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Boarding of second grade elementary schools in Pilsen region
Mašková, Šárka ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with eating habits of pupils of the 2nd grade of elementary school located in the Pilsen region. The results of the research are evaluated in terms of healthy diet of pupils. The eating habits of children in the school environment are strongly influenced by several determinantsthat are discussed in the work. The aim of the thesis was to map the eating habits of children at the second grade of elementary school and to suggest possibilities that the school could use to support healthy school meals for its pupils and thus to influence the healthy lifestyle. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the state's attitude to the protection and promotion of health and disease prevention through the basic document Národní strategie ochrany a podpory zdraví a prevenci nemocí Zdraví 2020. Emphasis is placed on the state's attitude to healthy school meals through laws, decrees, standards and elaborated the national strategy. The vision and strategic objectives of the above pass into the school environment through the support of programs and projects and through the education of pupils to health and healthy eating. In the practical part of the thesis, the questionnaire survey investigates school meals for pupils of the second grade of elementary school. If we want to improve the...
Proposal recovery tools ECCAIRS 5 Taxonomy Design Tools
Mašková, Šárka ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Chlebek, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on describing the potential modifications of the ECCAIRS system, using the Taxonomy Design Tools toolkit, and creating a proposal to use the toolkit to simplify the user experience of the ECCAIRS system on a national level. The theoretical part includes a description of the legislation related to the aviation accidents and incidents reporting, covered by the Regulation (EU) No 376/2014, followed by the procedure of aviation occurrence reporting in the Czech Republic and the description of the ECCAIRS system, its tools, features and modification options. The practical part of the thesis contains the proposal of using the specified toolkit to optimize the ECCAIRS system usage efficiency, including a detailed description of the steps taken to achieve that goal.
Mills and millers: displaced Neveklov's and Sedlčany's territory on the first half of the 20th century
Kletečková, Lenka ; Šouša, Jiří (advisor) ; Mašková Janotová, Šárka (referee)
(in English): I would like to map out a network of mills and their owners in the Neveklovs and Sedlčany's area, which was at the time of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia called displaced territory. First part is about mill trade progress followed mills and millers stories (focused on the first half of the 20th century). Mill trade belongs among important and remarkable part of Czech national history. Totally different mills were produced in Benešov and Neveklov and Sedlčany area which were an inportant part of agro culture and interesting part of landscape. Establishment of the SS military training area meaned tragic time for mills progress. Farmers and millers had a short time to leave their farms and mills. They tried to survive in the very hard time of Germany occupation. All of this will be included in the context of the time and characters.
The Changes of agricultural Landscape of Microregion Sedlčany in the years 1850-1943
Mašková Janotová, Šárka ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Štemberk, Jan (referee)
The thesis is focused on the economic situation development in the Sedlčany region from the first half of the 19th century till second half of the 20th century. The period observes changes from the agrarian landscape. At the end of period of the Second Czechoslovak Republic the landscape could be described as agrarian-industrial landscape. Traditionally, the Sedlčany region is considered industrially influenced. The presented thesis deals with confirmation or disproof of this idea. The research tries to find the potential focuses of dynamic economic development. If the focuses existed in the past, the research deals with comparison economic development of the Sedlčany region with other parts of Bohemia and finds the circumstances of the development. The economic situation of this area is located into wider context of the industrialization in the Czech countries during given period. Of course, the phenomenon of industrialization process relates to many factors, such as demographic development, transportation, trade, banking, agriculture and administrative activities. The federation actions are followed up in the region. The main aim of the associations is economic development of this region. They emphasize mainly upward movement of the peasant status. Keywords Sedlčany, economic history,...
Fuel control unit system of jet turbine engines
Mašková, Šárka ; Bencalík, Karol (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes fuel control unit systems of jet turbine engines, specifically historical development of these systems including current research, operating processes of different types of fuel control unit systems and important controling quantities. The last part of the thesis describes fuel control unit system produced by Jihostroj a.s. company for M601 engine.
Caesarea section- perioperative nursing care during regional and total anesthesia
In my thesis I focused on perioperative nursing care for women with a caesarean section in regional and general anesthesia. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and research part. In the theoretical part of my thesis history, conditions, indications and contraindications, and also complications during a caesarean section performance are described. Information about anesthesia which is used for a caesarean section is also given. Conditions for general, epidural and spinal anesthesia administration are described. Advantages, disadvantages, indications, contraindications and complications of different types of anesthesia are also mentioned. A substantial part of the theoretical part is devoted to perioperative nursing care. The preoperative nursing care is described, the preparation for it is divided according to the type of anesthesia. Nursing care during the intraoperative and mainly postoperative phases is mentioned in detail. The aim of my thesis was to identify differences in perioperative nursing care for women with a cesarean section in regional and general anesthesia. My work was also focused on women's level of awareness about possibilities of anesthesia for caesarean section. Another goal of my work was to make up standards of perioperative nursing care for women during a caesarean section delivery in regional and general anesthesia, which is administered in the delivery room. Two hypotheses were stated. The first hypothesis is the supposition that women after a caesarean section need a different nursing care, which depends on the type of anesthesia administered. The second hypothesis is the supposition that women are adequately informed about the possibilities of anesthesia for a caesarean section. Quantitative research conducted through questionnaires was chosen to conduct the survey. Questionnaires were distributed to women after a caesarean section at the confinement department. Research results are shown in graphs .The both hypotheses were confirmed by the research investigation. The research has revealed a new finding that women need different nursing care not only after a caesarean section, but also during the intraoperative phase. I used this finding to develop a standard of perioperative nursing care for women during a caesarean section delivery in regional and general anesthesia. The standard is designed for midwives and is intended to improve nursing care for women in the course of a caesarean section delivery during the intraoperative phase. The research has proved that women with a cesarean section need a different perioperative nursing care, which depends on the type of anesthesia administered. It is therefore necessary to differentiate between the two groups and provide them with a different nursing care. The research has also shown that women feel sufficiently informed about anesthesia for a caesarean section. Women´s awareness is a prerequisite for a good cooperation with the patient and successful nursing and medical care. The nursing care provision according to the perioperative care standard will ensure a quality professional nursing care for women before, during and after a caesarean section.

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