, if it is presented as a seeing through the illusion that...
A study of Emanuel Rádl's works in biology and his Consolation from Philosophy
Hermann, Tomáš ; Michálek, Jiří (advisor) ; Janko, Jan (referee) ; Sokol, Jan (referee)
Faculý ď Sclence oÍthe Charles Universitylin Prague Mgr.TomášHermann Consolation from Life A studyofEmanuelRádl'sworksinbiology and his Consolation from Philosophy Summary of PhD thesis 2008 The subject of this thesis is the scientific and philosophicď work of Emanuel Ráll (1873- t942), Cze,h biologist, philosopher,and publicly active intellectual, with focus on the first period of his work, datedbeforethe WWI, andthe last phaseof his work, culminating in his last boolg Consolationfrom Philosophy. The main aim ofthe thesis is a historical analysis and account;it is a contributionboth to the history ofbiology andbiological though! andto the history of philosophy in the Czech lands in the fint half of the 20úcennrry. Emanuel Rrídl'sintellectualbiographycan ďso be seenas an introspectivestudyofthe intellectuallife of the Czech society during some of its inportant and as yet insufficiently sfudiedpďods. The presentthesiswas written as a partof a broadly conceived researchproject,otherresults of which include: 1. The orderingandinventoryof recentlyďscovered partsof Rríď's worlg which have been made available to researchen as an archive unit under the name of Collection and DocumentationFund of EmanuelRódl. 2. A publication of an unabridgedCzech translďon of Rírll's TheHistory of Modern Biological Theodes,Volume...
Hermeneutic Phenomenology and Quantum Complementarity in the Philosophy of Science
Grygar, Filip ; Michálek, Jiří (advisor) ; Krtouš, Pavel (referee) ; Kvasz, Ladislav (referee)
Facultyof Scienceof the CharlesUniversityin Prague Mgr.Filip Grygar Hermeneutic Phenomenology and Quantum Gomplementarity in the Philosophy of Science PhD ThesisSummary 2008 An ambition of the presenteddissertation is an interdisciplinary treatise of phenomenology and quantum theory; therefore an attemptto connect two seemingly independently forming disciplines that have been holding a leading position in philosophical and scientificthinking since the beginningof the 20th century. Specifically, I lay stresson Heidegger's hermeneuticphenomenology on one hand and on Bohr's philosophy and the frame of complementariý on the otherhand. I outlined, in Chapter d how a monolithlc modern scientific view of the world and mathematizationof naturewas developed.Concurrently to this topic, I showed two for,med possibilities of thinking - meditative thinking and calculative thinking that is linked to Heidegger's analyses of essence of technology qua Gestel/. Since the appearanceof Husserl and Heidegger's phenomenology,modern objectivist scientific notions and the subject-object paradigm oťcalculative thinking has been called in question.Modern thinking and its world view turned out to be insufficient and its thinking showed to be single-sided in its description of nature (especially in its description of subatomic...
Novel avenues for the preparation of antifouling scaffolds for tissue engineering
Kostina, Nina ; Michálek, Jiří (advisor) ; Smetana, Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Petr (referee)
Non-specific protein adsorption -protein fouling- is an adverse effect occurring at the surface of most artificial materials which come into contact with biological fluids, affecting various biomedical devices and tissue engineering scaffolds. In order to address this ubiquitous problem the preparation of scaffolds resistant to protein fouling (antifouling) was proposed. The main goal of this Thesis was the development of strategies for the preparation of antifouling scaffolds for tissue engineering. The work consisted of three steps: (i) the selection of monomers leading to antifouling properties by utilizing model system based on polymer brushes; (ii) preparation of antifouling hydrogels of different properties and architecture by copolymerization with zwitterionic carboxybetaine monomers, selected from model experiment; and (iii) modification of the surface of poly( -caprolactone) (PCL) nanofibers by growing four types of polymer brushes resistant to protein fouling. The scaffolds presented in this work showed variety of unique properties, such as hydration (up to 30000%), elongation (up to 1800%), self-healing, biodegradation, availability of functional groups and complex pore structure. Importantly, all scaffolds showed significant reduction of protein fouling and non-specific cell adhesion and can be...
Humanity and animality between Heidegger and Derrida
Trnka, Jaroslav ; Koubová, Alice (advisor) ; Michálek, Jiří (referee) ; Chvatík, Ivan (referee)
This work deals with the difference between man and animal in the context of the theme of time as treated by Heidegger and Derrida. The starting point of the work is the critique of early Heidegger and his characterization of animal as poor in world. This critique targets his thinking of time and possibility. As first two chapters try to show, despite his basic emphasis on time and on the possibility character of human being, Heidegger still thinks time on the basis of presence and possibility on the basis of reality. Only after taking this step can he think animal privatively as meaningless or poor - in a certain absence of time. This critique results in looking for a more consistent thinking of time and possibility as a way to a more welcoming thinking of animal. The third chapter is concerned with Derrida's objections to searching for other time and it maps the main problems connected with this project of Heidegger. The next three chapters present the main analysis of Heidegger's later thought of time. The differences between his late and early thought are emphasized as the differences between his late speech Time and Being and the early work Being and Time. Heidegger in his later works explores the unity of the three-dimensional time and bewares to think it as presence. The ground of the unity...
Human essence in Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy
Nitsche, Martin ; Kouba, Pavel (advisor) ; Benyovszky, Ladislav (referee) ; Michálek, Jiří (referee)
The doctoral thesis Human Essence in Heidegger`s Contributions to Philosophy pursues two aims: 1. to analyse the concept of human essence in the key-work of Heidegger`s posthumously published writings, in Contributions to Philosophy; 2. to consider the possibility of using of this analysis as a way to entrance the complete interpretation of Contributions. The thesis has three preparative sections. In the first one the Heidegger`s critique of the anthropology is analysed and interpreted as his reference to the anthropomorphy of world`s relation structures. The possibility of thematizing the relation structures is methodological based on phenomenology. This is the main topic of the second section, that reads Heidegger`s accent to the concept of teh between (das Zwischen) as a way of phenomenological approach to intentionality. The third section analyses Heidegger`s conception of intentionality of relation between the being and humans in the concept of the Dasein from Being and Time and its reinterpretation in the thinking of Contributions. The central part of the thesis has two sections. The fourth (in total order) section interprets the concept of `being - t/here`(das Da-sein) as the notion for central-structured field of the relationship between the being and humans. It analyses the general dynamisms, by...

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