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Využití systému PASCO v alternativních typech výuky
The bachelor thesis deals with the characteristics of two alternative approaches to education - Step by Step, the Dalton School, it also mentions research-oriented teaching and in connection with it the PASCO measuring device. It compares methods of classical teaching and research, determines their pros and cons. The practical part offers 15 practical tasks of measurement with PASCO.
The Geographical Institute of Comenius University between World War I and World War II
Martínek, Jiří
The text discusses the origins and development of the Geographical Institute at Comenius University in Bratislava in the 1920s and 1930s, coupled with the work of Czech professors, especially Jiří Daneš, František Štůla and Jiří Král; although ethnically Czechs, all during their work in Bratislava were directing their research into the geography of Slovakia and the Sub-Carpathian Russia.
Tourism development in the Western Ukraine
Tomanová, Eva ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the tourism development in the region of Western Ukraine. The good reason for the analysis of the Western Ukraine is the fact that the part of a region (Podkarpatská Rus) belonged to our state territory in a part of our history but an awareness of the tourism potential has not been deeply analysed yet. The main goal of the diploma thesis is to process a tourism development strategy for the Western Ukraine. A partial goal is a categorization of individual destinations of the Western Ukraine in-to the Butler cycle. The initial part contains theoretical frames for this thesis. The Western region of Ukraine is specified in the Methods chapter. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used for analyses. I received important statistical figures during a communication with representative of the State Statistics Committee of the Ukraine. I analyse foreign arrivals flows to the Ukraine and to the Western Ukraine region. Further the diploma thesis is divided into two parts. Firstly I analyse a capacity of the Ukraine tourism. Then I deal with individual Western Ukraine regions. I add the statistical figures to both of these parts. The SWOT analysis supports the elaboration of the tourism development strategy. I define and evaluate the Ukraine development strategy in this...
Jiří Viktor Daneš (1880-1928)
Hanták, Daniel ; Hnilica, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Jiří (referee)
This study is biography of Jiří Viktor Daneš (1880 - 1928). First chapter summarizes fundamental stages of his life (studies, First World War, diplomatic activity in Australia), his death and legacy. Second chapter is approaching his travelling with emphasis on big travels - to Java and Australia with Karel Domin (1909 - 1910) and his journey around the world (1920 - 1923). Last chapter approaches his scientific work in basic outline.
Political and regional differentiation of Serbia in the case of the entering EU
Cvetkovićová, Katarina ; Tomeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the regional differentiation in Serbia with regards to the question of the country's accession to the European Union (EU). The analysis is based on a voting preferences of pro-European or Eurosceptic political parties and leaders. The prerequisite is a north-south polarization of these preferences correlating with socio-economic maturity of the region. Thesis uses electoral geography to determine if this correlation exists and if so, how stable it is in the time period. The first part of the thesis discusses a general theory of regional differentiation of electoral results, the emergence and development of nationalism in Serbia and Serbia's relations and cooperation with the EU. The second part of the thesis attempts to provide an objective image of the Serbian political scene, its electoral history and main political affairs. These two parts, in which the thematic literature is discussed, serve as a theoretical framework for the third part of the thesis which deals with the analysis of electoral results in socio-economic frame and also contains a discussion of the results of correlation. Key words Serbia, electoral preferences, regional differentiation, European Union
Tourism development in the Western Ukraine
Tomanová, Eva ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Jiří (referee)
This dissertation is concerned with a tourism development in Western Ukraine. The main goal of this dissertation is to suggest the tourism strategy development. The first part of the dissertation is devoted to the sources analysis, the methodological analysis of this thesis and the qualitative analysis. Next part o this dissertation describes tourism in Ukraine, the tourism development in the country and the tourism development in defined region of Western Ukraine based on statistical data. The development strategy includes tourism capacity determination and the SWOT analysis. Subsequent part concerns development strategy itself, including visions and goals. Finally I process individual tourism development proposals in the Western Ukraine Key words: development strategy, SWOT analysis, region Western Ukraine
Diverticular Disease at the Beginning of the Millenium
Martinek, Jiří ; Vobořil, René (advisor)
Diverticular disease, colon cancer is a disease with a relatively short history and the rapid development of expert opinion among gastroenterologists and surgeons regarding its pathogenesis, conservative and surgical treatment procedures and , last but not least, prevent its occurrence. It is a disease whose frequency occurrence in the course of the twentieth century significantly increased along with the development of society and lifestyle changes. While at the beginning of the twentieth century was disease is a rare finding at autopsy , at its conclusion and the beginning of the century twenty-first became a major surgical gastroenterologickým problem. Often when I search articles hit the front on the claim experts , it is a "disease or problem of the twentieth century ." As the development of knowledge about the disease due to the rapid progress of science Rapid and information often appear to be fragmented and incomplete , as the task this thesis I have chosen to describe the current state of the most recent major knowledge of the disease in the form of recent research articles , literature and charting the historical development of the main findings of pages pathogenesis, treatment conservative and surgical procedures. The final chapter is devoted to preventive treatments and dietary guidelines ,...
Comparison of e-commerce in Slovakia and Australia
Škrabáková, Romana ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis provides insight into the current status of Slovakian and Australian electronic commerce markets and differences between them. The main objective is to evaluate the level of development of e-commerce in Slovakia. For evaluation of the situation, we use comparison with Australia. Partial objective is to provide full picture of the e-commerce in Slovakia and its competitiveness, to describe opportunities and to point out the prospects for future development, as well as weaknesses and shortcomings in this area. The work is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is theoretical, defines the concepts of e-commerce, its history, subjects and applications. In the second chapter, which is already analytical, we select and evaluate differences between those two countries in the areas that determinate the growth of e-commerce in the country. The last chapter analyzes and evaluates the state of electronic commerce particularly from the perspective of businesses and especially from the perspective of companies.
The share of Czech travelers to explore the world
Martínek, Jiří
Basic summary of the theme of Czech travelers and their importance for geography.

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