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Marketing simulation and its application in practice on an imaginary market
Branný, Adam ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Stříteský, Václav (referee)
The thesis entitled Marketing simulation and its application in practice on an imaginary market had as main objective to create a trial version of marketing business simulation in Microsoft Excel, test it, and use this testing to draw conclusions relevant for its further development. This paper contains theoretical part concerning knowledge of marketing management, provides practical information about business and marketing oriented business games from the historical and contemporary point of view. Furthermore, it presents a truly created trial version of the simulation, which was named MarSim from the perspective of its author and potential users. The thesis also provides information about the realized testing and its results, which together with other data became the basis for the suggestions of possible improvement.
Marketingová strategie luxusních značek
Vasak, Constance ; Král, Petr (advisor) ; Machek, Martin (referee)
The title of this thesis is : Marketing strategy of luxury brands. This subject has been chosen in order to highlight the marketing strategies of luxury brands. Luxury marketing in comparison to traditional marketing, known to everyone, is a much more targeted sector for a limited number of people. To perfect this study, this thesis is based on the analysis of the marketing strategies of two large and traditional French luxury brands: Chanel and Louis Vuitton, a know-how recognized throughout the world. The aim of this thesis is to verify the following research questions : In what way do Chanel and Louis Vuitton have similarities, differences in their marketing strategies and how are they put in place ? Why do these brands have these particular strategies and how do they maintain those specific strategies overtime ? In the first chapter, readers will become more familiar with marketing and luxury terms. They will have a better comprehension of different concepts, ideas about luxury and marketing in general. The second chapter will deeply analyse the marketing startegies of Louis Vuitton and Chanel through different criterias such as the positioning, the product, the pricing, the place and the promotion. This thesis will enable readers to have a better understanding and knowledge about the marketing strategies of Chanel and Louis Vuitton.
Building a brand loyalty program for Deers Jewellery
Buchtová, Kristýna ; Kolouchová, Daniela (advisor) ; Machek, Martin (referee)
The aim of the work is to create a loyalty program for Deers Jewellery. Deers Jewellery is a Czech brand producing handmade design jewellery. The proposal loyalty program of will be based on data obtained through in-depth qualitative interviews and a quantitative questionnaire responded by Deers Jewellery customers. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part defines the concept of sales promotion and deals with its tools, namely with loyalty programs and customer loyalty. In the practical part, I will introduce the Deers Jewellery brand and carry out questionnaire survey to find out, who are the customers and how do they perceive the existence of loyalty clubs. The practical part also includes the proposal of the Deers Jewellery loyalty program.
Architecture 3M of brands and their applications, “Case study 3M” – the perspective of B2B subjects and internal specialists and marketing personnel of 3M
Vojta, Jan ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Kolařík, Jiří (referee)
Brand portfolios of multinational firm are a complex organism which is managed by headquarter of organization, in particular by the brands architecture and rebranding. The distributors create a direct feedback relationship from the market and they significantly influence any success of brands. The specific work of marketing personnel with brands is thus influenced by many stakeholders on the market and, in consequence, the specific work becomes a complex marketing activity. This master thesis is concerned with the architecture of the specific portfolio of 3M and the work with its brands. The aim is (i) to map architecture of the specific portfolio of 3M House of Brands and (ii) to assess rebranding form 2015 and (iii) to analyze the work with 3M brands and to formulate recommendation for improvements of the work with 3M. The first part is considers the architecture of brands from a theoretical viewpoint which provides a basis for the mapping of 3M House of Brands. There is also specified marketing research methodology which is applied in the practical part of the thesis concerned with specific secondary data, questionnaire survey and deep interviews. In the practical part of the master thesis there is analyzed 3M Case Study, in which there is described and assessed the empirical research of 3M brands. The research consists of two parts: (1) questionnaire survey orientated on B2B distributors, and (2) deep interviews carried out with 3M marketing and special personnel. The comparison and synthesis of more qualitative data appears that the most important result. The 3M perspectives of the marketing personnel and the distributors on the selection of brand activities differ in spite the fact that their aims are similar. The key recommendation of this thesis is, therefore, to give more importance to preferences of the market and create upon this empirical basis more effective branding activities.
Theory of archetypes and using of symbols during branding of insurance companies in Czech Republic
Krejčí, Ondřej ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Karlíček, Miroslav (referee)
Theory of archetypes is one of several methods how to find the direction for building and managing of brand. This theory is based on theories C. G. Jung. Main objective of this thesis is to find out how companies on Czech market are using archetypal identity. And whether they have urge to use archetypes or similar approaches. In this thesis are also mentioned other theories, methods and methodologies, which helps with building and managing of brands. Practical part of this thesis is about branding of insurance companies. Main element of this part is quality research, especially interview with experts, which have lot of experience with branding and archetypes. Next part of thesis is focused on analysis of communication strategies of largest insurance companies on Czech market and on analysis of rebranding ING to NN in 2015.
Branding of Russian payment system - Case Study Payment system “MIR”
Trofimchuk, Iuliia ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Kolouchová, Daniela (referee)
The thesis explores the theme of branding in the banking system in Russia and the process of creating and promoting a new product such as the national payment system and its importance in the business practices of companies. The theoretical part of the research describes the key theoretical aspects related to branding, Its characteristics in Russia and the banking system and the process of its formation. The practical part explores the process of introducing and promotion of a payment system on the example of one Russian bank. In addition, the advantages of the product will be considered in front of international payment systems - Visa and MasterCard and among competitors in the Russian market. The purpose of the thesis was to analyze each branding process in the banking system of such a large product as the national payment system and to find out what results of bank and that system in general had by the end of 2016, what opinion of the population of Russia about the national payment system "MIR".
Marketingová analýza prodeje softwarového produktu veřejnému sektoru.
Krausová, Patrícia ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Kolouchová, Daniela (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to analyse the marketing practices behind software sales in the business to government market using an example of a Czech-Slovak software company, Atbon. a.s.. The thesis also aims to reduce the current gap in the academic and practitioners research in this area. The theoretical part of the paper covers the characteristics of different types of markets, features of the software industry, and explains the fundaments of marketing strategy, marketing tactics and marketing tools, which will be used in the analysis. The practical part then examines the marketing performance of Atbon, a.s. when launching their data redaction software in the B2G market. Based on the findings of this analysis, conclusion and suggestions for improvement are made.
Brand Extension: a Case Study of Starbucks
Bokii, Artem ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Král, Petr (referee)
The thesis investigates the topic of brand extension and its importance in the business practice of companies. The theoretical part of the research outlines the key theoretical aspects related to brand and brand extension. The practical part investigates the case study of Starbucks brand extension and compares it with other famous brand extension cases. The paper illustrates how Starbucks brand extension from coffee onto the ice cream market had been successful on the initial stage, and how it failed in the long run, analyzing the key advantages and drawbacks of Starbucks brand extension activities. The thesis outlines how Starbucks brand extension could have been improved.
Online marketingová komunikace firmy působící na trhu leadershipových programů
Langášová, Markéta ; Stříteský, Václav (advisor) ; Machek, Martin (referee)
The main goal of this masters thesis is to analyze current marketing communication of a specific leadership development company active and the Czech market and its effectiveness. Based on the results recommend measures for improvement using appropriate channels. In the first part theoretical background of online communication, strategic framework and measurement of performance is introduced. Statistics, expert surveys and insight from opinion leaders from the field are included to provide more practical and comprehensive understanding of approach to individual channels, current trends and potential future development. Second part is dedicated to analysis of online communication strategy of chosen leadership development company. Analysis are based on interviews with relevant target group, comparison of online activities of competition and clickstream analysis of data from Google Analytics of various communication channels.
BTL marketing communication and its importance for brand building
Bindzarová, Lucie ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Kolouchová, Daniela (referee)
The topic of the thesis deals with BTL marketing communication and its importance for brand building. The aim is to analyze tools of BTL marketing communication on the Czech market and identify the most effective tools that can be used to build brand in the FMCG environment. The thesis should provide more details about below the line communication and its increase use market positioning. Also identify appropriate tool for building brand image, quality and raising customer awareness. Research, expert interviews and case studies were used to prove the objective of this thesis.

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