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Design of Composite Chassis for Formule Student
Gregor, Lukáš ; Šplíchal, Jan (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with structural design and manufacturing of Formula student chassis according the latest rules with primary aim to composite monocoque. In theoretic part is briefly described Formula student and the team. It shows actual used designs of chassis in competition and characteristics of composites and sandwich structures. In design section is described the design of the chassis due to safety, ergonomics and connections to other parts of the car. At the end is shown the manufacturing process of CFRP monocoque. The output of this thesis is made chassis of Dragon 8.
Rebuilding of VUT 051 RAY into twin-engine conception
Jílek, Jan ; Mališ, Michal (referee) ; Píštěk, Antonín (advisor)
The master’s thesis is dealt with the design of rebuilding of VUT 051 RAY which is equipped electric powerplant to twin-engine conception named VUT 051 RAY-DUO. In the thesis was verified the range of centre of gravity position of VUT 051 RAY-DUO then powerplant in ducted fan configuration was designed, performances of the airplane were appointed and controllability during fail one of the engines was analysed. The design of new powerplant was verified by strength analysis and then costing calculation was established.
Numerical simulations of low velocity impact on composite panels
Odehnal, Ondřej ; Šplíchal, Jan (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
This master thesis focuses on modelling and simulation of impact tests of composite panels. Simulations and analysis were made by using Finite Element Method in software MSC Patran and Dytran. The first part of the thesis deals with describing the properties of composite panels during impact testing and other cases of impacts on composite structures. Next part deals with the used models and results from Dytran. These results are compared with experimental data from real low-velocity impact tests. Part of the thesis is devoted to impact on panels with the stacking sequences which is supposed to be used for design of air duct for airplane Aero L-39NG.
Reconstruction of middle part of the fuselage Z 143 aircraft using semi- monocoque frame
Zamazal, Jakub ; Mališ, Michal (referee) ; Píštěk, Antonín (advisor)
The thesis is focused on reconstruction of middle part of fuselage Z 143 aircraft from truss frame to semi-monocoque frame. In the thesis there is a conceptual design of semi-monocoque middle part of fuselage. The spars of centre wing section are strength controlled. In thesis there is weight analysis according to use the semi-monocoque middle part of fuselage. In second half of the thesis there is a study of retractable landing gear. The thesis shows weight savings according to use a semi-monocoque frame. The thesis also shows that semi-monocoque frame allows other option to upgrade Z 143 aircraft. This thesis can serve as a feasibility study of the reconstruction of the middle part of the fuselage Z 143 aircraft.
Overview of principles of landing gear door actuating
Rajnštajn, David ; Junas, Milan (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
This thesis relates to airplane nose landing gear doors. It is divided into two main parts. At first, there it is put an overview of recent construction layouts at different airplane types. The second part is devoted to particular aircraft EV-55 Outback produced by Czech company Evektor. The aim of this work is to suggest adjustments and changes to current configuration, trying to make the mechanism open and close the door during the extension of the nose landing gear, with respect to the recent state of the fuselage and minimal changes to it.
Design installation of motors ROTAX for aircraft SKYLEADER 400
Rakušan, Miroslav ; Katrňák, Tomáš (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
The bacheloir thesis is focused to calculation forces in engine mount, design and construction of engine mount for engines Rotax 912iS and 914UL, which will be instalated to ultralight plane Skyleader 400. In the first part is short search about planes, which use the engines. Then the engine mount is calculate according to rule UL2-I.part. After the MKP analysis is calculation of screws, which hold the engine mount onto the firewall. In the end of the thesis is installation both of engines in the nose of the plane and engine mount test draft according to rule UL2-I.part.
Design of strain gauge devices for safety belts load measuring
Lontras, Martin ; Jebáček, Ivo (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design, produce and experimentally verified measuring device for measuring force in seatbelt, by using strain gages. First are discussed possibilities of measuring force by using device placed in between two parts of seat belt or in anchor point. These suggestions were not accepted for various reasons. Therefore is further described girder, which belt slightly deflected so that part of the load is transferred to the strain gauge measuring element. As default concept is choosen aluminum U-profile, in which is placed measuring mechanism. There are performed calculations of basic geometry and stress control. Then is described manufacturing and calibration on universal testing machine. In conclusion is realized measuring of the force in seat belt, which is loaded by shock force, occasioned by dropping weights from a certain height, which simulates the behavior of the belt and gauge during a crash test.
Scaled airframe structure design made from composite material for calibration of simulation of absorbed energy
Bucňák, Ondřej ; Šplíchal, Jan (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
This master thesis focuses on a scaled fuselage design made from composite material. The first part deals with a description of composite materials and used material models in an explicit FEM simulation. Two types of scaled structures were designed that were subjected to drop test. Test results were compared with FEM simulation. Finally the calibration of models was carried out.
Analysis of a Sandwich panel under compressive loading
Kopylov, Gleb ; Katrňák, Tomáš (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
Hlavným cieľom tejto bakalárskej práce bolo navrhnúť vhodnú simulačnú metódu pre rovinnú šmykovú skúšku. Boli popísané rôzne typy porúch kompozitových panelov a rôzne prístupy k šmykovým skúškam. Boli navrhnute rôzne simulačne metódy pre jednoosú šmykovú skúšku. Na základe najdôležitejších kritérií, bol zvolený najvhodnejší návrh. Šesť experimentov bolo nasimulovaných v súlade zo zvoleným návrhom. Výsledky simulácii a výpočtov boli porovnané pre utvorenie korelácie medzi hodnotami a overenia správnosti simulačného návrhu. Na základe daného porovnania, takisto boli zistene skutočnosti ohľadom wrinkling kvocientov a platnosti rovníc pre výpočet crimpingu.
Sandwich panels analysis under compressive load using finite elements methods
Seman, Matúš ; Löffelmann, František (referee) ; Mališ, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with possibilities of numerical modeling failure mechanism in sandwich panels using final element methods. The first part of the thesis presents theoretical introduction to requirements of sandwich structures and either mathematic formulation of constitutive relations. The purpose of the thesis was to set suitable approcahes of formulation instability problems with applying on laboratory samples. The analysis was done using nonlinear solvers in programes Patran/Nastran and the results have been properly evaluated with experimental work and analytical approach.

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