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International cooperation to Pruhonice botanical garden's collections
Caspers, Zuzana ; Sekerka, Pavel ; Macháčková, Markéta
Overview of the international activities of Průhonice botanical garden. The garden participates in Middle European Iris Society and cooperates with Presby Iris Memorial Gardens (USA), has a partnership with botanical gardens in China, Lithuania and Poland.
Models of public family support by cash benefits. Comparative study of models in the Czech Republic, Finland and United Kingdom.
Macháčková, Markéta ; Tomeš, Igor (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
Models of public family support by cash benefits. Comparative study of models in the Czech Republic, Finland and United Kingdom This thesis is a comparative study of different models of welfare available for the family unit in the Czech Republic, Finland and in the United Kingdom. It considers many different aspects, and in the first two chapters looks at what characterizes a family, the social strcutures that influenced the formation of the family unit, and existing European principles which formed the basis upon which family assistance was modeled. These principles are divided into solidarity, citizenship, corporate, and liberal. The ensuing chapters discuss family politics within the individual states. Chapters are divided into parts such as historic, present and organization of public family policy. Public welfare in the Czech Republic focuses on low-income households and distributing income assistance from public funds. In Finland family welfare is focused mainly on ensuring the healthy development development of children, which is made possible through financial assistance, family leave and programs offering help for families. In Great Britain, public policy is geared towards relief for the poor, which occurs through tested financial support for the family unit. The practical section of the thesis...
Saint Zdislava of Lemberk and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Macháčková, Markéta ; Veverková, Kamila (advisor) ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (referee)
The work presents the life of both saints Zdislava and Elizabeth of Thuringia, and also the external context, which largely affected their lives. Saints are described here in their wide range, both through our history and the history of European nations. The structure's work corresponds to a defined plan. The first chapter deals with the contemporary background and major events that occurred just before their birth and their lives. The following two chapters depict Zdislava own and Elizabeth's life, their work. The next chapter describes the work of saints in the social field. The fifth chapter is devoted to a comparison of the two saints with Saint Agnes. The last chapter contains evaluation figures Zdislava and Elizabeth of Thuringia and their significance for today. The concept of the work is based on the conviction that the stereotypes describing the lives of the saints can be overcame. The author seeks a new perspective on the work and life of both saints - Zdislava and Elisabeth. Keywords: Zdislava of Lemberk, Elisabeth of Hungary, the period of High Middle Ages, saintess, mendicant orders, hospital care, social work, lay piety
New collection of Hemerocallis
Macháčková, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Sekerka, Pavel
Description of Hemerocallis collection in Pruhonice botanic garden and reasons for gaining National Program.
Paeonies and their breeding
Sekerka, Pavel ; Faloutová, Z. ; Macháčková, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Blažek, Milan ; Blažková, Uljana
Paeonies are old ornamental and utilitarian plants. This contribution represents horticultural division of varieties and their history. The collection of paeonies in Pruhonice Botanic Garden was founded in 1968, since the eighties it is also engaged in their breeding. Peonies were in 2015 included in the National Program, we are now preparing their classifier.
Impacts on the Italian economy and fulfilling the Maastricht criteria
Macháčková, Markéta ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to find out how the global economic crisis influenced the Italian economy. The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter describes the process of the European monetary integration, where the role of Italy is emphasized. The second chapter deals with the specifics of the Italian economy which are put in historical context. The third chapter analyses the impacts of the crisis on the Italian economy. The last chapter is dedicated to anti-crisis policies taken by the Italian government. Furthermore, the current situation of the Italian economy is assessed.
Beardless irises, their garden groups and breeding in the Czech Republic
Sekerka, Pavel ; Macháčková, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Blažek, M.
Article present beardless irises (Apogon) and its organization into groups. It gives worldwide taxonomic overview and it highlights species suitable for growing in the Czech Rep. (Iris sibirica, I. spuria, I. ensata). It also demonstrates hybridization results of Iris spuria done by Mgr. Milan Blažek and other breeding work from the Czech Republic and natural fenotype variability in collected material. Finaly it show changes in EVIGEZ classification chart for genus Iris, to suit all irises - bearded and beardless, too.
State and business protocol in Italy
Macháčková, Markéta ; Müllerová, Františka (advisor) ; Hinčica, Vít (referee)
The bachelor thesis gives a comprehensive view of various aspects of Italian state and business protocol. It aims to facilitate Czech entrepreneurs to establish business relations with Italians and entry to Italian market. It confirms or refutes some preconceived ideas and stereotypes about the behavior of Italians during a business meeting. The first chapter focuses on explaining diverse forms of protocol. The second chapter describes selected areas of Italian state protocol. The third chapter deals with Italian cultural specifics and business practices. It describes various aspects of Italian business protocol. The final chapter provides information obtained through interviews related to Italian business meeting.

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