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Selected fitness aspects of professional firefighters competing in fire sport and TFA
Miřátský, Petr ; Gryc, Tomáš (advisor) ; Coufalová, Klára (referee)
Title: Selected fitness aspects of professional firefighters competing in fire sport and TFA Objectives: The aim of the thesis was to find out the level and the difference in the parameters of body constitution, postural stability and muscular and explosive force of lower limbs with groups of professional firemen competing in fire sport and TFA Methods: The research sample was represented by two groups of professional firemen (17 fire sportsmen and 17 TFA competitors). We assessed chosen parameters of body constitution (Tanita MC-980MA), postural stability (RS Footscan), explosive force (Kistler) and muscular force (Cybex Humac Norm). Assessed parameters of body constitution were percentage of body fat and fatless matter. In the tests of postural stability we assessed total travel way of the centre of pressure (TTW), narrow stand (open and closed eyes) and one-leg stand (right, left). When testing explosive force, overall produced maximal force and height of the leap were assessed. Muscular force was assessed with the help of muscular force moment in concentric muscle activity with angular velocity 60ř·s-1. Results: We found out a significant difference between the two groups in the tests of postural stability - narrow stand with open and closed eyes (F1,32 = 9,94, p<0,01), in the tests of...
The possibilities of influencing strength of lower limbs in fire sport competitors
Miřátský, Petr ; Gryc, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jebavý, Radim (referee)
Title: Possibilities of influencing the lower limbs force in fire sport competitors Objectives: The goal of the thesis is to find out the level of force and explosive force in chosen fire- sportsmen's lower limbs and to verify the possibilities of influencing its level with the help of a specific plyometric training. Methods: The research group consisted of fire-sportsmen whose level of muscle force and lower limbs explosive force was explored with the help of entrance tests. To find out the level of the lower limbs muscle force we used the Cybex machine, the level of the explosive force was tested on the Kistler force boards. We assessed muscle force of knee flexors and extensors, which was evaluated with the help of the moment of muscle force (circular motion) in a concentric muscle activity at an angular velocity 60ř·s-1 . In explosive force, we assessed maximum force and upward leap height produced. After the entrance tests the sportsmen went through an intervention programme consisting of a specific plyometric exercise. This intervention programme was concluded with an output testing, which was identical with the entrance one and the aim of which was to find out the current level of the parameters assessed. Results: The result of the thesis is a record of a muscle force and a lower limbs...

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