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Determination of the vaporization plane depth in sandstones and other porous materials: uranine-coated needles
Mareš, Jakub ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Válek, Jan (referee)
Abstact The vaporization plane in porous materials separates the capillary zone, the area where water moves in liquid state, from the dry surface layer where water moves in the form of vapor. The depth of the vaporization plane and its geometry is essential for a large number of physical, chemical and biological processes in porous materials that can, for example, cause material degradation and decay. Mostly, the vaporization plane is not measured directly, but water content or suction pressure measurements are used instead, which are, however, not suitable for the plane's detection. Therefore, there was a need for a method that would be able to determine the depth of the vaporization plane in holes of small diameter (<1 cm). To fulfill this aim, I used a needle onto which I applied glue and uranine. Upon insertion, uranine on the needle dissolves in the capillary zone and changes its color from red to green, while remaining red in the dry zone. The boundary between the red and green parts thus accurately displays the vaporization plane. With this newly developed method, I subsequently measured the depth of the vaporization plane on natural outcrops as well as on buildings, where I tried to describe the vaporization plane's behavior.
The Ukrainian Question in Works of Russian Emigration
Mareš, Jakub ; Kolenovská, Daniela (advisor) ; Zilynskyj, Bohdan (referee)
The thesis deals with the reflection of the Ukrainian question in selected works of members of the first wave of Russian emigration. Attention is paid to four major political streams of Russian emigration - conservative, liberal, left-wing and Eurasian. As part of the content analysis of selected works, the historical topics and figures, the existence of the theme of the anti-Russian plot, the plan for the future arrangement of the Russian-Ukrainian relations, or the way in which the ideas were formulated were examined. A thorough analysis of all these currents revealed that, with the exception of the most leftist Socialist-Revolutionary political stream, no one had counted on the full separation of Ukraine from Russia. Though other thought currents could not imagine the separation of Ukraine, some proposed a solution that would bring more equality in the relationship between the Ukrainians and the Russians than in the pre-revolutionary period, be it the territorial or cultural autonomy of the Ukrainians.
Tracer tests in karst with focus on new development in this field
Mareš, Jakub ; Bruthans, Jiří (advisor) ; Kůrková, Iva (referee)
The karst aquifers are formed by highly permeable conduits that allow very fast and concentrated flow. They can transport contaminants and endanger drinking water sources. Due to the large abundance of karstified carbonate rocks, it is necessary to prevent possible contamination. Tracer tests are used to determine the catchment and hydrodynamic parameters. These are constantly evolving to better simulate the transport of both dissolved and particulate substances and to minimize the risk of contamination. At present, particulate and colloidal tracers, such as DNA, are being developed to better simulate the movement of pathogenic bacteria. This bachelor thesis deals with this development. In the practical part, a tracer tests were carried out in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin in the karst of the Jizera Formation, which utilized the obtained knowledge. There was injected NaCl and LiCl into a sinkhole in the settlement Borek and then conductivity was monitored and samples were taken at several places in the Vazovec stream, the spring of Bezednice and the springs near river Jizera. The tracer tests refuted the initial assumption that the water from the sinkhole flows directly into the Vazovec stream under the sinkhole and show one of the few found polyfurcations in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it is...
Hungarian minority in Ukraine and its role in Ukraine-Hungary relations since 1991
Mareš, Jakub ; Zilynskyj, Bohdan (advisor) ; Balla, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with Hungarian minority in Ukraine and its role in mutual relations between Ukraine and Hungary since 1991. It is divided into three parts: theoretical, regional and international. In theoretical part geographical and socioeconomic characteristics of Hungarian minority-settled Zakarpattia Oblast is outlined. This section also includes analysis of legal aspects of national minorities in Ukrainian legislation. In the next part historical evolution of Hungarian settlement in Transcarpathia is described, which is mainly focused on period after 1918, when local Hungarians ended up beyond Hungarian borders. Political and cultural organizations' development of Ukrainian- Hungarian minority from Ukraine's declaration of independence up to the present and their main issues are not overlooked. The last section focuses on Hungarian attitude towards its compatriots beyond borders. Evolution of mutual Ukraine-Hungarian relations and Hungarian minority's influence is analyzed in the end. Deep analysis of above mentioned parts discovered that Hungarian minority in Ukraine is one of the most important factor which determines dynamics of mutual relations between both countries. However, there is no supression of Hungarian minority rights, so the relations remain favourable.
Housing and Municipal housing policy in rural region
Mareš, Jakub ; Matoušek, Roman (advisor) ; Přidalová, Ivana (referee)
Housing and Municipal housing policy in rural region Abstract The main object of this thesis is to assess public houses and housing policies in rural area of the Tábor district. The first part of this paper serves as a theoretical and terminological introduction to the subject. This includes the first chapter, where goals and methods for achieving those goals are established and the second chapter that introduces reader to housing policies, municipal housing funds, a new concept of social housing and methodology that was used to collect research data. The second part of the paper analyzes municipal housing funds in Czech Republic's township, especial the Tábor district and deduces results based on qualitative interviews with citizens. The research indicates that townships to 500 citizens usually don't have a municipal housing fund and therefore don't establish social housing, whereas townships to 3000 citizens have public houses and uses them as a form of social housing. Keywords: Housing, Housing Policy, Housing Fund, Social Housing, Rural Region
Startups in Czechia: Stages of Development, Financing and Spatial Behavior
Roháč, Jan ; Žížalová, Pavla (advisor) ; Mareš, Jakub (referee)
Startups is the phenomenon that has been entering into the public awareness. However the increasing popularity of startups is not reflected by academics, whose interest in this topic is still limited. Universally valid definition of startup is missing. There is small number of research projects studying development and growth of startups. We know a little about the individuals that stay behind these entrepreneurial acts. Startups can in fact contribute to economic development of regions considerably. This applies doubly for the startups operating in knowledge-intensive economic sectors as information technology (IT), which is characterized by the highest performance in terms of founding rates of startups. Setting of systematic and effective regional policy instruments for startups support is, however, dependent on their detailed understanding. The ambition of diploma thesis is contribute to this understanding and at least assist in the creation of regional-development policy of startups support. The aim of this work is to find and describe behavior patterns of Czech IT and internet startups during their growth from the perspective of developmental process, financing and spatial organization. Development of startups within the discussed fields of research is examined through four stages of development....
Human resources management in an intercultural world
Mareš, Jakub ; Sycha, Martin (referee) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor)
The main objective of this diploma work is to enquire and describe the effect of culture and cultural background on human beings, particularly in the working life. The crux of this work is to analyze the themes which are closely connected to intercultural communication, dimensions of culture and international human resources management. As a whole these components show the necessity of recognition of the differences among people who stem from diverse cultures. Recognition of the diversity is the basic assumption for subsequent adoption of necessary knowledge and skills, which should lead to better mutual understanding and also to more efficient work. The diploma work results in many definitions and proves of a number of statements, which are closely connected to the issues mentioned.
"Non-sociology": Bruno Latour's conception of modernity
Mareš, Jakub ; Šubrt, Jiří (advisor) ; Pauza, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis called "»Non-sociology«: Bruno Latour's Conception of Modernity" is a theoretical writing concerned with description of the conception of modernity of the French sociologist, philosopher and anthropologist Bruno Latour. This description is put into broader context of Latour's work and serves as a basis for asking questions and raising challenges to the social theory, politics and ethics. Because Latour's conception of modernity isn't compatible with the idea of society as an aggregate of human actors and stresses the importance of so called nonhuman actors, special attention is devoted to Latour's interest in sciences and technologies, where these non-human actors originate. These non-human actors have significant roles and functions in sstabilization of social relations and dominance. Thus, the concepts Latour and his colleagues use to integrate nonhumans into social theory are introduced, most notably the actor-network theory. Finally, modernity is presented as a self-describing semantics, which relies on two distinct aggregates of Society and Nature without giving proper notice to the continuous and progressively growing mixing of human and nonhuman entities. An alternative, under the concept of collective, is introduced.
Business Valuation of Company, s. r. o.
Mareš, Jakub ; Krabec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pekař, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to estimate the market value of the company, s.r.o. as of 31. 12. 2014. The thesis is divided into six parts. Introductory chapters describe the valuation process and basic information about the company. Following the strategic and financial analysis of the company, that answer the question of whether the company meets the going concern assumption. Based on the analysis of the company is selected discounted cash flow method to the owners using the parametric formula. Method of sectoral multipliers and appreciation of the historical cost are selected as a control method of valuation. The conclusion summarizes the results of the thesis and defines the market value of the company, s. r. o..
Leadership through responsibilities
Vokřínek, Martin ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor) ; Mareš, Jakub (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to define leadership style called Leadership through responsibilities, show its advantages, disadvantages and offer recommendation, which should result in minimization or complete elimination of disadvantages. Introduced theoretical principle is shown on the company HUB, s.r.o. In the first chapter there are shown theories of leadership, there are introduced classical leadership styles using research of other authors and in this chapter we can also find definition of Leadership through responsibilities in the context of introduced styles of the other authors. In the second chapter we can find explanation of the term Svoboda v práci (literally -- freedom at work), its main characteristics and connection between Svoboda v práci and our examined style. In the third chapter we will introduce the company which will serve as a source of examples for putting Leadership through responsibilities into practice. We will introduce the advantages and disadvantages we found, which will be also accompanied with examples. In the final part of the thesis there are offered recommendations, how to minimize disadvantages. The data used in the research of this leadership model come from personal experience, structured interviews, in-house analyzes and membership questionnaires.

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