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Hardware for Aurisation of Room Impulse Responses
Martin, Martin ; Sysel, Petr (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This work deals with acoustics of rooms for sound post-production activities and their simulations, in order to reduce the need for acoustic room treatment and specialized monitoring equipment to a hardware unit and headphones - specifcally by creating hardware product for auralization of rooms impulse resp
Monitoring of Loučenský end Radčický streams.
Grajzová, Denisa ; Pecharová, Emilie (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with the monitoring of small streams Loučenský and Radčický creek. Both streams are located in heavily anthropogenic influenced landscape of Foothills. The negative impact of human activity takes effect both in inconsiderate riverbed adjustments and quality of water in them. As a part of the monitoring based on selected parameters there was assessed water pollution in areas directly affected by the discharged mine water. Physical-chemical parameters of water were evaluated. The specific parts of the flow was monitored for evidence of benthic organisms. Based on the results there was determined saprobic index and diversity index. Both flows by their nature correspond with range of trout to grayling zone, but the current water quality prevents the occurrence of fish typical for this zone.
Monitoring of Osecký and Loučenský streams
Dvořáková, Jana ; Pecharová, Emilie (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The monitoring of Osecký and Loučenský stream (Podkrušnohoří) took place in 2015 and 2016. The data about aquatic environment were completed including physico chemical parameters in identified profiles: pH, the water temperature, conductivity, the concentration of dissolved oxygen, dissolved solids and species composition of macrozoobentos. Based on the results the water quality of both streams corresponds to beta mesosaprobity to slight alfa mesosaprobity. According to assumption the Osecký stream had lower species diversity due to construction work in the stream which do not support high species diversity. There is also an influence of stream pollution and low water surface too. Increased index saprobity but low values of diversity index confirmed that the water quality is also affected by pollution from organic allotments. The results of this study will be taken as a basis MU Duchcov and the Czech Fisheries Association for precaution to improve water quality and optimize the use of these waters for fishery management.
Healthy lifestyle of the young population
Brábník, Martin ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Martin , Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to verify if the grammer school/high school of Jiří Guth-Jarkovský is fulfilling its public mission in the area of healthy lifestyle of the young population. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on defining basic terms which relate to health and a healthy lifestyle of young population. The practical part was examined throughout theoretical research and a survey which both determined if the school is fulfilling its public duty in the area of heathy lifestyle of the young population, if it has enough funds, equipment, background facilities and personnel. The conclusion was determined by a qualified estimate and the institution was suggested measures leading to an improvement of the current situation.
Risk analysis of selected SCI by invasive alien plant species
Janošková, Romana ; Berchová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The issue of spreading invasive plant and animal species is becoming increasingly topical. It is not possible to control the spread of invasive species without appropriate interventions and restrictions. This thesis researches endangering of SCI by selected invasive plant species whose presence was monitored in 2015. An occurrence of invasive plants, depending on the altitude and the area of the invasion in the selected SCI, is compared in this thesis. A suitable proposal limiting the spread of invasive plant species is also considered in this work. Using statistical analyzes the level of threat of the SCI is monitored and also found out whether the protection of habitats that are subjected to protection of the SCI.
Application of decision-making models in modernization of weapon equipment of the hunting association Borovy
Mraček, Martin ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis on the application of decision-making models in renewing the arsenal of Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation (MS Borovy, z.s.) is to select, using a method of multi-criteria decision analysis, a suitable hunting weapon that will best comply with the conditions under which the Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation (a registered society) exercises its right to hunt and manage game and wildlife. The theoretical part of this paper focuses on weapons, in addition to describing models of multi-criteria decision-making. The second part of the thesis addresses the tradition of hunting and game management as well as various hunting methods, and introduces the Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation, its hunting grounds and various game species occurring in that area. Subsequently, the author of this paper discusses the selection of a compromise option for a hunting weapon, using a suitable method of multi-criteria decision analysis. Based on the outcome of this selection, a recommendation is made on a suitable hunting weapon for members of the Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation and the surrounding hunting grounds.
Electronic communication Czech Social Security Administration from the client's perspective
Zajícová, Andrea ; Ulman, Miloš (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The thesis introduces the usage of electronic communication options between client and public authority. The paper provides an overview of communication channels, methods and frequency of their use, opinions on the feasibility and method of processing data. The main objective is to evaluate the use of electronic communication of natural and legal persons with the Czech Social Security Administration and vice versa. The theoretical part is devoted to basic concepts and legislative base. Practical part presents an analysis of the use of specific communication channels and the opinions of experts. The result of a questionnaire survey and statistical evaluation by Chi - square test is the clients look at the electronic communication with the Czech Social Security Administration.
Inventory management in selected company
Motyčka, Tomáš ; Kvasnička, Roman (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
Presented diploma thesis deals with issue of inventory management and with analyses of inventory management in selected company NOVEM Car Interior Desing k.s. In opening theoretical part, there are defined basic terms dealing with inventory, its management, structure, cost related to purchacing of inventory, reason of inventory management and its inspection. Further there are described information systems used for inventory management. Practical part includes presentation of company NOVEM Car Interior Design k.s. seated in Město Touškov and also detailed analyses of inventory management in named company; this part also incorporates inventory valuation. There is also described use of SAP information system on selected real cases. In the end of practical part there is evaluated effectiveness of inventory managenent of investigated company and as well there are proposed improving actions.
Possibilities of using technologies RFID and NFC
Urválek, Adam ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor) ; Martin , Martin (referee)
The thesis presents two wireless technologies widely used in both everyday life and industrial area. Their working principles and utilization methods are explained, as well as devices which use these technologies and the possibilities of future implementation. The focus is on NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). NFC is latter of the two, and it has become often used for communication and payments. RFID technology is widely used for personal identification and attendance systems, ACS (Access Control System). The thesis takes up the subject of identification from legislative and normative aspects. The RFID and NFC safety breach possibility is thoroughly discussed and analyzed. The practical part elaborates RFID chip copying possibilities using commonly available software and hardware. In the same part, there will be an employee identification access control system draft for a fictional company, considering cost and safety. In the conclusion, there are recommendations, safety advantages and disadvantages of each suggested systems and the technologies themselves.
The forced displacement in memories of Czech Germans
Hlaváčková, Kateřina ; Kreisslová, Sandra (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the forced displacement of the oldest generation of Czech Germans; i.e. current Czech citizens with German or Czech-German origin. These people stayed for various reasons in Czechoslovakia despite the forced resettlement of more than three millions German-speaking people. By the means of analysis of biographical narrations this thesis shows whether and in which way the resettlement is present in memories of this generation. Besides, it scrutinizes the significance of this event for the generation in question and its memories. By the means of analysis and interpretation of the gathered narratives, the common features as well as differences are revealed.

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