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Planning the professional development of a primary school teacher
Martinková, Dana ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
The work deals with problems of personal management activities of an educational organization. It describes and analyses the process of planning of the professional teachers' development at primary scholl level. The author defines organizational development terms, strategic personal planning and finally the development of a worker where she devotes a great part to the point of view coisiding with juridical framework. She focuses on the professional development cycle, plan specifics of teacher's development and the headmaster's role at the primary school in this process. On the basis of theoretical findings she derives her own research realized in the form of regional Pilsen region research. Information is obtained from surveying headmasters at primary schools where teachers' professional development procedures and quantitative content anylyses of teachers' professional development plan are realized and this adds up to the basis of planning process description in the development of teachers at primary schools in Pilsen region. KEYWORDS Professional development plan, teacher's professional development, development of the organization, worker's development, strategic personal planning
Exploit of the teachers' potentiality in the development of the school
Martinková, Dana ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
The work deals with problems of the personal activities of the school management. It engages in different manners of the monitoring teachers'qualifications provided by the head- master, further on it deals with methods of registration of the qualificational level and implementation possibilities of the teacher's personal development plan which is based on the identificational potenciality in the process of the development of the primary school. The autor delimitates the term qualification, characterizes the qualifying model and gives examples of the teacher's qualificational models, sketches possibilities of the identification teacher's qualifications and an evaluation of their level by the head-master, as well.The author aims on characterization of the potentiality and consequently on teacher's potentiality. In connection with the development of the school she outlines the plan of the teacher's personal development. The method of the management based on qualifications is given as the example. The author concludes own research from given theoretical pieces of knowledge. Based on the questionnaire research she compares manners of monitoring teachers'qualifications by head - masters and finds out as these qualifications are exploited in the development of the school.
Development of singing skills of 1st grade pupils at elementary school
Martinková, Dana ; Slavíková, Marie (advisor) ; Ašenbrenerová, Ivana (referee) ; Kusák, Jiří (referee)
TITLE: Development of singing skills of 1st grade pupils at elementary school AUTHOR: PaedDr. Dana Martinková DEPARTMENT: Department of musical education SUPERVISOR: Doc. PaedDr. Marie Slavíková, CSc. ABSTRACT: Work deals with possibilities of the development first year pupils' singing skills at elementary school on the basis of applying motivation elements of singing activities and the development of the pupil's interest in singing activity during the first year at elementary school. After sketching of the development of opinions on a younger pupils' singing education the author characterizes younger pupil's specialities, deals with a human voice including the development of the child's voice. After defining essential musical terms and a characterization of singing skills deals with a motivation and its applying in a school and in a musical educational process. On the basis of the suggested educational model the largest part of work is devoted to a methodology and a research organization and first of all an evaluation and a presentation of results given questionnaires for pupils' parents, interviews with pupils, tests of musicology and singing skills, found out their voice volume and evaluation of pupils' taking part in singing and other musical activities. The research verified given hypothesis and...
Evaluation of Regional Disparities' Development between Districts in the Liberec Region
Martínková, Dana ; Prášilová, Marie (advisor) ; Luděk , Luděk (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of the disparities between the districts belonging to the Liberec Region between the years 2004 and 2014. Interregional differentiation is being evaluated through several indicators describing disparities at the level of social, economical and environmental development of the regions. At first, the thesis describes the issues of regional disparities along with their possible solutions. The following part deals with the characteristic of the Liberec Region. In the practical part the evaluation concering the method of time series analysis and method of traffic lights is used. In the conclusion, the sectional integrated indicator of quality of life is created by the point method. This indicator creates a comprehensive view of the regions. The final ranking regarding the quality of life in the regions, which is followed by the measures directed at the alleviation of the regional disparities, is designed to the regions through the integrated indicator.
Analysis of the external environment of a selected company
Objective of this bachelor thesis is to appreciate the current situation and market position of the Jednota SD Jindřichův Hradec through anylysis of external environment. On the basis of effected analysis to propose corporate strategy and moves for succesful operating management.

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