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Methods of detection of fungal diseases applicable in plant phenotyping and remote sensing
Klem, Karel ; Veselá, Barbora ; Holub, Petr ; Urban, Otmar ; Mezera, J.
This methodology summarises findings from a comparison of three perspective methods of fungal disease detection applicable for remote sensing and plant phenotyping of fungal disease resistance. These methods are spectral reflectance, infrared thermal imaging, and blue-green fluorescence imaging. On the example of winter wheat infection with powdery mildew, stripe rust and brown rust the strengths and weaknesses of individual methods were demonstrated. From these results it is evident that all three methods are potentially applicable for non-destructive fungal disease detection, but their practical use may vary. Testing of spectral reflectance indices for the detection of fungal diseases showed particularly the high detection reliability of the red-edge and green band based spectral vegetation indices. Infrared thermal imaging has shown high detection accuracy for powdery mildew and brown rust, but lower for stripe rust. Blue-green fluorescence and thermal imaging seems to be also a very promising tools for evaluating the intensity and spatial distribution of infection on a leaf level.
Risk analysis of the strategic business plan of the company MADETA a.s.
Zuieva, Daryna ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mezera, Josef (referee)
The aim of the master's thesis is to compile the 5-year strategic business plan of MADETA a.s., to identify and evaluate its risks. The thesis contains external and internal environmental analysis of selected company, on base of which key risk factors are identified and scenarios of industry development are created. In the following part of the thesis strategic objectives of the company are formulated and integrated in strategic financial plan. The last part deals with risk analysis, which includes selection of risk factors and simulation of discounted cash flow, influenced by those factors, using the Monte Carlo method. Simulation results suggest that, despite the significant impact risk factors have on discounted cash flow, there is high probability of achieving strategic objectives. As a conclusion, strategic steps aiming to reduce risk impact on company performance are proposed.
Accuracy of body temperature measurement using infrared technologies
Mezera, Jiří ; Chmelař, Milan (referee) ; Provazník, Ivo (advisor)
This thesis deals with the measurement of body temperature using the infrared thermometers. The literature research is devoted to the description of the human body temperature, methods of its measurement and types of thermometers. The theoretical part further examines the infrared radiation, the principles of measurement, physical quantities, laws of infrared radiation, types of detectors and measurement uncertainties. The practical part focuses on experimental measurements with selected kinds of thermometers and verifying their accuracy. Finally, an experimental procedure has been designed which has then been used for the clinical measurements of body temperature under various conditions and their subsequent statistical evaluation.
Strategic analysis of the field of milk processing and dairy production in the Czech Republic
Michalčáková, Lucie ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mezera, Josef (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the field of processing milk and dairy production in the Czech Republic using strategic and financial analysis. In strategic analysis is an analysis of the external environment and internal analysis of resources and capacity of the company is replaced by a financial analysis of selected companies. A part of this thesis is the comparison among the largest competitors in the market. In the conclusion there are summarized all the lessons learned and there are evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of analyzed field and given opportunities and threats.
Strategic analysis of Czech republic´s wine industry
Svobodová, Lenka ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mezera, Josef (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze Czech republic's wine industry environment. Models used in the thesis are typical for strategic analysis and examine both macro and micro view of the examined entreprises. Firstly the PESTLE analysis will be conducted, describing political, economical, social, technological, legal and ecological aspects relevant to the industry within the Czech republic. Secondly I focus on the particular characteristics of the analyzed sector in terms of product differentiation, market size, competition, distribution channels and expected future trends. This characteristic also covers the financial sector analysis as well as value and bankruptcy models. Third section covers Porter five forces analysis and defines impact of new competitors, customers, suppliers, substitutes as well as existing competition. Last section consist of the SWOT analysis of identified market leader. It describes his strengths and weaknesses, and based on previous analyzes formulates opportunities and threats for the industry in which he is located.
Economic performance and inter-company comparison in the field of beer production
Krupička, Petr ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mezera, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a comprehensive analysis of the economic performance of the beer production in the Czech Republic in years 2007 - 2011. The theoretical-methodological part summarizes methods of economic analysis and the system of the sector analyzes. The practical analytical part of the thesis defines at first the studied industries, introduces the most important representatives in the industry and applies the methods and processes explained in the theoretical-methodological part. The results of the internal and the external analysis of the industry serve to identify its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, whose relationships and weights assesses SWOT analysis. Recommendations for increasing of the potential economic performance of the production of beer in the Czech Republic are formulated based on the results of analyzes in the ending.
Business Process Modeling Standards
Mezera, Jiří ; Řepa, Václav (advisor) ; Chocholatý, Drahomír (referee)
Today, business process modelling is important part of analysis and design of the information systems. There is number of standards, which is concerned with process modelling, whereas each of them represents a little different approach. The project Opensoul created general metamodel, which defines basic elements and their mutual associations, which all standards should meet. In other words, it defines basic rules for process modelling. The goal of this thesis is to compare chosen standards of process modelling with Business process metamodel of Opensoul initiative. The results of this comparison would have provide basis to answer the question, which standard supports in the best way the rules of process modelling defined by metamodel through the system of elements and their associations. This goal requires specifying the method, on which basis the comparison will be made. This method comprises the extension of metamodel with new elements and their relations to other elements, and the extension of some elements with some workflow patterns defined by Workflow Patterns initiative. That is the main benefit of this thesis.
Copyright infringements on the internet
Mezera, Jiří ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Šubrta, Václav (referee)
The purpose of this work is to analyze current state of copyright protection of the art works in regard of rising influence of the internet on the society. Nowadays, a large number of copyrighted data fluctuates through the internet and the character of the internet blocks efficient use of legislation for action against computer piracy. The first part of this work is oriented broadly. It contains evolution of the copyright in historical context, analyzes data downloading and uploading in juristic aspect and there are also significant suits, which routed the evolution of the copyright. There are described two main methods of data downloading and uploading in analytic part of this work -- peer-to-peer and warez forums -- with introduction of their main representatives, analysis of the current state and juristic analysis of their functioning. The last chapter resumes actual findings and tries to predict a future of the symbiosis of the copyright and the internet.

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