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Micro-plastic limit of low-carbon steel CSN 41 1375 as determined by the measurement of electrical impedance
Gajdoš, Lubomír ; Šperl, Martin ; Kaiser, J. ; Mentl, V.
It is generally accepted that not all cyclic stresses below the fatigue limit are non-damaging. Particularly in spectrum loading, the inclusion of some cyclic stresses below the fatigue limi can reduce the fatigue life of a component. It is believed that the boundary between damaging and non-damaging stresses is the so-called micro-plastic limit (MPL) defined as a macro-stress at which dislocation pile-up stresses begin to obstruct the magnetic domains in rotation to the direction of the tensile stress. This paper shows that MPL can be determined from changes in magnetic permeability during tensile loading. In our work, changes in magnetic permeability were measured indirectly - by measuring changes in electrical impedance (a.c. resistence and induktance). Measurements were performed on normalized low-C steel CSN 411375, and the microplastic limit was determined by evaluating
A Comparison of Probable Magnitudes of the Microplastic Limit of CSN 411375 Steel Determined by the Inductance and Resistance Method
Gajdoš, Lubomír ; Šperl, Martin ; Mentl, V. ; Kaiser, J.
The paper takes up our preceding contribution in which an attention was paid to the significance of microplastic strains and to their measurement by means of changes in electrical impedance of specimens made from normalized low-C steel CSN 411375. In the present paper results are presented which enable a deeper insight into the problem of microplastic limit (MPL) in relation to the measuring methods used.
Microplastic Limit of Steel Determined by the Measurement of Changes in Electrical Impedance
Gajdoš, Lubomír ; Šperl, Martin ; Kaiser, J. ; Mentl, V.
The microplastic limit was determined by evaluation of deltaR-Sigma records. A comparison with the fatigue limit in an axial reversed loading showed that it was below the fatigue limit. The microplastic limit can be considered to separate non-damaging and damaging cyclic stresses.

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