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The role of Drama-in-Education in personal and social development of persons studying technology at university level
Schmidtová, Monika ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The role of Drama-in-Education in personal and social development of persons studying technology at university level Abstract The dissertation thesis deals with application of the Drama-in-Education form in a curriculum of a technical university. The courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague were aimed to help the personal and social development of the students. As such courses and the form were unusual in the study plans in the time of research, both the outcome and the students' perception of the courses are studied. In general, the work aims to verify whether the Drama-in-Education form is able to effectively help the personal and social development of technically oriented students in tertiary education. The text consists of two parts. The theoretical part describes the historical and cultural context in which Drama-in-Education and also Personal and Social Education originated and were integrated into the educational process. It documents how complicated was the integration of Drama-in-Education into the Czech educational system. The research section describes and analyzes compulsory elective courses that took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague in 2011/12 and 2012/2013. The thesis seeks to answer the question how...
Create the methodic of correct posture and evaluating it during the drama lessons within the school educational plan.
Beková, Eliška ; Svobodová, Radmila (advisor) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis "Development of the methodology of correct posture and its verification in drama lessons within the school educational program" connects the correct posture with the teaching of dramatic education. In the area of posture, however, it is not as a theoretical discourse of what is known to every teacher, as is proved by this quote dating back over four decades: "The positive influence of proper body posture on healthy growth and development of all organs and the development of their functions is stated by medical literature and confirmed by everyday experience." The aim of the thesis is to examine the problems through practice, in particular by connecting with the already established subject and also the way of teaching in other subjects - dramatic education. The theoretical part is divided into two areas: correct posture and dramatic education. Both of them are first defined and put into context, then I deal with selected aspects that are relevant to this work. In the practical part I define the circumstances and conditions of creation and verification of the methodology of correct posture verified in drama lessons. The ensemble then combines methodological validation and rehearsing the fairytale The Princess and the Pea and the poems A Short Fairytale on Beet and Gingerbread...
Application of dramatics education to project based instruction
Cihelková, Magdaléna ; Marušák, Radek (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
The diploma thesis on the topic "Application of dramatics education to project based education" is dedicated to various strategies towards interconnection of dramatics education and project based education, which are assessed in scope of benefits of these strategies for pupils. The methods are shown on three practical examples. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the term dramatics education; it defines its principles and goals and classifies the methods it uses. Furthermore it describes possibilities of the methods and their use in individual education fields and in cross-sectional topics of the Framework Education Program for the First Section of Elementary Education. Then the diploma thesis discusses basic characteristics of project education and defines different possibilities how to interconnect dramatics education and project education. The practical part is based on the principles of teachers' action research. It comes with a comprehensive description of three projects which were integrated into a low-class schools' education. Various methods of dramatics education were included in all different ways. The results of the research are summarized in the reflection of realized projects and they are further analysed and evaluated with respect to the beneficial aspects for pupils...
Drama education in primary prevention programs
Hejzlarová, Marie ; Marušák, Radek (advisor) ; Svobodová, Radmila (referee)
The thesis deals with the preventive programs that would possibly include some methods used in drama education. Its goal is to survey the possibilities that come out of such interconnection. The main task of the thesis is weather these methods are suitable to be implemented in such type of educational work with children. The theoretical part of the thesis maps both forms of education and their interaction. The practical part is divided into different lessons that discuss certain issues. The issues are: Bullying, Attitude to old age and The virtual world. All the issues are, in the introduction, based on the theoretical part. The following are authorial lessons of drama education aimed at particular issues and evaluation of the main study in certain groups: Is drama education able to form socially valuable stances and values? In conclusion, there are answered all the explorative questions: Are the proposed blocs functional and feasible? Are the drama- educational activities used in lessons for students demanding? Is this form of educational programs gripping for pupils of 4th to 5th class? During the research was used not only exploration based on questionnaires, but also the study of certain groups. The realization took place in a variety of classes (the issue of bullying (2), attitude to old age...
Zoubková, Gabriela ; Marušák, Radek (advisor) ; Svobodová, Radmila (referee)
This thesis talks about the pupil's moral development. It is focused primarily on possibilities of the moral development in drama education, eventually in some dramatic activities used during other lessons. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. At the beginning of the theoretical part it acquaints readers with basic information about the moral consciousness and behavior, analysis of the moral judgement of the child and possibilities of its measuring. It also presents drama education as a separated subject its principles and methods and it outlines the possibilities of the drama education in the pupil's moral development. The practical part contains the analysis of the primary school age pupil's moral judgement and comparison outcomes of the pupils who are taught using the methods of drama education and pupils, who have never experienced drama education. The goal of the empirical survey is to find out whether and to what extent the drama education influences the development of moral judgement of the pupils.
Educational influence of Drama in Education on social and mental developement of pupils with learning difficutilties of the grade at Walfdorf school.
Špelinová, Lenka ; Svobodová, Radmila (advisor) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the educational influence of the subject of creative drama on psychosocial development of pupils with special learning difficulties (SLD) on 1st grade of Waldorf school. The work is focused mainly on the development of communication skills, respecting the boundaries, instructions and cooperation in the classroom using methods and techniques of drama education with pupils with SLD in 2nd half of 2nd grade and 1st half of 3rd class. The theoretical part defines the four basic parts of this diploma thesis psychosocial development of children of younger school age, special learning difficulties (SLD), accompanying phenomena and their influence on the psychosocial development of the child, characteristics of Waldorf school, methods and techniques of drama education. The practical part deals with the development of communication, cooperation, observance of rules, understanding of the topic and the ability of its interpretation of individuals and the whole group in the lessons of creative drama. In the lessons, we experienced key themes of the Waldorf School. The whole process is recorded and evaluated using record sheets from each lesson.
Way to Philosophy Using Drama Educational Methods
Kohout, Ondřej ; MARUŠÁK, Radek (advisor) ; VALENTA, Josef (referee)
The focus of the bachelor thesis is to offer a profound insight into the use of drama education as a form of teaching philosophy. Drama education has proven its usefulness in many school subjects. The advantage of drama education is that it connects a topic with a direct experience. Unfortunately, direct experience and its connection to real life is what is philosophy missing. The thesis shows different approaches to use of drama education in teaching of philosophy based on basic division of philosophical disciplines. It concerns drama education as a way to mediate philosophical text to students via preparation of a theatrical performance, but also drama education as a particular method to be used in class. The thesis includes also a report of a practical realization of a project focused on Socrates and Plato’s view on the relation of an individual and society.
Lőffelmann, Vojtěch ; MARUŠÁK, Radek (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to create a functional two-day educational workshop for a specific institution – a museum. The workshop is based upon a local topic – match making in the city of Sušice and a use of the now abandoned industrial complex. The theoretical part focuses on the development process – main goals of the workshop, a brief summarization of historical facts, characterization of the group and chosen form of the workshop (structured drama). The practical part includes created script of the workshop with the description of realisation with two classes from Gymnázium Sušice (grammar school). It also contains the reflection of the workshop from all parties – the class, present teachers and the lecturer. I then recommend some improvements of workshop. Generally speaking, this thesis examines the use of structured drama in educational process at a museum.
Authentic Man Jan Patočka
Mrázek, Jan ; MARUŠÁK, Radek (advisor) ; ČERNÍK, Roman (referee)
This work is a description of the realization of a pedagogical project that uses the method of drama in teaching philosophy. It's themes are the truth, authenticity and Charter 77, with focus on the personality and work of Jan Patočka. It is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part presents the creation of the project, the preparation of the realization, the philosophical starting points and also the analysis of the methodology of drama in philosophy. In the practical part, the realization of the project is being described, with notes on the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the starting points from the theoretical part. The key method of the work is reflection. It is set between pedagogy, philosophy and theater and aims to draw methodological conclusions from the implementation of the project. These conclusions are based on pedagogical and philosophical assumptions. This work may be an inspiration for pedagogues dealing with the combination of drama and other disciplines in teaching or for educators seeking the philosophical foundations of their work.
Handicapped hero of children's literature as a subject for drama education lessons
Schambergerová, Kateřina ; Marušák, Radek (advisor) ; Holemá, Irena (referee)
This thesis deals with the problem of handicapped individual in children's literature as a subject for drama education. The diploma thesis has two parts. In the first theoretical part, I dealt with the issue of handicap, the relation of literature and dramatic education with a focus on literature with handicapped hero and assessed the possibilities of using such literature in the process of dramatic education. The practical part was based on action research, which took place in 5 literary and drama lessons, which were created on the basis of a literary masterpiece. During the evaluation, I focused mainly on changing the relationship between handicapped and disabled people based on the experience of dramatic education. In addition, questions have been examined if this topic is not difficult for pupils of primary school and what pitfalls it can bring.

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