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Porovnání žlutých tělísek v pozdní embryonální fázi u primiparních a multiparních dojnic
Matoušková, Jana
Thesis has been focused on the development of corpus luteum and embryos in Holstein cows. Corpus luteum and embryos was detected and measured by ultrasonography. The aim of thesis was determine the effect of corpus luteum and other factors on the size of embryos. Results showed that the size of corpus luteum has no influence on the size of embryos. This research area is still scarce and further experiments will be needed to deepen understanding of the factors affecting embryo development.
Proposals to Improve Debt Collection in a Business Entity
Matoušková, Jana ; Němcová, Hana (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyses a problem of securing and recovering trade debts relations at ABC, s.r.o. The thesis is divided into three sections, first theoretical part, second analytical part and as last options for solutions findings. First section reviews a legal, economic, accounting and tax perspectives. Analytical part investigates the overdue of the selected company. And based on those, the possible solutions are proposed.
Comparison of the Legal Protection of Rights of Shareholders in Housing Cooperatives and Owners in Homeowner Association
Matoušková, Jana ; Oehm, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Horáček, Tomáš (referee)
The legal orders of almost all countries strive to create suitable conditions to ensure basic human need of housing. The aim of this work is to provide analysis and comparison of the protection of rights of members of housing cooperatives and owners in the homeowner asscoiation, both in relation to members of those bodies mutually and among members and the entity. At the beginning I briefly deal with the historical development of the legislation of both institutes, which shows the long tradition of co-operatives in the Czech Republic in comparison with modern regulation of homeowner associations. Subsequently I studied their legal status under current law. The main part of this thesis is contained in Chapter III which provides an overview and analysis of basic rights and their protection. Namely, Section 2 of the same chapter concerns with the rights associated with the creation and termination of membership in the legal entity, where the basic difference is that membership in the housing cooperative is voluntary, while in the homeowner association it is established by law. The issue of transfers of cooperative apartments to private ownership of former cooperative members is outlined. Section 3 is devoted to the method of forming entities will, therefore, the manner of appointment and...
Supported employment and job placement of mentally affected persons
Matoušková, Jana ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Počtová, Lenka (referee)
Theoretical part of my thesis deals with the problems connected with employment of persons with mild and moderate form of mental retardation, especially from the perspective of their psychical characters and specific education. The thesis describes the system of social services that are provided to mentally affected persons too. It contains legislative determinants of integration and determinants of labor market related to the employment of mentally affected persons. This thesis defines the term "supported employment" and describes its phases, it characterizes subsequent services and describes the situation in education of consultants, working in the field of supported employment, in the Czech Republic. The thesis presents one of the examples of good practice: The Agency of Supported Employment in Litoměřice. The aim of this master thesis is to analyze the influence of training the skills, which are necessary for work during the work experience of mentally affected persons, to their next employability on labor market. The knowledge gained during the investigation is obtained through the qualitative methodology, technics of documents analysis, mediated observation and interview. According to the obtained knowledge, the methods and arrangements to improve employability of mentally affected persons in the...
Vlnařská užitkovost ovcí
Matoušková, Jana
Abstract My bachelor thesis is on the topic "Wool production of sheep". The first part deal with the importace of sheep farming in general. The following charter focused on the history of wool and the other part describes the characteristic of wool, wool composition and its properties. Thesis also contains information on how obtaining and processing wool. Here are the most important factors that influence the production of wool. These factors include, in particular breed, nutrition, sex, age and state of health, but also pregnancy, lactation or devoted to the use of wool, which is for people not only textile signifikance, but lanolin is widely used for example in the pharmaceutical industry, because it is well tolerated by the body or in cosmetics because of its hydrating, antimicrobial and disinfectant abillities.
Reclamation of land affected by mining and their possible integration into project of comprehensive land adjustment
The aim of this thesis is detailed description of solved reclamation in the selected location Cep II after gravel extraction. The part of thesis solves property settlements on the parcels concerned. The literary review outlines generally issue of mining and its impact on the landscape and ways of deal with these negative impacts. Besides the classical methods of reclamation (agricultural, forestry and hydrological reclamation) is described a method of using spontaneous restoration. There is also particularised the possibility of incorporating suitably reclaimed parcels into territorial system of ecological stability in terms of land adjustment.
Reclamation of land affected by mining and possible integration into project of comprehensive land arrangement
This thesis deals with issue of landscape restoration of derelict area after extraction of minerals, especially how methods of extraction affect reclamation, individual methods of reclamations, reclamation specification after gravel extraction and integration possibility of reclaimed areas to territorial systems of ecological stability through land arrangements. There is also mentioned alternative reclamation, which is nowadays often mentioned by conservationists namely ecological restoration by spontanous (or managed) succession or by management interventions. Thesis also contains description of sandpit Horusice and evaluation of reclamation which there were performed.
The Propriatary and it´s exercise in practice
How the theme of this diploma project says, this work deals with present law regulation concerned to property rights, its content, its preservation and restriction, ways of its acquirement, co-ownership and expropriation, regulation of neighbourhood law, negotiation of realty ownerships and record of this ownerships to real estate register.

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