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Prevention of occupational risks: Part IV
Malý, Stanislav a kol.
The last part of the selected risk prevention measures includes the safety of employees' work in schools and school facilities. This topic is the last of those dealing with the safety and health protection of employees in the labor law relationship, which are contained in the previous three works. A special group in this section consists of guides to good practice (good behavior and good working practices) for the prevention of injuries that do not occur in connection with work carried out in an employment relationship but relate to work activities carried out within the private business activities of citizens; in leisure activities. Measures to reduce injuries in these activities include the principles and rules of safe work in the workshop, in the garden and in the orchard, in self-building works, in maintenance work and on work on electrical and gas equipment. The publication adds an overview of health and safety abbreviations and related areas and a selection of the most commonly used abbreviations.
Prevention of occupational risks: Part III
Malý, Stanislav a kol.
The third part of the publication "Selected Risk Prevention Measures" is devoted to the health and safety of employees in agriculture, forestry, textile, commerce and catering, accommodation and catering services, social services provided as residential services, health care and administration . Other themes are the safety of work with portable chainsaws and brushcutters and the safety of plastic molding. The publication is primarily a tool for employers and professionals who are skilled in risk prevention, as well as other people involved in job search, monitoring of factors affecting work safety and protecting the health of employees from their work. The guides presented are the so-called good practice that, in particular, provides SMEs with effective tools to prevent risks arising in work systems and increases the awareness of the importance of safe working conditions and procedures for maintaining employees' work capacity and improving their quality of work and job satisfaction. Part of the publication is an overview of ABB abbreviations and related areas and a selection of the most commonly used abbreviations.
Prevention of occupational risks: Part I
Malý, Stanislav a kol.
The introductory part of the publication presents a general and general introduction to occupational safety and health and in this context introduces some aspects of state supervision in this field and the issue of training of employees on safety and health at work. This section also focuses on the prevention of risks and the safety and health protection of activities such as metalworking, metal forming and woodworking, safety in the production, operation, operation and maintenance of dedicated electrical, gas, pressure and lifting equipment.

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1 Malý, Stanislav
3 Malý, Stanislav a kol.
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