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Racism and identity of second generation Afro-Caribbean immigrants in Great Britain. Critical discourse analysis of selected Brititsh roots reggae texts produced in second half of 1970's
Marinovová, Klára ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
Racial tensions in UK escalating to violent conflicts from early 50ʼs on, led to series of changes in British legislation. Migration was systematically restricted, and regulations of entry were becoming much more severe. Discrimination of Caribbean and Asian immigrants in labor market, housing and education was extensive. Every attempt to address racial discrimination on the level of legislation was inefficient and hardly enforceable. Case study presented is situated in this social-political context. It is focused on second generation of afro-Caribbean minority in 70ʼs and its reaction to expulsion from British society, denying British identity and its fight against oppression through music and especially through language used itself. Jamaican Creole and in British, most notably in London surroundings, on Creole based system of adaptations called London Jamaican became significant feature of ethnic identification of afro-Caribbean (black) adolescents. This feature was used in conversations almost always through phenomenon of code-switching, where Creole features used were linked to attempt to define the speaker against dominant white society and oppressive system. Using of the features was often purposeful, because second generation of migrants was fully competent in using standard British English....
Impacts of the migrant crisis on Italy
Adamec, František ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
One of the actual resonating topics in Europe is so called migration crisis. European Union struggles to get unexpected flows of migrants under control, trying to figure out an optimum way to take over and stabilize the region and get the situation under control. The work is approached as Case study with goal to map the migrant flows into Italy from 2014 to 2017 and to identify differences, whether the Italian approach is or is not in compliance with the central EU steps. Main sense is to verify the hypothesis that EU is not capable of dealing sufficiently with migrant inflows in short-term. The theoretical part of the bachelor work provides general explanation of the European migration crisis and presents migration flows progress in the four years history. The analytical part explores key elements of Italian approach and accompanying effect of human rights violation. Possible future scenarios are drafted at the very end of this bachelor work.
Comparison of crime organisations Cosa Nostra and `Ndrangheta
Denemark, Jan ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
The theme of my bachelor thesis is a comparison of the organized crime, especially the study of the structures of criminal organizations such as Cosa Nostra and 'ndrangheta. Because these structures have a significant difference in their style of building their own hierarchies and they are working quite differently in general, I would like to focus on and answer the crucial question in my thesis, to what extent these differences affect the fact that 'ndrangheta is now the most important mafia in Italy instead of Cosa Nostra. The fact that Cosa Nostra and 'ndrangheta are so different in their own structures, their detail comparison is offered in every part of their organization. Besides the description of the social base and the historical evolution which we cannot skip and besides the comprehensive exploration of the development context I would like to focus in my second part of the thesis on the fact how the differences between them influence the major decisions. I will describe especially the difference between the last approximately forty years because on this era we can easily see the difference between the success of these two organizations. While Cosa Nostra is nowadays a shadow of her historical fame 'ndrangheta in this period took over and now this organization is the number one when it...
Reflection of Basque autonomy in Spanish and Basque media
Lengyelová, Patricie ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the way in which the centrally oriented Spanish media El País and El Diario Vasco portrayed the autonomous tendencies in the Basque Country, focusing on the referendum on the Statute of Autonomy in 1979. The aim is to give analysis of published articles on this subject in the methodology of discourse analysis. In the theoretical introduction the thesis defines terms such as regionalism, nationalism, and others. The contextualization is characterized by the political-historical characteristics of the development of the Basque Country. In the analytical part the thesis focuses on the period of three months before the referendum until the ratification of the Statute of Autonomy in Congress and the Senate. The main analysed articles were editorials published by both journals, as well as subjective elements contained in articles on Basque autonomy. The thesis reflects on the influence of media on social consensus and on their objectivity and concludes that although both diaries supported the creation of Basque autonomy, the regional newspaper El Diario Vasco emphasized its neutral stance and tolerance to both sides, for and against the autonomy. El País, on the other hand, strongly condemned the parties that were refusing to vote in favor of autonomy and propagated the approval of...
Valley of the Fallen: Contested site in the Spanish politics of memory
Kolínová, Kristýna ; Tomalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
A monument known as the Valley of the Fallen is located about fifty kilometers from Madrid. The complex was built by General Franco as a memorial to the victims of the Civil War. After his death, Franco himself was buried here in the basilica caved into the rock. The remains of the dictator situated at such a monumental site together with thousands of victims of the Civil War are, according to many, an unresolved issue for democratic Spain. As many meanings are assigned to the site, the debate about the Valley of the Fallen includes other topics as well. The thesis presents and analyzes the politics of memory and debate on the contested site of memory Valley of the Fallen from the beginning of the Zapatero government in 2004 until the end of the Rajoy government in May 2018. Based on the typology of mnemonic actors of M. Bernhard and J. Kubik, the thesis identifies and classifies national institutional actors participating in this debate. Transnational actors, as well as attitudes of the Spanish civil society, are also mentioned. Therefore, the thesis connects three areas of the collective memory studies: sites of memory, politics of memory and mnemonic actors.
The impact of colonial war on Portugal in the sixties
Loužecký, Martin ; Menclová, Barbora (advisor) ; Mejstřík, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis entails the changes that Portugal has gone through from the beginning of the sixties in regard to the war that had broken out within the Portuguese colonies. Moreover, the work compares the new decade with the period from the end of the fifties. Main focus is given to the situation of the regime called "New State", once the war started and the socioeconomic changes the sixties have experienced. Colonial War provided a chance for the authoritarian prime minister Salazar to unify the attitude of the society and strengthen propaganda by changing the current colonial politics. Salazarism was obsolete and non-progressive and therefore unwanted before the war, but at a later time again gained a numerous base of supporters. It was triggered by a new wave of propaganda, together with Salazar's reforms. Portugal also noticed a change in the sixties within the field of international politics. While the associated countries including traditional allies of Portugal such as The Great Britain or United States opposed the colonial politics in the fifties, the relations got better again in the sixties. On the other hand, international organizations including the United Nations which Portugal was a member of literally condemned imperialism. The goal of this thesis is to explain the status quo in...
External Action of Catalonia: the Path Towards Independence?
Körtingová, Gabriela ; Menclová, Barbora (advisor) ; Mejstřík, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with Catalan's external action and its role in seeking independence. The research focuses on the strategy and institutions formed by the autonomous government of Catalonia since 1978, through which this autonomous community is seeking to get the idea of independence at international level and gain support for it. The aim of the thesis is to prove that foreign relations of a non-state entity could play an important role its efforts to promote independence, and to contribute to the knowledge of the topic in the Czech environment. The paper describes the development of Catalan external actions since the adoption of a new democratic constitution of Spain from 1978, both in terms of the emergence of new institutions and of its mission and strategic goals. The first two parts of the thesis are separated by a chronological milestone, the year of 2006, and deal with the development of Catalan external action. Its third part is a brief analysis of the attitude of the European Union and the central government of Spain on the issue of conducting Catalan paradiplomacy. The whole thesis examines how singular legislative changes and political leaders have helped Catalonia to use its external actions as a method of promoting independence. In the conclusion, three hypotheses regarding...
Development of Popularity of the Spanish Monarchy 2008 - 2015
Koutová, Ivana ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
1 Abstract The bachelor thesis deals with the development of the popularity of the Spanish monarchy from 2008 to 2015; the main examined subject is the popularity decline between 2012 and 2014. The thesis is elaborated on the basis of the interpretative research, the key data are the results of the opinion polls. The aim is to emphasize the current development of the Spanish monarchy in the Czech environment. The thesis presents and analyses main factors of the popularity fail and examines the relationship between the popularity of reigning king Juan Carlos I (1975 - 2014) and Felipe VI (since 2014) and the institution of monarchy. The first part puts thesis into the context of the popularity of the European monarchies and presents historical development of the institution of the monarchy in Spain. The second part analyses the particular aspects, the third chapter is dedicated to the relationship between the popularity of reigning king and the institution of monarchy. The conclusion answers to the research questions via the evaluation of each mentioned factor.
Social perception of Game Management with emphasis on social group dealing with ornithology
Menclová, Barbora ; Obleser, Petr (advisor) ; Adámková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on evaluation of the stand of ornithological comunity on game management under the terms of problematical relationships between these two groups. Its goal is to chart the concrete fields of arguments within the legislation, as well as game management´s beneficial effects and moral aspects. Another pursuit is also to sketch the realization of possible cooperation. Using questionnaire, which was sent to members of Czech Society for Ornithology and its regional subdivisions, the respondents answered 20 questions and these results were statistically evaluated. The results show, that game management itself is perceived slightly differently compared with perception of individual hunters. The game management is evaluated more as salutary, whereas the hunters evoke rather negative feelings among respondents. It can be caused by subjective experiences, which influence the way the respondents see the whole game management society. Legislation seems to be the often repeated problem, to be concrete its breaking for example by illegal hunting or insufficient demands for to get a hunting and a gun licence. Ornithologists would also welcome changes regarding the list of the game animals. Problem is also the insufficient knowledge of hunters in the field of ornithology and ekology, which could be solved by tightening the conditions for the hunting and the gun licence. From the proposals, which were laid in the questionnairy and which are dealing with improving of the mutual relations, the respondents voted mainly discussion - collective, regular, at the expert level, where could be possible to solve actual issues relating game management, as well as ornithology.
Valuation of startup companies
Zelendová, Michaela ; Maříková, Pavla (advisor) ; Menčlová, Barbora (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to theoretical solutions and practical application of valuation methods used for evaluation of young startup companies. The aim of this work is to provide readers with theoretical introduction into the startup scene, conceivable valuation approaches and their practical application on the startup followed by drawing conclusions and recommendations. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The first part deals with the theoretical foundations of startups, the analysis of the Czech startup scene and possible arguments for valuing startups. The thesis discusses the specific characteristics of startups and their impact on the valuation process. The theoretical part is concluded by an analysis of the theoretical methods for the startup value estimation. In the practical section, selected valuation methods are applied on a particular startup company operating in the Czech Republic. Finally, the practical part summarizes the problems and specifics that arise during the valuation process followed by recommendations for valuation practice.

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