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Quantification of microstructural changes in limestone cement paste stored in sulfate environment at low temperature
Sotiriadis, Konstantinos ; Hlobil, Michal ; Machová, Dita ; Mácová, Petra ; Viani, Alberto ; Vopálenský, Michal
Samples of cement paste based on mixed cement with limestone admixture were stored in a magnesium sulfate solution for 6 months at 5 ° C to monitor the development of sulfate corrosion and its effect on microstructure. The extent of corrosion was evaluated by several different techniques. The paste samples were scanned at monthly intervals by X-ray tomography for non-destructive quantification of the pore structure and extent of damage, along with a description of the phase changes in the microstructure using X-ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy. Compressive strength testing confirmed the effect of corrosion on the mechanical resistance of the samples. The results show a rapid course of degradation propagating in an irregular band, caused primarily by the formation of expandable sulfur-based corrosion products, the consequent crack formation and loss of internal cohesion of the material. The occurrence of both ettringite and thaumasite and gypsum was confirmed in the damaged parts.
Measuring the effectiveness of hydrophobizing product Nanofusion on wood – beech and oak
Machová, Dita ; Zárybnická, Lucie ; Majtás, Dušan
Verification of protective properties and usability of NF Protect Wood for the needs of preservation effectiveness. Moisture, vapour permeability, wettability, water absorption, colour stability were evaluated and a test in climatic chamber was performed.
Dalit Christians in India
Machová, Dita ; Hons, Pavel (advisor) ; Štipl, Zdeněk (referee)
Diploma paper deals with the history and current situation of Dalit Christian communities in India. It elaborates the phenomenon of mass movements, which represented a significant milestone in the history of Christianity in India. During these movements a substantial amount of untouchable castes converted to Christianity and the number of Christians multiplied. In the twentieth century Dalit Christians have become marginalized group by government measures which promised compensation benefits only for groups Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist Dalits. At the beginning of the twenty-first century Christian and Muslim communities in India are facing violent attacks made by militant Hindu groups. Since 1980s Dalit Christian communities have come together and fight for obtaining government benefits and against oppression made by churches.
Analysis of soils
Šašek, Petr ; Viani, Alberto ; Ševčík, Radek ; Mácová, Petra ; Machová, Dita
High concentrations of solid particles in the air may cause health problems. Sources of such particles can be natural processes, as well as human activity (e.g. coal mining, etc). Another source of contamination is the so-called secondary dustiness, which arises from vortex of already settled solids and dispersion into the atmosphere. Secondary dustiness formation is mainly affected by the surface moisture. The increase of humidity leads to agglomeration of the particles, resulting to their falling on ground, thus inhibiting their distribution in the atmosphere. The aim of the study was to analyse the soil dust particles collected on the filters of impactor, with respect to particle size and composition.
Assessment of lump lime burned in "traditional" lime kiln
Válek, Jan ; Matas, Tomáš ; Jiroušek, Josef ; Machová, Dita ; Petráňová, Veronika ; Frankeová, Dita
Laboratory assessment of samples of burned lime produced in small experimental lime kiln in a traditional way. The samples were compared based on pore structure determined by MIP, surface area (BET), specific and bulk density (gas pycnometry) and composition determined by thermal analysis. In addition standard reactivity test was carried out and the samples were qualitatively described in SEM.

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