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Organization of myofibrillar PCr/CK system in skeletal muscle
Žurmanová, Jitka ; Mejsnar, Jiří (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee) ; Neckář, Jan (referee)
5. SUMMARYOFRESULTES Áll resultshavebeenpublishedor acceptedin joumalswith IF. Ite list of publicďionis enclosedin thechaoter6. 1) Lcvcls of cneigr-rclated metabolitcsin intect and isolated pcrfuscd-supcrfused rrt ske|ctálmusc|e*(ŠteÍleta],1991) AdenosineS'.triphosphate(ATP), phosphocreatine(PCr), creatirre(Cr), ínorganicphosphate (Pi),lactate(LAC), pyruvate(PYR) andglycogenasglucose(GLU) weredeterminedandfree adenosineS'-diphosptrate(ADP) was calculatedtom ATP:creatinephosphokinase(CPK) reactionin the gracilis muscleof cold.acc|imatedrďs in vivo. and in completelyisoIated mrsc|esundermediumperfusionandzuperfusionínvito, rsing thefreeze-clampingmetlrcd. Themeanin vivo leve|s(pmoVgw.w.)were:ATP 4.8'PCr 12.0.Cr 7,8'Pi ló.l' LAc l.6' PYR 0.09,GLU 22.9,ADP 0,62x t0-3.[solationof the muscle(about11min of anox'a fo|lowedby perfision irrthe air with a highpo2 Inedium)decreasedmacroergicphosphďe levels(ATP 3.0.PCr 8.3).Inisolatedmusclesperfusedwitha highpO2medium(99kPaOz, perflrion rate70 pl/mitt)andsimultaneouslysupeďusedwitha low po2medium(ó.2kPao2' 2.3mVmin)at28oC in vitrothelevelsof metaboliteswere(pmoUgw.w.):ATP 3.1,PCr 8.5, Cr 5.ó.Pi 9'2, |Ac 2.|' PYR 0.l9. GLU 6.6'ADP 0.44x l0(.]).Themeansteadyoxygen upuke of the íso|atedmusclewas 97 nmol 02 x min.l x g.l w.w. Ttrus.thelevelsof macroergicphosphatesand their...
The influence of corticosterone and corticoliberin on damage of the hippocampus and their relation to cognition
Řezáčová, Lenka ; Mareš, Pavel (advisor) ; Mejsnar, Jiří (referee) ; Šusta, Marek (referee)
Dissertation "The influence of corticosterone and corticoliberin on damage of the hippocampus and their relation to cognition" deals with the cognitive, behavioral and histological changes in experimental rat strain long-evans that closer describe the consequences of long-term continuous application of corticoliberin and/or corticosterone. Testing of the behavioral changes was divided into two phases. The first one - within three or fourweeks respectively administration of these hormones, therefore until their early effects - and the second phase - after four weeks of completion of the first phase at the time of the possible late effects. In the twelfth week the experimental animals were killed and in the group which had exogenously elevated corticosterone, the morphological changes in the hippocampus were monitored and measured. In all experimental groups alteration of behavior was observed. Histological and morphological changes in the brain we have found. Layout of experiments in two testing phases allowed differentiation of the early changes and the late and persistent changes. The arrangement of experiments allowed the choice of tests to compare not only individual effects of both hormones (corticoliberin and corticosterone) but also their coactioning and biological responses to them. Using a wider...

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3 Mejsnar, Jan
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