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Wage Discrimination in US Sports: Comparative Analysis
Ivantsev, Dmitrii ; Janhuba, Radek (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
The issue of salary discrimination in the US sport has been a controversional topic, largely dscussed in the context of racial discrimination in American society. Numerous papers written in this field in the previous years investigated each of the US Major Leagues separately. This thesis provides a comparative analysis of wage discrimination in the Nationall Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and National Football League. The data on players' contracts for all leagues were collected based on 2015-2018 unrestricted free agents' signings with a different sample of players for each specific year. We created five unique datasets for the comparative analysis, including one NBA, two NFL and two MLB related samples, where the MLB datasets represent batting and pitching players, while the NFL samples refer to the players on the offensive and defensive positions. For the estimation of players' productivity, we considered the average performance statistics in three years prior to the first contract year. By adding dummy variables reflecting players' race into the regressions and applying the Ordinary Least Squares method we could compare the size of the wage premium paid to the representatives of the specific race. The results of our regressions do not provide sufficient evidence of salary...
The Truth Behind the Lies: The Experiment
Harutyunyan, Mikayel ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
The Truth Behind The Lies: The Experiment. Abstract The following thesis presents an economic experiment exploring the patterns of cheating behaviors among secondary school students. The students filled in the Big Five and the Dark Triad personality inventories, for which they were rewarded. The payoff in sweets was determined by a die roll. Since the outcomes of the die throw were known only to the subjects, they could decide whether to report the real outcome of the die roll or deceive. Subsequent analysis showed that a certain fraction of participants cheated, but some of them claimed a non-maximal payoff. We also find the appeal to honesty ineffective in reducing the cheating rate. Additionally, we find positive correlation between narcissism, extraversion and cheating, while openness to experience, neuroticism and Morality, a facet of agreeableness, covary negatively with dishonesty. Individuals with poor academic ability cheat less, while subjects who perform better at the Cognitive Reflection Test appear to deceive more. Furthermore, indicators of "unstable" family environment (divorced or unemployed parents) are positively associated with cheating, whilst the effect of a more affluent family background is equivocal. Ultimately, females seem to forgo the opportunity of cheating to a full extent and...
Modification of nanoparticles by means of tubular sputtering system
Kretková, Tereza ; Hanuš, Jan (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
The aim of this work is to prepare heterogeneous nanoparticles which means nanoparticles composed of more than one material. Our approach lies in in-flight modification of primary nanoparticles in the tubular sputtering system. Our tubular system contains copper target and we deposit copper onto the flying primary nanoparticles by magnetron sputtering. The main advantage of this approach is independence of fabrication of primary nanoparticles and their subsequent modification. At first we optimized fabrication of nanoparticles by the gas aggregation source on behalf of the next modification. We also characterized conditions in the tubular sputtering system. We found process in the tubular system to be very complex and sensitive to the changes of the operational parameters. There is a strong interaction between flying nanoparticles and the discharge in the tubular system. Due to this interaction the nanoparticles are trapped in the plasma and the deposition rate is pulsing. The result of this work is modification of nickel and silver nanoparticles, preparation of heterogeneous nanoparticles Ni/Cu and Ag/Cu. These heterogeneous nanoparticles vary in composition, shape and size according to the conditions in the tubular system. We also successfully prepared Janus nanoparticles which are interesting for their...
Impact of pardon in 2013 on the crime rate in Czech Republic
Besedová, Monika ; Korbel, Václav (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
This thesis studies the impact of Václav Klaus's 2013 pardon on crime in the Czech Republic. The analysis is based on examining a one-time exogenous shock in data on crime and incarceration from 2010 to 2015. The main instruments of the analysis are the elasticity of crime with respect to imprisonment and the incapacitation effect, which is determined in both static and dynamic ways. This helps inspect a progress of relationship between crime and incarceration rate in a longer period after declaration of the pardon. The incapacitation effect, which is the number of criminal offences not committed in one year due to one person being incarcerated, was lower immediately after the pardon, but it sharply increased in the course of six months after the pardon. Nevertheless, it started to decrease afterwards. The hypothesis about increase of crime was confirmed as well. Especially the number of thefts, burglaries and violent crimes rose in the period after the pardon. The pardon caused an increase in crime. In the view of this fact more people are incarcerated in Czech prisons and the incarceration and crime rate started to return to the level before the pardon in a few months. 1
Player Skill Rating for Games with Random Matchmaking
Hubík, Jan ; Červinka, Michal (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
Traditional skill ratings are not suitable for new types of games. We developed a general skill rating framework for games which do not discriminate players based on their skill. This class of games is widely present in the world. We use Bayesian statistics to convert aggregate data about the player's performance to a percentile rank describing his skill. The system is applicable to both single-player and multiplayer games with binary and non-binary endings. The rating formulas do not contain any arbitrary constants. We have tested the system in simulations and on real game data, and we outline its possible applications.
Price of Location: The Private versus Commercial Accommodation in Selected European Cities
Houfková, Barbora ; Kocourek, David (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
This thesis investigates the relationship between the location and the price of short-term accommodation in context of European metropolitan cities. We em- ploy the econometric OLS regression with log-level functional form to estimate the influence of main determinants on the price of the accommodation. We compare hotels and apartments in determined cities. We find out that there is a negative relationship between the distance from the city centre and the price of the accommodation. Our model determines the exact rate of drop in prices due to increasing proximity from the city centre. Furthermore, we find distance from the metro station and presence of Wi-Fi in the rooms as insignificant fac- tors for our sample. Finally, we explore that people's perception of the metro station is stable with changing proximity from the city centre. In conclusion, we provide suggestions for further research based on our analyses. Keywords short-term accommodation, tourism economics, hedonic pricing model, OLS regression, location, European cities Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
The asymmetric dominance effect: Three-attribute phantom alternative at play
Žofák, Petr ; Matoušek, Jindřich (advisor) ; Klinger, Tomáš (referee)
In this thesis I investigate asymmetric dominance effect in hypothetical consumer choice. The main goal of this study is to determine if asymmetrically dominated unavailable alternative (phantom decoy) can cause preference shifts toward the target option which dominates it in scenario employing choice items defined on three numerical attributes. To date, previous research of consumer choice only studied asymmetric dominance effect induced by phantom decoy in scenarios utilizing two-attribute choice items. Secondary aim of this study is to determine if the same but available three-attribute decoy causes similar asymmetric dominance effect as the phantom decoy. I also examine differences in choice shares of choice items between two scenarios, both employing two choice items defined on two and three attributes, respectively, where the third distinguishing attribute serves to evoke perception of numerically expressed customer feedback on the choice items. For these purposes, I designed an experiment in a form of online questionnaire on free survey websites, which was filled by participants via the internet. I found significant asymmetric dominance effect caused by a presence of the phantom decoy. In case of the available decoy, no preference shifts were observed. Statistical analysis revealed no significant...
Overeducation in the Czech Labour Market
Laslopová, Ľubica ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
In one way or another, labour market theories link additional years of edu- cation to better jobs and higher earnings. The empirical research, however, identified systematic distortions of this rule. Some workers are considered to be overeducated, as their education exceeds the level required for their job. This thesis deals with overeducation in the Czech labour market, as there are still few studies considering this topic. First we estimate incidence of overedu- cation using objective measures of overeducation. Then we perform an analysis of its determinants and possible consequences, namely pay penalty and lower job satisfaction. The results are to a large extent dependent on the measure- ment method. Despite these differences, we found that certain factors, such as general health, place of residence, ethnicity or managerial positions may influ- ence the probability of mismatch. We provide some evidence that the returns to "surplus" education might be systematically lower than returns to required education. Also, overeducation can be linked to a lower job satisfaction. JEL Classification J82, J31, J28, J24 Keywords incidence of overeducation, determinants of overeducation, consequences of overeducation, Czech labour market, education in the Czech Republic Author's email
Evaluation of the Office for Protection of Competition Decisions Regarding Abuse of Dominance with an Effects-Based Approach
Hruban, Jiří ; Vacek, Pavel (advisor) ; Matoušek, Jindřich (referee)
The bachelor thesis evaluates decisions of the (Czech) Office for the Protection of Competition (OPC) in abuse-of-dominance cases with an emphasis on its impact on consumers. The first part briefly summarises available effects-based approaches to abuse of dominance. The second part analyses five particular cases that were decided by the OPC. The author points out several recurring weaknesses of the OPC's economic reasoning. In some instances, the OPC seems to be using selective economic argumentation only to support the result at which it arrived by intuition. Economic evidence is thus interpreted with respect to the pre-defined conclusion; it is not investigated unbiasedly, and resulting justification is unsound. Although the OPC knows a wide variety of tools for economic analysis, it is sometimes unable to identify the situations at which individual tools should be applied. Keywords Office for the Protection of Competition, competition, abuse of dominance, antitrust, effects- based approach, market power, case studies HRUBAN, Jiří: Evaluation of the Office for Protection of Competition's Decisions Regarding Abuse of Dominance with an Effects-Based Approach. 56 p. Bachelor thesis. Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Economic Studies. Supervisor: Pavel Vacek.

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