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Development of the Czech insurance market from the point of view of the life insurance
Vazačová, Zuzana ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
This thesis analyzes the development of the Czech insurance market from the point of view of the life insurance in the last 8 to 10 years. The thesis is divided into 4 chapters. The thesis defines the theoretical concepts of life insurance and insurance market. The development indicators of the insurance market are described, more precisely are characterized six of them. Last but not least, external and internal factors that have an impact on the development of life insurance in the Czech Republic are explained. Greater attention is paid to those who are currently active on the Czech insurance market. The last chapter focuses on current trends in life insurance. The chapter also includes interviews and a summary of possible future developments in the insurance market.
Volatility of virtual currency Bitcoin
Jozífek, Michal ; Hoffman, Andrej (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is Volatility of virtual currency Bitcoin. In theoretical part I will focus on significant historical milestones of Bitcoin. We are going to find out, if Bitcoin meets the criteria to be called good money, how is it with inflation and deflation in Bitcoin and what is and how mining works. Practical part is divided into three smaller analyses. The main part looks into fluctuation in the entire history of Bitcoin and attempts to seek for its causes. The second part examines the development of places, where it is possible to pay with Bitcoin. The last part is an inquiry into mining profitability under circumstances in February 2017.
Comparison of stock exchanges in Australia and India
Fencl, František ; Veselá, Jitka (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
The bachelor thesis presents a comparison of stock exchanges in Australia and India. More specifically it focuses on the Australian Securities Exchange in Australia and on Indian stock exchanges, the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. The thesis analyses and compares stock exchanges in terms of the system of trading. Emphasis is also put on the assessment and comparison of the size of these stock exchanges according to various factors. An important part of this thesis is an identification and comparison of effects that influence the development of these stock exchanges. For this comparison, their biggest stock market indices are used.
Refinancing of mortgage and consumer loans
Gajdošová, Nicol ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
The importance of consumer and mortgage loans is increasing every day. If we were not born under the lucky star, the only way how to get property ownership or other financially expensive things is to take a mortgage and a consumer loan. Times when young people were entitled to get apartments from the city, the village or the employer have gone. Loans are generally in the interest of economists, lenders and the general public, who can use them to buy a house, flat, car, etc. Especially today, when interest rates reach the historical bottom, many people get a loan. In time, however, they find out that costs are not just a repayment of the loan but also other expenses associated with the use of the purchased item. They start wondering how they could reduce the installment after the end of the interest rate and thus save some money a month. Here comes a very popular product like credit refinancing in another bank. Banks attract potential clients for very good annual savings, you just need to transfer the entire loan to them. My work includes the factors influencing mortgage and consumer credit, which is also related to refinancing. I deal with real model examples through the precise approach of three selected bank institutions in refinancing mortgage and consumer credit. The thesis describes in detail the procedure of institutions, interest rates and their conditions for transferring credit.
Mortgage markets and their comparison in Czech Republic and Russia
Tkachenko, Evgeniy ; Mazáček, David (advisor) ; Radová, Jarmila (referee)
This bachelor thesis was focused on a topic that is undoubtedly very important nowadays - it is a mortgage market. The first part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the mortgage market theory, its key aspects and description of several different mortgage types.. The second part of the bachelor thesis was already dedicated to research on mortgage market in the Czech republic and Russia underlying the capital cities of both countries and its comparison. The aim of this thesis is to analyze mortgage products in the Czech Republic and Russia, analyze the development of interest rates for a given product and to define differences between products between the two countries. The work clearly pointed out that the situation in the mortgage market is much better in he Czech Republic than in Russia (resp. in Prague than in Moscow) - the proportion of the payment of average salary, interest rates, or inflation expectations are lower than in Russia. Furthermore, it is concluded that the volume of mortgage loans and interest rates is affected by the local GDP.
Sensitivity of Oil Prices to Economic Indicators
Cinert, Vojtěch ; Stádník, Bohumil (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of the oil market with emphasis on the period from 2010 to May 2017. The aim of the thesis is to test the sensitivity of the oil price to the selected fundamental indicators and trading positions of the traders according to CFTC data. The work, in addition to the theoretical introduction, contains information on key fundamentals such as US oil production, the process of publishing reports on the state of oil stocks in the US, and the process of publishing reports on oil market traders' positions and subsequent data analysis. It confirmed that the price of oil correlates significantly with traders' positions, but the Granger test suggested that the change in the price of oil is causally affecting the position of traders and not vice versa.
Investment analysis of Lockheed Martin stock
Stefanská, Eugenie ; Veselá, Jitka (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the fundamental analysis of Lockheed Martin stock. Fundamental analysis is divided into three main levels - global, sectoral, and corporate level. These levels correspond to three main chapters. In the first chapter we will examine the scale of macroeconomic impact on the stock market, in the second chapter we will explore the arms industry branch and the third chapter will focus on value calculation of the stock we picked. The conclusion will be an investment recommendation for a specific title. The outcome of this his work is a complex assessment of the stock title and its attractiveness to investors.
Analysis of the impact of currency intervention on financial markets and analysis of speculative activity
Langr, Matěj ; Dvořák, Petr (advisor) ; Mazáček, David (referee)
Abstract Objective of this thesis is calculation of the speculative position that is held by the subjects of such speculation on appreciation of Czech currency. Thesis inspects the impacts of currency interventions on domestic financial spot and future markets. Thesis also describes development in the speculative capital inflow, which was conducted with support of quantitative and qualitative data extracted from ARAD database, which runs on Czech national bank domain. Calculation were also conducted by the author of this thesis using Bloomberg Terminal data. The results of this study shows that in total 68,2 billion EUR entered Czech financial market in the form of speculative capital, as well as detailed analysis of speculative capital inflow periods and speculative strategies through which the capital entered. It was also discovered that because of the speculative capital inflow, negative deposit interest rates occurred. Impacts on future/forward markets were discovered as well as impacts on spot markets. Thesis also describes the impact on hedging activity of domestic exporters in the period of exchange rate commitment. Also the impact on inter-bank markets were described with the impact on their balance sheet. Czech republic finds itself in the era of massive foreign exchange reserves, since Czech national bank was forced to buy out EUR liquidity, thus fulfilling exchange rate commitment
Determinants of Residential Development Prices in Prague
Mazáček, David ; Streblov, Pavel (advisor) ; Vacek, Pavel (referee)
III Title: Determinants of Residential Development Prices in Prague Author: David Mazáček Department: Institute of economic studies Diploma Theises Supervisor: PhDr. Pavel Streblov, MSc. Supervisor's e-mail address: Abstract: This thesis analyzes the progression and current situation on the Prague new residential development market. The beggining of the thesis is focused on performance of new residential development market in Prague and its comparison with other cities in European union including different housing standards and its economical severity. Performance analysis and current situation on the market indicate the presence of real estate bubble in past years on Prague market. This bubble has even deepened the problems on the market caused by the European economic crisis, however currently there is slow upsarge on the residential real estate market in Prague. Remaining two chapters are focused on relations between performance of residential development price per sqm in Prague and the performance of macroeconomic determinants in the range of income, financing or subsitutionary housing solution. This relation is explored through the econometric model, that explains the average aggregate price per sqm of new residential development in Prague through its macroeconomic...

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