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Porovnání orebné a bezorebné technologie zpracování půdy z hlediska jejího zhutnění
MACH, Václav
The bachelor thesis focuses on technologies of soil cultivation which are nowadays most frequently used in our country and what is their influence in soil compaction. It describes reasons of the origins of soil compaction, impacts of the compaction and the effect of compaction on soil as a unit. It also focuses on procedure? against unwanted compaction or its following elimination. Subsequently, the thesis describes basic work operations which are plowing and aeration. There are details of the principle how the plough works, basic types of ploughs and the way how we can divide plowing. There are also methods of plowing which are applied in different conditions on land. Last but not least, the thesis points out advantages and disadvantages of this most common soil cultivation. It deals with technologies of aeration as well as it deals with machines which are able to cultivate soil or with technologies of soil cultivation and their advantages and disadvantages in work without a plough. The field experiment which has been done for drawing up of this bachelor thesis focuses on comparison of ploughing and non-ploughing technologies of soil cultivation in a way of its compaction. There is evaluation of the penetrometric resistance, of the achieved depth in measurement and the soil moisture. These values have been measured on a field which was divided according to the technology of soil cultivation. The first part was done conventionally with the plough and in the second part the plough was replaced with the aeration. The results of the measurement were then compared with the whole soil profile of the measurement, then in the depth of 20 cm and finally with rest the horizon of measurement. Values and comparisons of the individual measurements are for better illustration noted in tables and marked on graph.
Determination of wind direction and speed from free atmosphere data
Mach, Václav ; Huth, Radan (advisor) ; Mikšovský, Jiří (referee)
4 Abstract Determination of wind direction and speed from free atmosphere data. This work deals with relationship between surface wind and large-scale predictors in the Czech Republic. Approach is statistical downscaling based on multiple linear regression with stepwise screening. Tested predictors include four geopotential heights (hgt 500, hgt 700, hgt 850 and hgt 1000), sea level pressure and surface wind components U and V. Observed surface wind speed and azimuth from 18 meteorological station ČHMÚ is used as predictand. Period of interest is define by used data on term 1961 - 2010. In three different methods are compared straight downscaling of wind components U and V, used wind speed calculate from downscaled components U and V, and straight downscaling of wind speed without distinguish wind direction. Resulting models are tested by cross-validation method. The resulting equation allows good simulation of surface wind at most of station. The better method to downscaling surface wind speed is prescribe method of calculate wind speed from downscaled components U and V.
Economic benefits of information and communication technologie in school catering facilities
Pínová, Hana ; Mach, Václav (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
TITLE: Economic benefits of Information and Communication Technologies in school meals AUTHOR: Hana Pínová DEPARTMENT: CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE Pedagogical Faculty - School Management Centre SUPERVISOR: PaedDr. Václav Mach ABSTRAKT: The final thesis is concerned with examining and quantifying the economic impact of the use of ICT in school cafeterias. This thesis deals with modern technologies and their contribution to the operation and maximum efficiency in their use in school cafeterias. Based on the survey in three selected regions of the Czech Republic, whose goal is to monitor the situation in the school canteen facilities, specialized software, or other technologies. Bachelor thesis provides an answer to the question of whether information and communication technologies are an economic benefit for the school canteens. To calculate the economic benefit by creating a simple calculator that can be used for work director or head of the school canteens. KEYWORDS: ICT (information and communication technology), the calculator, efficiency, text editor, spreadsheet editor, the boarder, consumer basket, identification card, identification chip, school meals, the terminal
Financial literacy of educators in kindergarten and its influence on the control and management of the school
Šímová, Svatava ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mach, Václav (referee)
TITLE: Financial literacy of educators in kindergarten and its influence on the control and management of the school AUTHOR: Svatava Šímová DEPARTMENT: School Management Centre SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Jindřich Kitzberger Abstract This final thesis deals with economic and financial awareness of teachers and its impact on management and management of kindergartens. The work consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. The first chapter of this part describes the theoretical aspects of school management and presents the function of schools. The second chapter presents the legal requirements for school management and school director. In the third chapter, we meet with the specifics of school management and the principles of the management cycle. The fourth chapter presents an overview of the management and funding of schools and financial management issues. The practical part of thesis consists of one main chapter, which deals with issues such as financial and economic awareness and perception of teachers as directors of kindergartens. Final aim of this work is to find out where their ranges of financial and economic awareness and how does it affect the management and management of nursery schools, and whether teachers with lower financial literacy are able to educate in this area. Keywords: financial and...
Preeschool facility holiday service in the Czech republic
Kalinová, Kateřina ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mach, Václav (referee)
This final work deals with the matters of service and organizational schemes in nurseries during the summer term. It monitors the problematic of summer service from various points of view: from those of the managing directors to parents' views. These views are analysed and compared. The work also tries to find out the specifics of the summer service related to the location of the nursery. It examines the legislation regulating the summer service at nurseries, its observance and adequacy as managing staff support tool. The work also offers alternative solutions, which could be appreciated by both directors and parents.
Options for financing the operational costs of secondary schools
Moníková, Marie ; Marková, Jana (advisor) ; Mach, Václav (referee)
Final thesis analyzes financial sources of operating cost of secondary schools. Theoretical part is paid to competencies of the founder in funding of secondary schools and to competencies of schools head. There are explained technical economic terms from financing of secondary schools. In thesis is described process compilation of budget, summary of cash flow and explained problematic value added tax. Research part of final thesis is based on make survey. In survey I investigated, if schools are using all of the available sources for financing and if they have revenues in the main activity, if they operate an additional activity and in which domain, whether schools are payers of VAT. Survey was based on randomly asked high schools, established by the Region. Practical part of research investigation brings information about problems, which are presented in front of schools problems in financial are. Thesis served summary of allocation of funds high schools and explains the choices of raising funds for secondary schools.

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