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Charge Transport through Molecular Towers Based on Tetraphenylmethane Tripods
Kolivoška, Viliam ; Šebera, Jakub ; Lindner, M. ; Valášek, M. ; Mayor, M. ; Mészáros, G. ; Gasior, Jindřich ; Hromadová, Magdaléna
Molecular platforms with multiple anchors were introduced recently to provide robust\ncoupling between molecular electronic components and metallic electrodes. In this work,\ncharge transport in tower-shaped single molecule conductors based on tetraphenylmethane\ntripod possessing three thiol anchors is investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy break\njunction technique. The effect of tripod substitution pattern and number of repeating units in\nmolecule is addressed. The substitution was found to influence conductance value in early\nstages of molecular junction evolution, where tower lays parallel to surface. In late stages, the\ncharge is transported through principal molecular axis and junction breaks thermally in tilted\nconfiguration.

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