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Antropogenic landforms identification and analysis of their relation to medieval castles
Sýkora, Martin ; Hasil, Jan (advisor) ; Mazáčková, Jana (referee)
This Thesis focuses on the anthropogenic geomorphology in the vicinity of eight selected castles in the Bohemia region. The first part of study gathers information about already known archaeological features in the castle areas or hinterland. The first step of the survey uses LIDAR data combined with both historical and contemporary maps. Next, a surface survey helped to prove the existence of selected archaeological features, mark their location and get their written description and photographic documentation. Thanks to the information collected this way, we can possibly interpret former use of the features, as well as their origins in relation to the existence of the castle itself. The last part evaluates efficiency of the used method and reflects of the state of the examined castles areas and surroundings. Key-words: Medieval archaeology - Non-destructive methods - LIDAR - Castle - Anthropogenic landforms
Historical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Settlement from prehistoric to late medieval times
Bajer, Aleš ; Bísko, Richard ; Dejmal, Miroslav ; Hrubý, Petr ; Malý, Karel ; Mazáčková, Jana ; Machová, Barbora ; Milo, Peter ; Plaček, Miroslav ; Šabatová, Klára ; Těsnohlídek, Jakub ; Zimola, David ; Žahourková, Alena ; Hejhal, Petr
The exhibition catalogue is one of the important possibilities how make public the facts about historical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the preservation of the archaeological monuments, stay of the knowledge and possibilities of their documentation. The good knowledge increases the chances of preservation of unique information’s about our own past in the landscape. Landscape currently is the most significant witness of historical and cultural changes in our country. And as regards the state of preservation of prehistoric archaeological monuments, landscape even is the only witness. One of extraordinary regions in this regard is the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. It always was and still is a peripheral region, which is not really significantly affected by the ongoing destruction of historical cultural landscape. In chapters of the exhibition catalogue are introduced the issues of research. The catalogue of artefacts documenting the material culture for all investigated periods is published at the end.
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The Týřov castle. His former significance, material culture and building form.
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Mazáčková, Jana (referee)
(in English): This thesis solves the fundamental questions in research on castles and factual example in the form of Týřov. It deals with the history and architectural development of the castle, including a discussion of the origin of architectural traditions, which in previous works considered for the import of French architecture. A substantial part is dealing with the castle in the landscape, where the emphasis is on natural conditions, which give structural form of the castle. Another aspect that has been solved in this work is to establish a castle on the local infrastructure and major traffic junctions, or obstacles (fords, etc.), Including a link to the village maids and raw materials. In the studio castles are often accentuated features of the castle. In addressing this issue we must address its structural form, infrastructure, facilities, raw material and inventory of the castle, which reports on the social status of its inhabitants. The last part is the processing of the selected file material. This process yielded pottery dating the 13th century, which still missing in the region. The processed material is also evidenced by the daily life of the inhabitants of the castle.
Occupancy of buildings and their alterations
Mazáčková, Jana ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
- 1 - Abstract This thesis deals with the Occupancy of buildings and their alterations. To select this theme inspired me the decision to leave home and reconstruction of apartment. The aim of this thesis was to exclusion and describing the problems of practices that lead to the occupancy of buildings. A choice selected institute was targeted because the area governed by the Building Act is very wide. Another aim was to define the differences of the amended provisions. I also considered it important to outline the practice of building offices. The thesis is presented a short introduction. The sources of law are discussed in the first chapter. This chapter is divided into four subchapters and this chapter is dealing with the historical development of legislation, current sources of legislation, the last amendment to the building law and its deficiencies. Content of the second chapter is interpretation of some terms that relate to occupancy of buildings. This is essentially a building, "black" building, change of the completed building, change building before its completed, change in the way of building occupancy and builder. In the third chapter, attention is paid to executors of public administration in the section of the building code. This chapter consists of two subchapters. The first subchapter focuses...

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