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Šetření aktuálního stavu ekologického zemědělství v Kraji Vysočina se zaměřením na Třebíčsko
Macková, Martina
Diploma thesis deals with the state of organic farming in the Vysočina Region, with focus on Třebíč district. The theoretical part includes principles of organic farming, current legislation, the problem of organic food and control system. It also describes the state of organic farming in the Czech Republic and in the Vysočina Region. Natural conditions and agricultural production are also mentioned. Another part is focused on comparison of organic agriculture in individual districts, which constitute Vysočina Region. The practical part deals with comparison of typical activities in the Třebíč district with other districts and describes important subjects. The last part is a questionnaire survey focused on two companies, organic farm DoRa and Tata Global Beverages Czech Republic. The conclusion constists of a summary of detected realities.
Identity of German Bohemians (Sudeten Germans) Through Local Culture and Heritage in the Upper Nisa Region
Mezerová, Jana ; Hlavačka, Milan (advisor) ; Macková, Marie (referee) ; Šima, Karel (referee)
There was considerable focus on local culture and heritage in the last quarter of the 19th century in the regions with a predominantly German Bohemians population. Regional identity was shaped to a significant extent by publications on local culture and heritage ("Heimatkunde"), often designed for teaching in schools. With the German-speaking population spread out around the periphery of Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia, there was no obvious centre for formation of German Bohemians identity and for a long time there was no uniform character to that identity. It was then manifested most strongly in the various regions. This dissertation is based on analysis and comparison of Heimatkunde publications. I have defined categories for examination of Heimatkunde: landscape (geography), heritage (history), progress (modernity) and people (ethnography), which correspond to the original breakdown of Heimatkunde and are also considered relevant by authors looking at the development of national movements. Definition of group identity is dominated by nationalism, especially as regards the second half of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century. The focus of this dissertation is comparison of Heimatkunde publications from three neighbouring areas in the Upper Neisse region, differing primarily...
Domestic architecture in the western Black Sea area with recpect for circumstances in the northwestern Black Sea area
Mačková, Marcela ; Bouzek, Jan (advisor) ; Musil, Jiří (referee)
1 Abstract This diploma thesis describes domestic architecture in the western Black Sea area in the time range between two half of the 6th century and the first half of the third century BC. Geographically, the studied settlement is located mainly in today's Bulgaria and on the coast Romania and Ukraine. Locations in the northwestern Black Sea area (e.g. Olbia, Berezan) have (in the Greek colonies in their neighborhood) much better preserved domestic architec- ture than sites in the western Black Sea area. The work is historical and culturally divided into Greek and Thracian settlement. Based on a comparison is made interpretation of the above mentioned settlements. The aim was to characterize individual sites, interpret and compared with each other, or finds analogous parallels especially in the Greek world. The work should refer to the func- tioning of domestic architecture (or the whole domestic urban), as in Greek cities in defined areas of the western and northwestern Black Sea area, and in places that were inhabited by the original (Thracian) population. Interpretative result of the work needed to improve under- standing of cultural relations between Greeks and Thracians which determined urban devel- opment mainly in the inner Thrace. Keywords: domestic architecture, settlement, Thracians, Greeks,...
Last horizont of the house number 2 in Pistiros (architecture contrast with connections of finds)
Mačková, Marcela ; Bouzek, Jan (referee) ; Musil, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this work deals with descripriton of archeological research on emporion Pistiros, which lies close the Plovdiv in west side of Hornothrack lowland along the river Marici. His position had strategic meaning because it presented important join with Aegean sea. In ancient world the town was found by settlers from Thassos and worked as business station. The name of emporion we know because of the stone notice found not far off Roman road station. Archeological researches on this locality have been leading already a lot of years. Czech expedition researched mainly the house number 2., which is with its work structure similar to houses on other localities just like in Olynth or Priéné where we are able to look for parallels. Found material acknowledges not only business but either craft usage of the house. The discovery of large collection of coins which was saved below the floor of the building is prooving this fact. This all happened as a result of invasion of Kelts which has been guessed to cause the ruin of emporion.
The statute of domestic servants in Prague's middle class households in the turn od the 20th century. Identity, social mobility and the way of their lives
Machková Prajzová, Naděžda ; Kubů, Eduard (advisor) ; Vošahlíková, Pavla (referee) ; Macková, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with the social group of domestic servants, concretely with the maids in Prague's households at the turn of the 20th century (untill the twenties). The servants were the integrant part of the households until the recent times. This social group appeared in various kinds of forms, in various kinds of roles and settings. To have the servants was the symbol for beeing a part of prestigious level of the society. The reasons for keeping the servants could, however, be also pragmatic for many not so rich households - there was a need of employment, resp. ocupation for all the adult members of those families in the (family) trade or farming. The second half of the 19th century is the time of big changes for this social group. The progressive industrialization and the modernization and the urbanization of the society lead to the falling of traditional form of the self-supporting family, further to the restriction of the working load for women and also to the lesser need of the family servants. The domestic servant demand started to be determinated with the social status instead of the economic situation of the family. This demand defines the Maid and also her new duties. There was about one third of the Czech households and one half of the German ones in Prague keeping a housemaid around 1900....
Analysis of marketing strategy of restaurant "Na Pekárně"
Macková, Martina ; Kvítková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Valentová, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with marketing strategy of restaurant Na Pekárně. There are analyzed the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant through a SWOT analysis, political-legal, economic, socio-cultural and technological environment through PEST analysis, microenvironment in relation to customers, competitors and suppliers, current marketing strategy of restaurant and used marketing tools. To obtain detailed information about the company was used marketing research in the form of interview and Mystery shopping. Based on the results of the analysis will be suggested a suitable marketing strategy for the future and potential improvements. Analysis, marketing strategy, SWOT, PEST, Mystery shoppint, marketing mix, restaurants
Agroturistické využití Vinařství Sádek
Macková, Martina
This bachelor thesis deals with the utilisation of agricultural tourism of the viniculture Sádek. There are described the types of tourist travel as well as explained fundamental terms such as agricultural tourism and eco-agricultural tourism in the forepart. Another part is devoted to the region of Třebíč and to its climatic, soil and hydrometeorological conditions. There are also mentioned wine regions, wine agricultural tourism and Moravian wine trails in this part. A significant part of this thesis is devoted to the viniculture of Sádek, to its attractions and to offers for general public. There are also highlighted the attractions of towns and villages in vicinity of the Sádek corporation in this part. In the conclusion you can find my suggestions and ideas on behalf of viniculture advancement as well as appreciation, SWOT analysis and of the present state of the cooperation. The suggestions are focused mainly on agricultural tourism development and increase of visitor numbers.
Company Marketing Strategy
Macková, Monika ; Přikryl, Pavel (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis focuses on the marketing strategy for Confectionery, café U Anděla, which is situated in Strážnice. In the introductory chapter of the theoretical part, several terms related to marketing are defined. In the second part, I analysed the current situation in the confectionery and carried out research into the expectations of customers by using a questionnaire. From the results, I suggested improvements in the sectors that turned out to be insufficient.
HOUSE ON THE EDGE – Valašské Meziříčí, Sokolská Street
Macková, Marcela ; Svoboda, Lukáš (referee) ; Makovský, Zdeněk (advisor)
urbain and architectural study of mix-used house
Living in Old Brno - architecture and urban study
Macková, Marcela ; Sátora, Josef (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
This project located in Brno is focused on housing for elderly and cohousing strategy. Site is situated near the city center, in the Staré Brno district, in between of Hybešova street and Hospital of st. Anne. According to a good connection with city center by public transport and various functions for habitants, it has promising potential for creating ideals conditions for housing in the city center. Project is based on analysis and social study from last year. I've tried to get into the problematic of needs of modern people, living in the center, its problems and adavantages in context of history and sociology. My result is strategy for living, applied on Staré Brno site.

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