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Diversity dynamics across scales
Macháč, Antonín ; Storch, David (advisor) ; Remeš, Vladimír (referee) ; Ricklefs, Robert (referee)
Charles University, Prague Diversity dynamics across scales Antonin Machac 2018 Abstract Diversity dynamics remain controversial. It has been suggested that the dynamics are expansionary, such that the number of species across regions and clades increases constantly. However, the opposite has also been suggested, namely that species numbers are relatively stable, following equilibrial dynamics. Both views (expansionary and equilibrial) have been supported by compelling phylogenetic, biogeographic, and fossil evidence and, currently, it remains largely unclear how the two seemingly conflicting views could be reconciled. My dissertation addresses this question, based on the premise that diversity dynamics change systematically with scale. Specifically, I hypothesize that expansionary dynamics typify regionally distributed, small, and young clades whose diversity tends to expand, driven by a variety of regionally relevant factors (e.g. habitat-level adaptation, biotic interactions, or montane shifts leading to ecological divergence and speciation). Conversely, equilibrial dynamics typify large, ancient, and globally distributed clades, whose diversity is environmentally limited (e.g. by the total amount of resources that can sustain only a limited number of populations and species). Consequently, it seems...
Range size heritability patterns in Carnivora arise from the interplay between evolutionary and geographic constraints
MACHÁČ, Antonín
The thesis explores how the range sizes of carnivorans are shaped by geographic and evolutionary constraints. Employing modern spatial analyses and phylogenetic comparative methods, we illustrate that phylogenetically conserved climate tolerances delimit species? geographic constraints, which in turn shape the species? range size. Range size heritability patterns emerge as a consequence of this interplay between geographic and evolutionary constraints.
Ant Dominance (macroecological & evolutionary meta-analysis)
MACHÁČ, Antonín
Ecological and evolutionary context of ant dominance phenomenon is analyzed. The study proposes rigorous classification of dominant species. Relationships among dominance and life history of species are examined combining multivariate and phylogenetic statistics.

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4 MACHÁČ, Antonín
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