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The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology
Poučenská, Dominika ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology Abstract The aim of this master's thesis was to describe the issue of the offender's personality in criminology. The first part of the thesis deals with the definition of basic terms, criminological theories and the offender's personality from the perspective of general knowledge, and then from the perspective of forensic psychology. The second part deals with the issue of economic crimes, mainly defines the concept of economic crime, describes the Czech legal regulation of economic crimes, deals with the causes, prevention and specific characteristics of the economic crime offenders. In the third part of the thesis, I try to apply my acquired knowledge to a specific case of the economic crime offender. Since the offender's personality has a significant role to play in clarifying the causes of crime, many criminological theories have emerged over the course of history to clarify what causes criminal behavior. These theories focus on biological, psychological, sociological factors, etc. Each individual has a personality which is unique. Some elements of our personality can't be affected, e.g. temperament, other are created and changed during the course of our lives, e.g. elements that determine our character. The motivation behind every offense also plays...
The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology. Serial killers.
Adámková, Denisa ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology Serial killers The cardinal topic of this diploma thesis is an analysis of an offender's personality and the major focus is given on serial killers. Although the serial killer's personality is the main topic of the thesis, a significant part deals with a criminological, forensic psychological and legal theory, involving the explanation of the relevant legal terms. This diploma thesis aims to provide the reader a comprehensive overview of serial killers. The main goal of the thesis is not only to offer probable profile of the serial killer, but to introduce Czech and foreign expert findings into the context with the Czech law and jurisprudence as well. Also, the thesis aims to help the reader to perceive differences among serial killers, mass killers and spree killers, as these multiple killers are often confused. I present some real cases for better illustration of the issue. From the huge amount of serial killers, I have chosen the most interesting or the most recent ones. In the first chapter I explain the term offender. I distinguish the legal and criminological point of view. The cardinal topic of the second chapter is the offender's personality. The first part of this chapter is focused psychologically, nevertheless in the introduction I...
Development and Structure of Juvenile Crime in the Czech Republic
Marešová, Tereza ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
The main content of the thesis is development and structure of juvenile delinquency in the Czech Republic between years 2007 and 2017, focusing on current trends and problematic aspects in this area, on prevention, alternative measures and approaches in criminal proceedings and on recidivism of youth offenders. The premise of the paper is that educational and therapeutic measures should be more used in criminal procedure in juvenile court. The first part of the thesis defines the basic terms used by the author in his analysis, brief historical development of the juvenile justice system as an independent institute and the characteristics and causes of juvenile delinquency, which have their specifics. The main part of the thesis is dedicated to the analysis of development and structure of juvenile delinquency in the years 2007 to 2017. In this part, the author also deals with the imposed sanctions and the structure of crime in 2017 and analyzes the percentage decline of property crime and other current trends that affect structure and tendencies of delinquency. These trends include, in particular, the access of young people to the Internet from an early age and spending time on social networks, which pose some risks in terms of crime. The main part of the thesis also focuses on the issue of...
Structure and development of criminality in the Czech Republic
Přibylová, Karolína ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
Structure and development of criminality in the Czech Republic In my thesis I dealt with the analysis of the development and structure of crime in the Czech Republic in the years 2007 - 2017. Most of the data I used comes from static surveys of a crime of the Police of the Czech Republic. In the period under review, information about the decline in registered crimes occurred every year. Verifying these claims was one of the main goals of my work. The thesis is divided into five chapters, the first one explains the basic terms that the reader will encounter in the text. The following is a brief historical excursion to post- revolutionary years, which briefly describes the development and structure of registered crime after 1989. The third chapter analyzes the data for 2017 concerning both the structure and intensity of selected types of crime according to the tactical- statistical classification of the Police of the Czech Republic. A similar procedure is used in the fourth chapter, where the method of compression of the structure and intensity of registered crime in 2007 - 2017 is also used. There is a description of the development of the crime detection rate and the thesis also contains a subchapter devoted to offenders in the period under review. The result is the final chapter, which outlines...
Property Criminality and its Prevention
Rytina, Marek ; Zoubková, Ivana (advisor) ; Marešová, Alena (referee)
Property criminality and its prevention Bicycle theft in the context of general property criminality Abstract Property criminality is a very serious social pathological phenomenon. In the long run, it accounts for the largest share of total crime by far. Property offenses are the most numerous and also represent the largest amount of police work. Bicycle theft is a common property offense. This diploma thesis deals with both of these phenomena, considering the thefts of bicycles in the context of general property crime. Both phenomena are defined and evaluated in terms of statistical indicators. Here it mainly examines the state and dynamics of both phenomena. In the area of bicycle theft, there are additionally evaluated other statistical data such as theft detection, data on prosecuted persons and the proportion of repeat offenders in committing this type of offense. Subsequently, the causes of property crime are investigated and the causes of bicycle theft are evaluated. The socio-historical context is outlined and then the motives of the perpetrators to commit property offenses and specifically theft of bicycles are analyzed. Much of this thesis is aimed to criminal prevention. Firstly, the thesis describes the theoretical bases, which divide crime prevention in terms of content into social, situational...
The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology
Jansová, Agáta ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
Topic of this thesis is The Issue of an Offender's personality. The main purpose of this thesis is introduction of criminology terms and theories. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the personality of the offender and with risk factors, which may have impact on criminal behaviour. The end of this thesis is devoted to violent criminality and murders. First chapter describes essential terms of this thesis like subject and aims of criminology, offender in criminal law and criminology and human personality in general. Most of the criminological theories try to deals with personality of the offender. They study personality of the offender and risk factors from different views, especially with help from biology, psychology, sociology or all of them. Most of these theories try to find a difference between offenders and non-deviant persons. The third chapter of this thesis is very important because it deals with personality of the offender and particular risk factors which may cause behaviour disorders or criminal behaviour. Knowledge about offender is helpful for investigation of the crime or criminal policy. In last chapters are described violent crimes, murders and their offenders. It is hard to describe general personality of murderer, because these offenders have a different motivation to commit this...
Economic crime and its prevention
Trešlová, Johana ; Zoubková, Ivana (advisor) ; Marešová, Alena (referee)
The main purpose of this thesis is to define the term "economic criminality" and the terms related; the role of economic crime within the legal doctrine itself as well as in the Czech legal system over the course of time; determining the specifics of economic crime while stressing the role of the offender, efficiency of punishment, control and prevention of this type of crime. This thesis consists of four chapters. The first part is dedicated to the definition of crucial terms on the national and international level. I also described the legislative evolution of economic crime and the protection of possession in the Czech legal system. I listed economic crimes de lege lata, while at the same time remembering the crimes that do not fall under the economic crimes section per se. Later on, I comment on some particular attributes of economic criminality with special focus on the profile of the perpetrator which is rather atypical. This fact unfortunately makes the efforts of the law enforcement authorities so much more difficult and it complicates their work especially towards construction of the adequate preventive measures etc. I also dedicate one section to the topic of corporate criminal liability which has a strong connection to the economic crime. The victims of economic crime find themselves in...
The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology
Miškovská, Bára ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology In my diploma thesis, I have focused on the offender's personality in Criminology. Even though the personality of each person is individual, it still has some features that are common to more offenders. By describing these characteristics and factors, I tried to find the answer to the question whether a person is predestined to be a killer or whether it depends on our decisions. In connection with this, I was asking myself whether it is possible to know in advance that someone has a predisposition to be a killer or whether murder can be prevented. Can we choose our destiny? The diploma thesis is divided into two parts. After defining the basic concepts, in the second chapter I describe the offender's personality from the point of view of psychology, criminology and criminal law. In the third chapter I provide an overview of criminological theories, formed during the development of criminology, where a divergence from the conception of born criminal is perceptible. The fourth chapter is devoted to individual types of offenders and is complemented by chapter five that deals with factors that affect criminal behaviour. The second part of my work is divided into five chapters, where the chapter six and seven deal with a murder and a personality of...
The issue of an offender's personality in criminology
Hütterová, Olivia ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
A Abstract of the thesis "The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology" Offender's personality is a summary of various aspects influencing one's behaviour in regards of a set offence. This paper focuses mainly on criminological and psychological aspects of people who commit violent crimes. It summarizes different typologies of offenders, schools of criminal causes, various aspects of personalities, and discusses prevention of criminality in the Czech Republic. In addition, it focuses greatly on stalking from theoretical as well as practical point of view through an extensive case study. The main foundation for this case study is a court case from early 2008, further anonymous due to request of the Municipal Court in Prague. Even though this case took place before stalking was recognised as a criminal offense in the Czech Republic, it served greatly as a foundation for its recognition, and thus plays a vital role. The main research questions of this thesis are a) "Why do people commit violent crimes?", and b) "What are the main intentions behind it?". With deeper understanding of the knowledge of offender's personality and motivation, findings of this paper can serve as a significant tool for prevention of criminal behaviour in society. The major research goal was to conduct the case study, and show...
The issue of an offender's personality in criminology
Janoušová, Lenka ; Marešová, Alena (advisor) ; Zoubková, Ivana (referee)
"The Issue of an Offender's Personality in Criminology" The main purpose of this thesis was to enlighten the offender's personality in terms of the causes of criminal behavior. The opening chapter clarifies the basic terminology used in the thesis. These are specifically criminology, criminality and delinquency and the term offender - there is explanation of the difference between criminological point of view and the viewpoint of criminal law. Criminology deals with the personality of offender and with searching of characteristics typical for the offenders already over one century, therefore the next chapter focuses on criminological schools and significant criminological theories. However, the efforts to create complex typology which could identify the offender and distinguish him from the rest of the population were abandoned. Third chapter describes current approaches to offender's personality, its psychological research and there is also mentioned motivation of offenders for committing crimes. Main topic of the second half of this thesis is personality of offender of violent crimes with the specific focus on personality of offenders of domestic violence crimes. Unfortunately, there are no specific signs of these offenders and offender of violent crimes including domestic violence can be...

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