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State and Church in Calvin's Thought: Sovereign Powers in Cooperation
Matulová, Lucie ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Gallus, Petr (referee) ; Macek, Ondřej (referee)
My doctoral thesis focuses on the church-state relationship in Calvin's thought. His model of the church- state relationship shows both powers to be sovereign, but at the same time in cooperation. The aim of my thesis is to verify the similarity between the progressive and ecclesiastical power of the state in terms of its institutionalization. Man is under twofold government (secular and spiritual) the attempt to separate these two governments is not only possible, but even desirable. They are not mutually incompatible, for God reigns in both. The concept of the Church moved from the invisible realm into the visible one with a solid organizational structure. The true Church is recognizable by its key features: the pure preaching of the Word of God and the proper administration of the sacraments according to Christ's will. Church and state administration have proved necessary for human survival. Calvin tries to reduce the danger of absolute power in both governments. Ecclesiastical power, which was originally connected only with the power of the keys, developed into three branches. Similarly, secular government was divided into three parts. An important topic for Calvin is his conception of the law. Christ liberated man from the tyranny of the law so that he could freely follow it. Man has civic duties,...
Calvin's Ecclesiology
Matulová, Lucie ; Červenková, Denisa (advisor) ; Bouma, David (referee)
The Bachelor thesis "Calvin's eccesiology" firstly presents his masterpice Institutes of the Christian Religion. The book was published several times. The its final edition comes from 1559. Then I focus on Calvin's vision of the Church. He spoke about the invisible Church which was created by people who had been elected by God's secret will. I attempt to demonstrate the impact of the doctrine of predestination on the life of a Christian. Belief in a personal election becomes a strong motivation leading to greater effort. It also brings reassurance that God would not allow the elected to fall. Calvin offers definitition of the visible Church. The pure preaching of the Word of God and the right administration of the sacraments are crucial to recognise the true Church. There are two sacraments used in the Church, baptism and the supper of the Lord. Four offices has been instituted for the government of the Church. Pastors have a unique responsibility to represent Christ and to serve in His name. I consider them as primus inter pares. Calvin dedicates a part of his ecclesiology to the power of the Church which he sees in doctrine, legislation and jurisdiction. Keywords Calvin, Church, sacraments, offices, church power
The Crisis of the Institution of Matrimony in Today's Western Society Focusing on the Situation in the Czech Republic
Matulová, Lucie ; Ovečka, Libor (advisor) ; Křížek, Petr (referee)
KRIZE INSTITUCE MANŽELSTVÍ V nN\ts'1d ~ÁJlADNtSPOLECNOSTI SE,o; ZAMERENÍM NA SITUACI V cEsKi REPUBLICE Diplomová práce Resumé Problematika krize instituce manželství patrí k nejzávažnejším problémum dnešní spolecnosti a naší doby. Vzhledem k tomu, že narustá pocet rozvodu a s tím související pocet nevlastních a neúplných rodin, snižuje se snatecnost, pribývají alternativní formy rodinného usporádání, dochází ke snížení porodnosti apod., je treba rešení této problematiky venovat patricnou pozornost. Zminovaná problematika se týká celé spolecnosti a pochopitelne rovnež i církve, nebot práve církev je obhájkyní a zastánkyní tradicního pojetí rodiny založeného práve na manželství. Prestože církev musí nejspíš prijmout skutecnost, že vedle tradicního modelu manželství budou ve spolecnosti existovat i jiné formy partnerského usporádání, je jejím úkolem snažit se klasický model manželství muže a ženy obhajovat. Jako jediná úcinná forma se pravdepodobne jeví prevence formou pastorace. Církev v rámci své pastoracní cinnosti muže doprovázet jednotlivce i páry, jež se ocitli v nestandardních životních situacích, a rovnež muže doprovázet krestanské manžele, kterí pak následne mohou být svedectvím pro celou spolecnost. Diplomová práce obsahuje 162 810 znaku Lucie Matulová
Main Aspects of Church-State Relations in Luther and Calvin Thought
Matulová, Lucie ; Kučera, Rudolf (advisor) ; Müller, Ivan (referee)
My work is focused on a special type of relation between the Church and the State in Luther's and Calvin's thought. Man stands under a double government, spiritual and political, and these governments require to be separately considered. Thus, I consider them as two sovereign powers. They are not separate, for they cooperate. I examine the doctrine of the Church as an essential part of my work. The Church, in Luther's tradition, is a community of believers. The pure preaching of the Word of God creates the most important mark of the true Church. A teaching of justification by faith is a pillar of protestantism. A man is justified by the grace of God. He is flesh and spirit, he is "simul iustus, simul peccator." The Church, in Calvin's tradition, is considered as the pillar of truth. The visible marks of the Church are the pure preaching of the Word of God and the right administration of the sacraments. The invisible Church is created by people who belong to God and only He knows those who are his own. I attempt to demonstrate that the impact of the doctrine of predestination on life of a Christian is decisive. Belief in personal election becomes a strong motivation toward greater effort. The doctrine of predestination brings assurance that God would not allow the elect to fall. There are four offices...
The Students themselves - Student Center Poříčí
Matulová, Lucie ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Because of the difficult plot of the corner near the church of the Brothers of Charity and the neighborhood almost functionalist hotel Austerlitz I considered as a basis of my idea to emphasize the corner by the main entrance. There is a mass of the building divided into 3 parts - the first floor respects the street line, the second floor is a overhanging and representative (most acts for passing people), the next four floors are receding again. The living function of these floors is emphasized by overhanging balconies. The dominant part is just the corner - two glass blocks above themselves point at high areas that are located in this part of the building (a wall climbing over 3 floors, a gallery with vegetation over 2 floors). In the first floor there is located a restaurant and canteen facilities, in the second floor except the other canteen appears also sport function – a hall for aerobics, table tennis hall and the mentioned area of the gym with climbing wall. The upper four floors serve residential function - students are accomodated in cells with 2, 3 or 4 beds. Parking is solved as a two-storey underground parking with regard to the structural system that is created by concrete skeleton with the transverse frames.
The Educational Centre ZOO Brno - Bystrc
Matulová, Lucie ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The aim is to rebuild the existing administrative building Zoos Brno on educational center focusing on environmental education with the solution adjacent territory. The project works with real data coming from the Strategy ZOO Brno and staff training requirements section. By extending an object southeast and southwest areas and created more appropriately directed primarily to greenhouse cultivation area. The requirement was to expand the facilities especially for young naturalists club, which now has only one room and a library. Therefore, the proposed additional four clubhouses, locker rooms and a room for small breeds. From the hallway there is access to a greenhouse, which in the southeastern part directly connected to the Ceylon leopard enclosure. At the entry level, in addition to the lecture hall of the newly found classroom with dressing rooms for educational programs for kindergarten and elementary school. In the investigated area are working with the idea of linking different areas - the lower and upper respiratory adventure trail of wooden blocks or left and right of the area around it exposure tailed lemur. Also, the building is connected with the environment , whether visually walking through the roof with views of the surrounding exposures, or rope bridge that connects the roof to the opposite slope and membrane indoor seating for outdoor training programs. Thus , visitors can choose according to the physical condition of a number of different routes, each of which provides interesting insights. For the sake of clarity and illumination will rise prokácen and left behind only grown trees . Because of the steep slope will need landscaping , making terraces arise - especially in the area of membrane roofing and contact exposure of lemurs.
Russian-Georgian relations and the war on Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Matulová, Lucie ; Prorok, Vladimír (advisor) ; Cibulková, Petra (referee)
The thesis deals with the causes and process of the war in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It examine whether the war was affected by relations with Russia and Georgia and whether Russia were used to it to maintain its influence in the Caucasus. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part is devoted to relations between Russia and Georgia and their historical contingency. The second part deals with ethnic conflicts in Georgia, their emergence, progress and solutions. The third part analyzes the war in South Ossetia in August 2008, the causes of its inception, its progress and impact on Georgia and the rest of the world.

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