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Case Study of Physiotherapy Treatment of arthrosis patient after total knee replacement
Alyoubi, Naif Aouda A ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Modlinger, Tomáš (referee)
Title: A Case study of physiotherapy treatment of arthrosis patient after total knee replacement. Thesis aim: The aim of this thesis is to review the rehabilitation of a patient after total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis. It is divided into two parts theoretical part review and describe the anatomical structure of the knee, kinesiology, biomechanics and development and disease. The practical part aims to describe the examination procedures, therapy implementations and conclusion for the patient in relation to the given diagnose. Clinical findings: This case study reviews the condtion of a 50 years old patient after a total knee replacement. The patient had limited mobility and restricted joints around the operated side. There right knee has a swelling, change of skin colour, temperature and a scar. Methods: All the used procedures were based on the literature given thought by the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. Result: patient was committed to the therapeutic sessions , the patient case progressed positively with the pain, range of motion and muscle imbalance for the knee joints. Conclusion: The applied therapies had a positive effective for patient case. Keywords: Osteoarthritis, Knee joint, Varus deformity, knee pain, Ankle stiffness , knee replacement.
Effectiveness of mechanical correction and active exercises of fifth finger deformity therapy - Tailor's bunion.
Vokatá, Lucie ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Maršáková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Effect of mechanical correction and active exercise in the treatment of deformity of the fifth toe - Tailor's bunion Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to identify the effect of mechanical correction and active physiotherapeutic intervention in the treatment of deformity Tailor's bunion. Methods: This is a quantitative-qualitative experimental study involving 10 probands aged 19 to 25 with flexible Tailor's bunion deformity, 6 out of 10 probands had bilateral deformity and the remaining probands unilateral deformity. In this thesis, passive intervention in the form of mechanical axial correction of V. MTP joint by strapping tape was used and active intervention in the form of selected active exercise aimed at evaluating (identifying) the effect on selected foot parameters. The participants were randomly divided into two groups of five. Group 1 was subjected to active therapeutic intervention and Group 2 was subjected to passive therapeutic intervention for 4 weeks. Before and after the therapeutic intervention, the probands were examined clinically, followed by a postural stability test in static standing on the tensometric plate RS Footscan ® Balance and pressure distribution testing of individual foot segments while walking on a Footscan Gait plate. At the end of the examination we did...
Physiotherapy of children with lung diseases.
Švrčková, Karolína ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Author: Bc. Karolína Švrčková Title: Physiotherapy of children with lung disease Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to create a targeted therapeutic program for school- age children diagnosed with bronchial asthma and to evaluate the change of the examined parameters (FEV1, dyspnoea, muscle imbalance, resting breathing wave, diaphragm test, five-minute running test with a focus on post-exercise dyspnoea, viscerovertebral manifestations) after four weeks of movement in two groups (one focused on respiratory physiotherapy, the other on respiratory physiotherapy enriched with yoga exercise), both diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Methods: This work is a pilot experimental study. Two groups of probands (test and control, each with eight probands) were created. The test group underwent respiratory physiotherapy and yoga exercise specifically designed for diagnosis bronchial asthma. The control group underwent only respiratory physiotherapy. Both groups had an intervention of four weeks. In both groups, FEV1 and Investigation Protocol - focusing on viscerovertebral manifestations, muscle imbalance, resting respiratory wave, five- minute running test (focusing on any manifestation of dyspnoea that would end the test, or after the test dyspnoea) and manifestations of dyspnoea (dyspnea in two previous...
The Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation Applied by the WalkAide Neurostimulator on Balance and Gait in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Maršíčková, Veronika ; Řasová, Kamila (advisor) ; Malá, Jitka (referee)
Author: Bc. Veronika Maršíčková Title: The Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation Applied by the WalkAide Neurostimulator on Balance and Gait in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Objectives: The main aim of this diploma thesis is an assessment of therapeutic effect of functional electrical stimulation applied with using of the neurostimulator WalkAide on balance and gait of people with multiple sclerosis against standard outpatient physiotherapy. Partial aims are comparisons the immediate and persistent therapeutic effect of functional electrical stimulation. Methods: The thesis is a randomized controlled trial. For its realization it was necessary to create an intervention and a control group of probands. Both groups received 2 different rehabilitation programs. The intervention group received the WalkAide neurostimulator (for 2 months) for home use. The control group underwent a standard outpatient physiotherapeutic program with application of 20 therapies (at least) lasting 60 minutes (i.e. 2-3 times a week for 2 months). Data collection was performed by validated motor tests and questionnaires, which were focussed on endurance, speed and skilfulness of gait, static and dynamic balance and subjective perception of balance, overal mobility and pathological fatigue. These tests and...
Use of nanofiber filter for air filtration
Straka, Petr ; Hlaváč,, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kabrhel,, Michal (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
The doctoral thesis „Using of nanofiber filter for air filtration“ is focused on application of nanofiber filter for air filtration under demanding conditions of water supply facilities. The main aim of the filter application is to decrease the secondary contamination of the indoor environment of the water accumulation tanks. The nanofiber filters are distinguished by high filtration efficiency of pollutants, dust particles and organic impurities. The contaminants don´t have to be unhealthy but they can be used for spore and microorganisms delivery to the system. They are served frequently as a reproduction substrate of microorganisms. All these factors negatively affect the water quality. The research includes formation of suitable testing methodology, pilot unit construction and operation, short-term testing and evaluation of nanofiber filters and commonly used filters and long term testing and verification of nanofiber filter attributes and quality. Furthermore the filter´s characteristics and filtration efficiency for characteristic pollutants were evaluated. Short-term and long-term experimental testing proved suitability of nanofiber filters use in water supply facilities. Interception of reported pollution indicators was reported on similar or higher level for application of nanofiber filter than for application of commonly used filter. Measured values of higher pressure difference of nanofiber filter were indicated as still adequate for use in water supply facilities. No operation difficulties, failures neither filter´s damage were reported during testing of nanofiber filters.
Dysmenorrhea and its possible treatment by physiotherapy
Keresztenyová, Nikola ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Kučerová, Ilona (referee)
Title: Dysmenorrhea and its possible treatment by physiotherapy Objectives: The aim of this thesis has been to assess the effect of simple feet exercises along with the practice of pelvic floor activation and relaxation on women struggling with dysmenorrhea. Subsequently, it also deals with the issue of whether the pelvic floor treat- ment per rectum together with the exercises is more effective than just plain exercising. Methods: This research has been based on an experiment. This thesis includes both a the- oretical part and a practical part. The methods used for the practical part are as follows: questionnaire (specifically Menstrual Symptom Questionnaire), simple feet exercises, ex- ercises used for the activation and relaxation of the pelvic floor as well as the pelvic floor treatment per rectum and final processing of the gathered data into statistics. Results: The menstrual cycle of every woman is completely individual and every woman perceives it quite differently. The result of the research was that simple feet exercises along with the practice of pelvic floor activation, relaxation and the pelvic floor treatment per rectum help women struggling with dysmenorrhea. We didn't discover any data that confirms whether the pelvic floor treatment per rectum, together with the exercises, is more...
Using of alternative therapeutics techniques to vertebrovisceral links of liver and gall bladder diseases.
Trunečková, Tereza ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Kučerová, Ilona (referee)
Title: Using of alternative therapeutic techniques to vertebrovisceral links of liver and gallbladder diseases Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to find out a sufficient amount of information on the subject of functional liver and gallbladder diseases, possibilities of conventional treatment and alternative treatment options. Another goal of this thesis is to compile an assessment protocol, based on the theoretical background, according to which it is possible to diagnose patients with functional liver and gallbladder diseases. An additional goal of this thesis is to create a treatment concept for patients with functional liver and gallbladder diseases. This treatment concept will be based on the knowledge of yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. Last goal is to compare conventional physiotherapy with the concept created. Methods: The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on the issue of functional disease of liver and gallbladder. In takes into account the current research and data found in Czech and foreign literature. The practical part looks into the effects of complex therapy methods using experiments. The therapy itself includes changes of the patients' lifestyles, which are based on traditional Chinese medicine and yoga asanas, which were compiled for the purposes of this thesis for...
The effect of hypermobile elbow joint position on hand position in yoga poses.
Wanke, Ondřej ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Králová, Aneta (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the effect of elbow joint position on the position of hand in selected yoga poses (cat pose, downward facing dog pose, upward facing dog pose). Then evaluate the suitability of verbal correction of elbow joint - that is often used in yoga classes. The theoretical part includes information about yoga, hypermobility, anatomy and kinesiology of elbow joint and hand and their mutual relationship. We include literature review of different views on the correct position of hand in poses where the upper limb is in supporting function. In 11 probands (10 females and 1 male) was measured the hyperextension (20.91 ± 4.68 degrees) of elbow joint on the dominant limb. Probands were at age of 27.6 ± 11.1 years. 3 of them regularly practice yoga, another 4 have met with yoga at least once. To evaluate the effect of elbow joint position on the position of hand we used pressure scan PEDIKOM to measure pressure distribution on palm. We also measured the angle of elbow joint before and after the correction using the goniometer. To evaluate palmar pressure changes we made a new evaluating scale. Hyperextended position was significant in cat pose (p < 0,05), in other two poses it was not (p > 0,05). The change of elbow joint position after correction was significant in all three...
Removal of phosphorus in denitrifying bioreactor
Chlopčíková, Anna ; Hrich, Karel (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
Nitrogen and phosphorus are involved in many processes on the Planet Earth. Especially in agricultural areas water is contaminated by nutrients, which can cause the eutrophication of surface waters, and other problems. The solution could be use of denitrifying bioreactors, which are used for the reduction of high nitrate concentrations in shallow groundwaters. The subject of the thesis was the study of phosphorus removal in the denitrification bioreactor by steel turnings, which are constituent part of the organic load of the bioreactor. Steel turnings release Fe, which causes the precipitation and adsorption of P. Eight bioreactors were filled with poplar woodchips. To these columns just above the surface were added model water enriched with nitrate nitrogen, phosphate phosphate was added to 4 columns, where two of them were enhanced by the addition of steel turnings upstream of the wood medium. Sampling and the analyses of the samples were determined weekly, determination of the phosphorus, iron and other substances necessary for the detection of processes in the bioreactor was performed. The dependence of phosphorus removal on the bioreactor operating conditions was evaluated based on measured data, and the effect of iron on the biological denitrification process was also assessed. Steel turnings have been found to be effective in removing TP, but it is necessary to solve iron leaching in the future. The concentration of phosphorus was reduced up to 0 mg/l on the effluent from the denitrification bioreactors, efficiency of phosphorus removal reached 100 %. The presence of steel chips had no effect on denitrification speed. The denitrification process was also successful in the phosphorus removal columns. From the point of view of leaching of substances and iron, the removal of N and P seems to be preferable in dry period during stoppage with no water fillings. Shutdown of bioreactors with flooded filling caused high concentrations of leached iron up to 149 mg/l
Assessment of load of small watercourses sediments with phosphorus
Pavlíková, Marcela ; Maršálek,, Blahoslav (referee) ; Hlavčová,, Kamila (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (advisor)
The issue of phosphorus in sediments of small watercourses and phosphorus forms are often out of interest, unlike phosphorus and its forms in sediments of water reservoirs. The thesis is focused on the development and evaluation of methods for the determination of total phosphorus by modifying commonly used methods and evaluation of methods for the determination of selected forms of phosphorus in small watercourses sediments. Over 1,152 analyses of sediment samples collected in four seasons and four locations and in three paralell determinations were done. The total phosphorus in the sediments was assessed by four methods, further 7 other forms of phosphorus were evaluated by one to three methods, according to different forms of phosphorus. The data file was subjected to statistical analysis. The aim of statistical analysis was to evaluate phosphorus concentrations, depending on the used method. Additional aim of statistical analysis was to observe dependencies of phosphorus concentrations on metals and identify the impact of periods and locations on the concentration of phosphorus.

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