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Reimbursement of costs in trial proceedings and enforcement proceedings
Kubíček, Tomáš ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
Reimbursement of costs in trial proceedings and enforcement proceedings Abstract Thesis Reimbursement of costs in trial proceedings and enforcement proceedings describes and evaluates selected concepts concerning the reimbursement of costs in trial proceedings and enforcement proceedings. The primary goal is to describe essence of reimbursement of costs and to answer this common question: "Who shall pay it in the end?" Thesis is dived into three parts. The thesis starts with introduction where author sets goals of the thesis and methods of scientific work to compile and process assigned subject. Furthermore there is briefly defined distinction between reimbursement of costs and payment of costs. The part is concluded with description of the goals of costs in proceedings and types of systems of reimbursement of costs. The first part of the thesis is concerned with reimbursement of costs in trial proceedings. The first chapter starts with reimbursement of costs in trial and adversarial proceedings. This chapter is the most extensive. It consists of description of reimbursement of costs and types of costs. There is also dedicated part to decisions and remedies concerning the reimbursement of costs. The second chapter is concerned with reimbursement of costs in trial and non-adversarial proceedings. This...
Nullity and inefficacy of legal acts in bankruptcy proceedings
Židuliaková, Rebeka ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
Nullity and inefficacy of legal acts in bankruptcy proceedings This thesis deals with description of nullity and inefficacy institutes of legal acts, especially with focus on bankruptcy proceedings. Such legal acts shorten the debtor's assets and the institutes of nullity and inefficacy allow to return the lost property back to the debtor's assets. This thesis is divided into six chapters which are subdivided into subchapters whilst the most important part is formed by chapters 4. and 5. The first chapter deals with the basic definition of bankruptcy proceedings, it also describes the basic principles and principles of bankruptcy proceedings which are also important for understanding the institutes of nullity and inefficacy of legal acts. There is approached the issue of the actionability of legal acts in bankruptcy proceedings in general view and in the whole chapter's conclusion I have highlighted the criminal law overlap of this topic with focus on the offense of favoring the creditor. The second chapter provides a historical excursion, not only in the context of nullity and inefficacy legal acts but also in the context of bankruptcy proceedings development as a whole and its approximation to the current legal regulation. The third chapter deals with nullity and inefficacy under civil law, or...
Costs of civil trial proceedings
Konůpková, Simona ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
The thesis focuses on the costs of civil trial proceedings. The topic of the thesis is up to date and very important. My objective is to provide a description of the current legal regulations of costs of civil trial proceedings with a focus on problems in practise. This thesis refers to many actual case laws. I also used my own experiences gained at the law firm as well as at the court where I worked for more than 3 years. The thesis is aimed onto 2 main parts - existing legal regulation and future legal regulation. The first part is devided into 8 chapters that explain in detail the provision from 137 to 151 of Civil Procedure Code (Act no. 99/1963 Coll.) and others important legislation. The first chapter explains the concept of the costs of civil trial proceedings. The second chapter describes the individual types of costs. The list of the costs is illustrated and consists of expenditures of participants and their representatives, including court fees, lost earnings of participant and their legal representatives, costs of evidence, interpretation costs, compensation for value addes tax, representation fees and mediator's remuneration. The third chapter deals with the exemption from court fees. This is the way how parties can apply their right to acces the court. The next chapter explains the...
Mediation in civil matters
Novotná, Aneta ; Frintová, Dita (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
- Mediation in civil matters The purpose of the thesis is detailed analys of mediation as the type of alternative dispute resolution, its basic principles and elements, all in confrontation with Czech legal enactment of mediation and in connection with other legislation. The thesis should provide an overview of implanting the mediation into the legal system of Czech Republic, interconnetion with concerned branches of law, especially with Civil Procedural Law. The reflections of the author are focused especially on the question, if the recent legislative regulation of mediation in Czech Republic helps to establish mediation as the standard and demanded type of dispute resolution in the eyes of both professional and laic public, there are also the reasoning on the alternative variants of legal regulation of mediation and reflections de lege ferenda contained. The first chapter presents the ADR as the set of procedures different from court proceedings determined to dispute settlement, among which the mediation belongs too. The purpose of this part of the thesis was especially comparison of the mediation with other types of alternative dispute resolution, particularly the arbitration. The next chapter defines mediation itself, with the special emphasis on the analys of legislative definition of the...
Arbitration before the Arbitration Court Attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic
Grivalská, Andrea ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
This rigorous thesis, entitled "Arbitration before the Arbitration Court Attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic", deals primarily with the legal regulation of arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration court attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the "Arbitration Court"). The main focus of this work is on the ongoing debate in respect of the regulation contained in the Arbitration Rules issued by Arbitration Court, which contains a rather complex regulation of the rules for the arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration court, as well as on the legal regulation contained in Act No. 216/1994 Coll., on arbitration and the enforcement of arbitral awards, as amended. While preparing this thesis on the issue of arbitration before the Arbitration Court, I paid close attention to both the extensive body of case law and the ideas put forth in professional literature. The aim of this rigorous work was not only to describe arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration Court, but also to address issues currently being discussed that are related to this procedure and current legislation; at the same time, another goal was to offer an opinion on problematic issues and,...
Arbitral award as an execution title
Hanzlíková, Barbora ; Macková, Alena (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
I chose the subject of this thesis because of its recency. The arbitration decisions belong among the most problematic execution titles, whose execution often end up being discontinued. The case law dealing with the validity of the arbitration clauses and the enforcement of the arbitration decisions has undergone dramatic developments. Despite legislative changes responding to the problematic situations which have been happening in practice, there are still many issues that need to be clarified. The judicial practice of the courts is not unified in many cases. The legal certainty of the participants of the arbitration and execution proceedings is impaired and their legitimate expectations are not always met. The thesis concerns primarily with the circumstances that may lead to dismissal of the execution order or to the suspension of the execution proceeding, in particular, these circumstances are errors in the delivery of the arbitration decision, non-transparent selection of the arbitrator, incompatibility with good morals, in the case of consumer disputes the imbalance in the rights and obligations of the parties and the absence of obligatory instructions in the arbitration proceedings. It also deals with the procedure of the execution court when reviewing the arbitration decision, resp. the...
Decisions on the award and amount of costs in civil proceedings
Srbová, Gabriela ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
Decisions on the award and amount of costs in civil proceedings Abstract This thesis deals with the issue of costs of civil proceedings. The scheme of the thesis follows the scheme of the Code of Civil Procedure and is supplemented by references to judicature, in particular the Constitutional Court's judicature. It deals almost exclusively with costs of proceedings at the first-instance procedure. The thesis in its introduction highlights the importance of the issue of costs of proceedings and the significant impact of the cost statement on the individual parties involved. It sets out the basic distribution of costs for general and special costs and lists their basic functions, ie the preventive and sanctioning function. The introduction also describes the role of the Constitutional Court in relation to costs of proceedings. After a short introduction to the issue of costs of proceedings, the list of the types of costs, their description, their functions and legal regulations are listed. More capacity is devoted to the court fee and issues related to it. These include the amount and extent of the charge, the exemption (and its types) from the payment of the court fee as an expression of the right to judicial protection and others. Subsequently, the thesis deals with the question of payment and reimbursement...
Other judicial persons and their involvement in the activities of the court in civil proceedings
Prášilová, Kateřina ; Macková, Alena (advisor) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
OTHER JUDICIAL PERSONS AND THEIR INVOLVEMENT IN THE ACTIVITIES OF THE COURT IN CIVIL PROCEEDINGS ABSTRACT According to the § 3 Act No. 6/2002 sb. about the courts, judges, lay judges, the state administration of judges and about the changes of other acts in addition of judges, trainee judges, judge assistants, senior officers of justice, court secretaries and judicial executors are also involved in the decision-making and other court activities. The legislation about these other judicial persons is however inconsistent and could be found in several acts. The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe this fragmented legislation and to define the involvement of the other persons in the civil process. This diploma thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the persons the law considered as the possible judge candidates. This includes a senior officer of justice, a judge assistant and a trainee judge. The second part deals with a court secretary and a judicial executor that are not considered as the possible judge candidates. The interpretation of each judicial person has the identical division which sequentially deals with the legislation regarding individual judicial persons, their legal status, responsibility, presumption of performance, activity in a civil process and their individual...
Assets in insolvency proceeding
Marek, David ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
The thesis focuses on the concept of assets, which represents one of the most basic and most important notions of the insolvency law. Assets within the meaning of the Insolvency Act are intended to satisfy the debtor's creditors. The correct finding and recording of the relevant assets and the and the following stages of the insolvency proceedings have a crucial impact on the level of satisfaction that will be given to the debtor's creditors. Step by step, the present thesis introduces to the reader the legal regulation of the most important legal terms related to the insolvency assets. Starting with the definition of the term assets to the inventory phase, where the relevant assets are recorded. In the context of this phase, the thesis addresses the duty of co-operation by the debtor in the insolvency proceedings. The thesis continues to deal with the inventory of the insolvency assets, including the asset valuation. Not even the description of the possibilities of defending the wrong classification of the property in the inventory of assets is missing. The next chapter, in turn, deals with the handling and management of insolvency assets by the insolvency administrator. The last chapter focuses on possible ways of monetizing assets, whereby the different ways are compared to each other and the...
Assets in the Insolvency Proceedings
Mánek, Václav ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Macková, Alena (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This diploma thesis main objective is to analyse those parts of the Czech insolvency law dealing with the assets and at the same time to define all related terms. The partial objective of the thesis is to identify the 2006 Insolvency Act provisions relating to the assets which appear to be inadequate and to propose possible legislative changes. The objective of the thesis was fulfilled. An analysis of the key provisions of the Insolvency Act dealing with the assets was carried out and all of the important terms were defined. As the author of the thesis concludes that the current legislation is rather efficient, he suggests only some partial changes, such as the extension of the time limit, during which the former members of the management of the debtor - legal entity are obliged to cooperate with the insolvency trustee. Regarding its systematics, the thesis is divided into seven chapters, most of which are subdivided into subchapters. The first chapter deals with the historical development of insolvency law in the territory of today's Czech Republic. It maps the legal regulations from the 18th century to the present, with the greatest attention being paid to the current insolvencylaw and explaining its most significant recent amendments. The definition of assets in the Czech and...

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