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Evaluation of behavioral insights with its aplication in the Czech Republic
Makovec, Petr ; Cingl, Lubomír (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Pavel (referee)
Implementing behavioral insights into policy making goes along well with widespread effort for increased efficiency. From the public budget administrator point of view, this efficiency is crucial since it directly affects the current state of the budget. The theoretical part of this thesis consists of description of the most important parts of behavioral economics that can be used during the creation and setting of public policies. It also consists of brief description of current behavioral insights teams that are already using the insights representing more realistic behavior and decision making of individuals. In the analytical part of this thesis, I provide methodology of experiment evaluation as well as result extrapolation facets and risks. Those experiments usually take place before any reasonable extension is made. I also provide financial analysis of several experiments, should they be extended to larger group of individuals. In the last chapter of the analytical part, I discuss the possibilities of implementation of behavioral economics in the Czech Republic. Based on the calculations I ran, even a small change of the environment where people make decisions can significantly improve the results of the intervention, all that with minimal costs. It is however important to point out that not all behavioral insights inspirations end with success. Application of behavioral insights into policy making has got a great potential when it comes to the Czech Republic, as I show Using two examples from Health care and taxes revenues.
Is subsidizing renewable energy sources effective?
Makovec, Petr ; Hronza, Martin (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
This paper examines the current situation of renewable energy sources. Using various models, the paper shows the relationship between the usage of renewables and the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the data from EU, models show that using renewables helps to lower damage of the enviroment. Additionally, this paper includes calculation of estimated costs of lowering emissions in the Czech Republic. According to the results, lowering greenhouse gas emissions by one ton of carbon dioxide costs 150-250 euro.
Impact on GDP and inflation connected with euro adoption
Makovec, Petr ; Mirvald, Michal (advisor) ; Chytil, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis is focused on year to date performance of common currency euro. Especialy it's impact on main macroeconomic indicators -- GDP and inflation. Analytical part of this study compairs long-term developement of this indicators in countries, which has adopted euro and those who has not. Objective of this thesis is formulation of conclusions, regarding benefits of euro adoption in light of GDP and inflation.
Kritéria vstupu České republiky do Eurozóny
Makovec, Petr ; Kollár, Miroslav (advisor) ; Mičúch, Marek (referee)
V práci jsou konstruována a definována reálná kritéria vstupu do Evropské měnové unie. Na základě dostupných dat z České republiky jsou pak tato kritéria vyhodnocena a v závěru jsou tak uvedeny přínosy a náklady našeho vstupu.

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