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The Definition of community school concept in the Czech educational system
Lauermann, Marek ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee) ; Matulayová, Tatiana (referee)
This dissertation is designed as a theoretical research study, whose aim is to explore the possibilities of mapping and development of the community aspect of schools. This field of study is still relatively unexplored. The goal of this dissertation is to outline theoretically the concept of a Community school, and to stress the change of paradigm of current education and focus on how the role of school changes in current society. The dissertation also focuses on theoretical aspects of school perception and current scientific knowledge in given area. The research focuses on the analysis and characteristics of the Community school model. Further goal of the empirical research was to determine whether there is a reliable instrument to help identify the type and quality of a given Community school, identify a basic typological distribution of Community schools in the Czech Republic, identify how individual concepts of Community schools differ in the content and delivery of their curricula, and how are principles of Community schools interconnected with the principles of inclusive education, and in particular with the provision of equal opportunities. The qualitative research was carried out in five elementary schools in the Czech Republic that identify themselves as Community schools. These five...
Inclusive Volunteering - The volunteer activity of people with a disability
Marková, Aneta ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Frič, Pavol (referee) ; Matulayová, Tatiana (referee)
Volunteering is a phenomenon that appeals to researchers, representatives of international institutions and governments in some countries, as a tool of social policy. Current research shows positive benefits of volunteering for the society but also for volunteers themselves. In this context, a new phenomenon, called inclusive volunteering, is emerging, which emphasizes that volunteering is open to all people in the society. At present, however, this phenomenon is not fully elucidated and researches that examine volunteering from the point of view of volunteers themselves, when considering inklusive volunteering, are very rare. The presented work aims to fill in the missing knowledge and thus contribute to the recognition of the phenomenon of volunteering through research of the previously very little known group of volunteers with a disability. The research sample consists of 27 volunteers with a disability who were interviewed. The interviews were analysed by the Strauss and Corbin's theory. The research has revealed that volunteers with a disability are experiencing a lack of social participation due to the absence of a socially valuable social role. The absence of a social role encourages the search for a new socially valuable social role that the volunteers with a disability find in...

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