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Cultural dimension of language
Macek, Michal ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Půtová, Barbora (referee)
This paper is about the relation between language, thought and culture. Main issue is the way how language acts as the basis for culture which is seen as a complex of symbols and meanings. Language is described as a system of signs whose usage influences the structure of people's thought and also the interpretations of the reality by means of culture. The question of the origin of language is examined in the paper as well as other issues connected with the study of language and culture. Among these the principal of linguistic relativity (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis) is the most important one, further the issue of the relation between linguistic changes and cultural changes and the issue of acquiring language and culture during the process of socialization are discussed. The relation between language, thought and culture is studied by means of interdisciplinary perspective with use of philosophical, semiotic, linguistic and especially anthropological texts. Key words: language, thought, culture, sign, symbol, principal of linguistic relativity, Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, linguistic anthropology, symbolic anthropology, semiotics
Statistical aspects of nuclear collective dynamics
Macek, Michal ; Cejnar, Pavel (advisor) ; Kvasil, Jan (referee) ; Mareš, Jiří (referee)
The current PhD thesis presents a collection of selected articles related to the theoretical and numerical study of low-energy collective dynamics of atomic nuclei. The articles were published or recently submitted to international physics journals and were authored or co-authored by the author of the thesis. The eects in collective dynamics have been studied within the framework of two common models-the interacting boson model (IBM) and to a lesser extent the geometric collective model (GCM). The "statistical aspects" in the title relate predominantly to the interplay of ordered and chaotic behavior observed in properties of quantum eigenstates as well as in the classical limits of the models. The main attention was devoted to correlations between the measures of regularity/chaos and the presence of exact and approximate dynamical symmetries. An important subject of the studies were also the relationships between the properties of the classical and quantum solutions of the models both in the integrable regime as well as in the mixed regime containing elements of regularity and chaos simultaneously.
Mobile applications development for remote control of instrumentation
Macek, Michal ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
The presented work describes the growing trend of using mobile devices to control laboratory instruments and displaying of measured data. The main objective is the application development for mobile devices, which will allow to remotely control and measure with laboratory instruments. The practical part is focused to programming mobile application which will be able by using the local network to connect multiple laboratory instruments, setting them for different types of measurements and then display measured data.
Use of mobile platforms Android for instruments control
Macek, Michal ; Šteffan, Pavel (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
The present work describes current trends and modern methods using mobile devices to operate laboratory equipment and subsequent measurements. The main objective is create application for mobile devices running on Android system, which will be remotely controlled and measured with instruments in the laboratory. Practical activities are focused on programming mobile application that can remotely laboratory device contact, set for different types of measurements supported device and then read the measurement data from the device to a mobile device.

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