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Dietary habits and physical activity of sedentary job in Škoda Auto
Melčáková, Monika ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Plevková, Lucia (referee)
The title of the theses: Dietary habits and physical activity of sedentary job in Škoda Auto The aim of the theses: The main aim of this theses was to find out dietary habits and level of the physical activity of sedentary job. There were set 6 hypothesis. Methods: The research was conducted with employees of Skoda Auto. The level of physical activity was measured with short form of IPAQ. Data were processed with basic statistic methods in MS Excel. Mesaured values were according to instructions transformed to MET- values and divided into appropriate categories according to criterias. Surveys was used for finding out dietary habits. The results were individually compared with other researches and literature. Results: The most respondents (42,4%) were in moderate level category, 41,3 % were in high level category and 16,3 % were in low level category. Men are more active than women. Men spend more time with intensive physical activity than women. More than half of respondents (55%) were, according to BMI values, in category of overweight and obesity. The mean of sitting time was 7 hours per day. Men have worse dietary habits than women. 85 % of employees of Skoda Auto have breakfast every day. More then half of emloyees eat 4-5x per day. Keywords: sedentary lifestyle, lifestyle, nutrition, activity
Primary school students' physical competence in relation to their study results
Zaplatílková, Lucie ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Name Relation between physical fitness and study results of primary school students Goal The goal of the thesis is to examine physical fitness of primary school students, compare it with their study results, and see if there is any relatioship between these two variables. Methods Physical fitness is tested with tests and norms of Unifittest (6-60) (Měkota, Kovář, 2002) and study results are generated with questionnaires. The answers are then matched with Unifittest's results of each student. Results are processed with the help of statistical methods. Results The results of Unifittest (6- 60) showed above-average or well above-average level of fitness with 89 % of individuals. Only 11 % of participants reached the average score. The best performance was detected with girls of the 9 ͭ ͪ grade and boys of the 7 ͭ ͪ grade. Spearman correlation coefficient showed a medium-strong relation between the Unifittest (6- 60) results and grades from Czech language, foreign language, and mathematics in 2 categories. 6 ͭ ͪ grade girls had the correlation rₛ= 0,51 and 8 ͭ ͪ grade girls rₛ= 0,56. Other categories showed very weak correlation relation. Keywords Unifittest, physical fitness, studying, youth, sit-ups, pull-ups, long jump, Cooper test
Change of life quality in people undergoing the organized reduction program
Štefánková, Gabriela ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Title: Change of life quality in people undergoing the organized reduction program Objective: The work objective is to find out a possible change of life quality after undergoing a three-month reduction course which consists of aerobic exercise and circuit training, as well as group work under the guidance of an instructor. Methods: The data will be collected through the SF36 questionnaire. In the first phase of the project, the course participants will fill out a questionnaire which will be handed over to them before the commencement of the reduction program. In the second part of the project, the participants will fill out the same questionnaire after undergoing the course. Subsequently, I will analyse the results and assess the success rate of the program. Method - questionnaire survey. Results: After undergoing a three-month reduction program, there were positive changes in quality of life. The effectiveness of the influence of the three-month reduction programme is seen primarily in the improvement of the psychological side of the individual. I find the lack of this study in a small set of probands, so I do not consider the results could be generalised. Keywords: Obesity, physical activity, BMI, weight loss, methods of treating obesity
Flowin and it's use for the health influence
Salanská, Anna ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Topic: Flowin and it's use for the health influence Title: In my work, I will try to achieve the goal of eliminating the current deficit of physical activity, which is the consequence of the current lifestyle of most of our population. Objectives: Furthermore, I would like to point on exercising itself and it's need for human health. With it, we get into another goal which could be new types of physical exercise which might be interesting and motivational for people. At the last, I will be pointing at Flowin and it's uses. Methods: After I have studied the professional literature and from my own experiences I have created my own methods and their uses for all the trainees in their current state of health. Results: I found out that current lifestyle is taking from us the natural physical activity which we have to compensate for new more exciting and motivational type of physical exercises. One of them could be Flowin. I have come to a point that physical activity brings a positive influence on human health mainly because of civilization diseases. Flowin is used for medical purpose, in schools, by athletes and also for the public. In my work, I have developed uses for athletes and the public. Keywords: Lifestyle, Physical activity, civilization diseases, types of physical exercises
Possibilities of sports activities in patients suffering from asthma and their effects on the course of disease.
Sýkorová, Kamila ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Title: Possibilities of physical and sports activities for patients with asthma and their influence on the medical condition Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to discover the level of active lifestyle of asthmatic patients and their participation on physical activity and sport. Another aim is to find out whether asthmatic patients are limited in physical activity or sport because of the medical condition and how the physically active lifestyle influences the medical condition and whether it takes part on improving quality of life. Methods: A survey was used for data collection. A questionnaire was distributed to people working with asthmatic patients, to sports club and university students. The research group consists of 125 respondents. The obtained data was processed into tables and charts via Microsoft Office Word 2016, Microsoft Office Excel 2016 and SPSS program. A verification of hypotheses was carried out according to the results of the survey and the independence test - chi-squared test. Research results are in the form of tables and graphs summarized at the end of the thesis. The results were compared to the resources dealing with the topic to verify if the hypothesis was true or not. Results: According to the chosen data processing methods, the limitation of asthmatic patients in...
Exercise programmes for individuals with ESRD treated with dialysis and their effect forquality of life.
El Ali, Zaher ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Heller, Jan (referee)
Title Exercise programmes for individuals with ESRD treated with dialysis and their effect for quality of life. Objective: To evaluate an effect of regular 6 months intradialytic exercise programmes at functional state and quality of life in patients with ESRD. Methods: 15 patients with ESRD on haemodialysis participated in exercise programme during haemodialysis. Senior Fitness Test (SFT), dynamometry of hands and questionnaire tool SF-36 were used to evaluate physical function and quality of life of the research group before and after 6 month exercise period. Results: Results of output motoric tests and questionnaire tool after exercise intervention were conform with majority of cases or better than the results of input tests. Improvement was recorded for patients, that did exercises regularly. Only in one test we observed statisticaly significant change- in case of women, increased their test performance in 2-minute step test (p<0,04). In case of men there were no statistical significant difference. Statisticaly significance of changes between input and output tests, were evaluated by small number of patients in group. In majority of the results before and after exercise intervention were no statistical significant difference. Summary: Regular exercise programmes realized during hemodialysis can...
Comparison of Physical Skills of Pupils in General and Sports Classes of Elementary School
Zaplatílková, Lucie ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: Comparison of Physical Skills of Pupils in General and Sports Classes of Elementary School Goals: The aim of this research is to determine the level of physical fitness skills of pupils, who, attend a sport class and compare these results to the pupils of the same age general class in the same school. Methods: The measurement was carried out through the test UNIFITTEST (6-60), which consists of the following tests - long jump, sit-up, chin-up and the Cooper Test. The results were evaluated and compared using the statistical characteristics. Results: With the help of these tests we found out the average level of fitness skills in every category. In long jump boys from the examined sport class managed to get 14, 6 % better results than those from the general class. Regarding girls, those from the sport class did also better, particularly 8, 5 %. The same tendency is to be found in sit-ups. The sport class children showed better performance, boys were 5, 9 % and girls 3, 3 % better than their schoolmates from general classes. The biggest gap in performance was measured in pull-ups. In average 20, 4 % better results for boys from the sport class. But girls from the general class this time beat the ones with a sport-focused programme by 21 %. Last thing we tested was endurance running where the...
Pre-competition preparation of bikini fitness competitor
Melčáková, Monika ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
The title of the work: Pre-competition preparation of the Bikini fitness category competitor The aim of the work: The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare training and nutritional approach during competition season and outside it and their influence on body composition. Another aim of this thesis is to compare my pre-competition preparation with pre- comtetiton preparation of another Bikini fitness category competitor. Methods: In the theoretical part of this thesis there are explained all basic terms and areas related to the chosen topic. The research was based on comparision of two training and nutritional approaches and their effect on body composition. To obtain the body composition data, a bioelectric impedance measurement methor was used on the TANITA device. There was a gap of 5 months between the measurements. The first measurement took place in the competition season and the second outside of it. Results: The results confirmed the following hypotheses: In the first measurement (in the competition season), a lower amount of body fat was measured by 2-3 kg than in the second measurement (outside the competition season). During measurements following changes were detected: a higher amount of muscle mass at least of 1 kg was measured; a higher body fat amount of 2-3 kg was measured....
The effect of selected exercise trends activating core stability system in dialysed patients - overview of the literature.
Burianová, Katarína ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Svoboda, Lukáš (referee)
Title: The effect of selected exercise trends activating core stability system in dialysed patients - overview of the literature. Objective: Objective of this diploma thesis was to obtain and compare available studies dealing with exercise trends such as yoga, pilates, tai chi and balance training devices and to evaluate their effect on core stability system of dialysed patients. Methods: This diploma thesis has descriptively-analytical character and is structured in a form of literary review. Results: Issue of dialysis in connection with core stability system has not been sufficiently explored yet in literary sources. In conclusion, there were no studies found dealing with effects of particular exercise trends on core stability system of dialysed patients. In order to comprehend this issue an overview was written to define the effect of such trends on dialysed patients. Also, complications arising from renal failure and dialysis were mentioned such as hypertension, diabetes melitus and obesity. The effect of these trends on core stability system of healthy population as well as patients suffering from chronic back pain was described too. Conclusion: Some extent of coherence was found between strengthening core stability system and its effect on dialysed patients however further in- depth research...
New trends on the basis of the neurophysiological laws in the sports training of the football players.
Soukup, Filip ; Malý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Title: Application of new trends beneath the neurophysiological patterns in sports training footballers. Objectives: The main objective of this work is the application of intervention programs based on the neurophysiological patterns of motion and determine their effectiveness. Methods: It is a methodical work, respecting the individual needs of soccer players in sports training. Players club FK Dukla Praha U16 were chosen on the basis of orthopedic disorders followed by a recommendation intervention programs into the training process. Results: We found that soccer players selected after the application of intervention programs in the training process achieved a significant improvement, especially on the muscles, on which the program was targeted . We have verified that the intervention programs in football practice could be applied. On the basis of subjective feelings footballers can say that the players perceive intervention largely as beneficial. Powered by TCPDF (

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