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Castings from TiAl alloys for the turbochargers
Kudýn, David ; Malec, Silvestr (referee) ; Zemčík, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of intermetallic alloys TiAl. First of all, it is analysed their properties and the way how they change depends on their treatment and influencing of alloying elements. Then ways of utilization in practice are stated here. Attention is concentrated especially on turbochargers wheel and their comparison to convention materials. After that individual options of melting and casting and materials for melting crucibles and moulds associated with them are there discussed. In the end, the thesis has analysed the ways of recycling of residual material.
The study of binder systems for technology Warm box
Lenghardová, Romana ; Malec, Silvestr (referee) ; Rusín, Karel (advisor)
The project elaborated in frame of engineering studies branch M2332-00. The project is submitting the study of binder systems for technology Warm box. Pursuant to the literary pursuit a problem of the technology Warm box these binders was tested: binder systems based of the Na-silicates, biogenous binders – proteins, polysacharides and fenol resins. Fenol resins and biogenous binders (K2 and Hide glue) showed to be optimal for core making technology Warm box. Biogenous binders are ecologically unexceptionable.
Optimalization of properties of moulding sands in water core of cylinder heads
Hlavsa, Petr ; Malec, Silvestr (referee) ; Rusín, Karel (advisor)
Submitted thesis deals with the change of existing binding system for the Hot–Box method for hardening serving for manufacturing of shell cores the water space of cylinder heads comprise of. Objectives for proposing new binding system for Warm–Box method of hardening under heat are to achieve reduction in creation of condensates and gas substances in binding material compared with existing binding system. Further the thesis is aimed at achieving optimal operating hardness the cores have by reduced batches of binding system and by reduced temperatures of cores in scope reflecting manufacturing conditions in the company Nemak Slovakia s.r.o. While resolving issues there were used methods for evaluating quality of opening materials, core mixtures and cores, further methods for evaluating quality of melt, casts and basic methods for statistical processing of results.
Investment casting of TiAl alloys
Umshaus, Josef ; Malec, Silvestr (referee) ; Zemčík, Ladislav (advisor)
Intermetallic alloys gama TiAl are prospective materials of future thanks its excellent machanical qualities and low density. However this alloy clash with for wider expansion to the practice on burdensomeness production and processing. Among disavantages belongs to also her bad fluidity. The diploma work is angaged in possibilities imporing fluidity alloys TiAl by the help of centrifuge casting. Casting healthy casts was achieved in experimental part.
Improving the properties of turbochargers by the application of TiAl alloys
Kuňák, Jiří ; Malec, Silvestr (referee) ; Zemčík, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis contains characterization of TiAl alloys, theirs applications and focusing on improving of the turbocharges properties, compared with conventional materials. Furthermore there is also included manufacturing process of TiAl alloys and castings.
Casting of TiAl turbine wheel
Vaško, Michal ; Malec, Silvestr (referee) ; Zemčík, Ladislav (advisor)
This work contains basic information about TiAl alloys as their application as constructional materials point of view. Further there is general view of their properties, their application and manufacturing processes.

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