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3,8 kW induction machine
Stoican, Bogdan Adrian ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
Úkolem této semestrální práce je návrh asynchronního motoru. Pro výpočet technických parametrů asynchronního motoru je použita analytická metoda, která je implementována do vytvořeného počítačového programu. Výsledek je ověřen pomocí programu ANSYS RMxprt. Technickým úkolem je umístit tento motor do určeného prostoru. Návrh sleduje stanovené technické parametry a výsledek respektuje požadovaný průměr statoru i optimalizaci jeho rozměrů. Pomocí programu ANSYS RMxprt jsou výsledky analyzovány s cílem najít technické řešení umožňující zmenšení rozměrů stroje. V závěru práce je návrh motoru změněn dle výsledků, které umožňují optimalizaci technických parametrů návrhu stroje.
Thermal model of high-speed induction motor
Světlík, Martin ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Toman, Marek (advisor)
This thesis deals with thermal calculation of high-speed machines. Distribution of electrical rotating machine losses and calculation of mechanical losses in the air gap and on the ends of rotor is described in first part. Based on relationships taking into account rotor friction of the against the surroinding fluid are these calculations make. Literary search on theme of thermal calculation and principle of calculation thermal network method is descript here in the next part. Thermal network designed for specific machine and tabular of resulting temperatures are located in the last part.
Design of synchronous linear motor
Jindra, Michal ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Knebl, Ladislav (advisor)
Proposed thesis is focused on synchronous linear motor with an iron core, the design of an equivalent magnetic circuit and its calculation. The work describes the principle of a synchronous linear motor with permanent magnets, U-channel linear motor and a tubular linear motor. For these types of linear motors, the design solution is described and general advantages and disadvantages are mentioned. The losses generated in the motors are also described. The work introduces various methods of engine calculations that can be used for subsequent application to a particular type of motor. Subsequently, one of the methods is selected and used to calculate the motor. The last part is the evaluation and comparison of results.
Impact of core length on induction machine characteristics
Kalvoda, Bohumil ; Klíma, Petr (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
The Bachelor theses deals with analytical calculation of asynchronous motor along with comparing calculated values with the values acquired by calculating of RMxprt program. The calculations are carried out by Matlab program, for the purpose of changing the parameters to increase engine efficiency.
Automatic design of synchronous machines
Fiala, Michal ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Cipín, Radoslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with problematic of design of synchronous machines. First part is dedicated to descript function and structure of a synchronous machine. The next part describes an algorithm of design of wound rotor and permanent magnets synchronous machines. Based on the described method, the program for automated design of these types of synchronous machines was created in the programming environment Matlab. At the end of the thesis, there are described the results that were achieved within the work.
Five-phase induction machine
Škoda, Josef ; Vítek, Ondřej (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of a five-phase machine. In the first part of this thesis are presented theoretical knowledge about five-phase machines. In the next part of the thesis is designed five-phase machine by analytical calculation according to selected parameters. This calculation includes the resulting load and start characteristics. The geometrical parameters of the machine are transferred to the Ansys program, where the finite element calculation is performed together with the required simulations. The results are compared and commented.
Investigation on operating characteristics of multi-phase machine
Kuna, Kristián ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
S postupom času sa elektrotechnicky průmysl posouval dopředu. Přišel rozvoj v automobilovém průmyslu, leteckém průmyslu, navigácí a dalších odvětvích. S rozvojem automobilového a leteckého průmyslu se zvětšila potřeba pro motory s vyskou spolehlivostí. Tenhle fakt zapříčinil rozvoj motorů s vćero fázami. Tyto stroje mají za úkol zvýšiť spolehlivost ale zároveň zachovat/zvýšit výkon stroje.
Impact of winding on induction machine characteristics
Mikmek, Vladislav ; Janda, Marcel (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis of a three-phase winding of an induction engine. After the theoretical introduction concerning different types of windings, two types of their analysis and the importance of the winding factor, two methods of analysis and design tools are explained: Görges diagram and Tingley scheme. This scheme is then used for the design of all possible variants of winding for a certain number of stator slots and the theoretical shape of magnetic field is analysed. The next step is a deeper software analysis of the engines with variants of windings with different coil pitches and number of conductors per slot. Especially the finite element method is used in this part. The obtained values and their characteristics of the simulated engines are compared numerically and graphically. Then the changes of important values for different windings are described. The optimal winding according to chosen requirements is chosen.
Cryptography based on semirings
Mach, Martin ; Korbelář, Miroslav (advisor) ; El Bashir, Robert (referee)
Cryptography based on semirings can be one of the possible approaches for the post-quantum cryptography in the public-key schemes. In our work, we are interested in only one concrete semiring - tropical algebra. We are examining one concrete scheme for the key-agreement protocol - tropical Stickel's protocol. Although there was introduced an attack on it, we have implemented this attack and more importantly, stated its complexity. Further, we propose other variants of Stickel's protocol and we are investigating their potential for practical usage. During the process, we came across the theory of tropical matrix powers, thus we want to make an overview of it due to the use in cryptography based on matrices over the tropical algebra semiring. 1
Skin effect in high-speed electrical machines.
Klíma, Petr ; Bárta, Jan (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the suppression of the skin and proximity effects in high-speed machines. The first part summarizes the general knowledge of high-speed machines. The second part is devoted to the principle and possible suppression of consequences caused by skin and proximity effects. The third part shows the simulation results of models of a synchronous machine with permanent magnets. The results of these simulations reveal the consequences of skin and proximity effects. In addition, design measures are proposed to limit these and other undesirable phenomena to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

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