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Methods of quantifying the value of threatened immovable monuments
Merta, Petr ; Elingerová,, Helena (referee) ; Blažek,, Jiří (referee) ; Dlesková, Zuzana (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
Dilapidated immovable cultural monuments, care for them, their salvation and any other use or conservation for future generations is the last time hot topic. Despite the xpensive maintenance and often significantly (whether awaited or already paid) investments in these objects we are more and more aware that these monuments are an integral part of the cultural heritage which uniquely demonstrates creative work, effort, attempt, way of thinking and craftsmanship of previous generations, making it an indispensable and irreplaceable source of knowledge of national history and it is our moral responsibility for the cultural heritage of the past to properly take care of. More and more it is true that the level of preservation of the monuments reflects the maturity of the social system, the public sentiment and democracy in the country. In this doctoral thesis the issue of cultural immovable monuments, definitions of basic concepts in terms of valid and prepared legislation and a general description of conservation including points of view on the value of historically valuable objects and the determination of this value, is introduced. Furthermore, the basic methods usable precisely for the quantification of value including examples of their use, description of the suitability for specific needs or drawbacks of each method, are processed. The proposed methodology for quantifying the value by using multipliers is carefully documented and then presented on a specific investment objective of reconstruction and further use of the dilapidated cultural immovable monument. The aim of the doctoral thesis is to prove or disprove that the use of the multiplier of production of the national economy can build the appropriate method for quantifying the value of investments in immovable cultural monument.
Legal regulation of veterinary care
Merta, Petr ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the issue of legal regulation of veterinary care. The thesis is composed of seven main chapters analysing the issue of legal regulation of veterinary care by a general interpretation of the veterinary health care system, by the interpretation of system of legal regulation and finally by the interpretation of the veterinary entities. Special emphasis is placed on current issues of concern related to the topic of the thesis.
System of safety at work in a building company
Jakeš, Martin ; Merta, Petr (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
Occupational health and safety is nowadays one of the most important things, which must be solved by everyone who is responsible for his employees. This thesis deals with a specific occupational health and safety system in a building company. Its task is to introduce the basic legislation of the occupational safety in the Czech Republic and then to describe and propose an improvement of occupational health and safety system in a particular building company. The theoretical part describes basic legislation of the occupational safety in our country, the second part of the thesis gives us the idea of the occupational health and safety system in the company Ekostavby Louny Ltd. Next part describes how the system of occupational health and safety works in practice. The last part contains the summary of all fundamental information and a proposal of improvement of the present occupational health and safety system.
The introduction of the real estate intermediary on the market
Holman, Pavel ; Merta, Petr (referee) ; Ivanička, Koloman (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with problems of new real estate agency when entering the market. The aim is to create a draft business plan for new real estate reality called Pernikové reality s.r.o., characterize the work of a real estate broker and describe the real estate market in which the real estate agency will work.

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