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Modeling of monocrystalline magnesium microbeam bending
Němeček, J. ; Maňák, Jan ; Němeček, J.
This paper presents a numerical simulation of a micro-scale experiment on a magnesium alloy. Three dimensional numerical FE model with elastoplastic behavior respecting crystal anisotropy was used to fit experimental load displacement curves.
Use of Time Planning Methods in Construction Project Management
Titzová, Eva ; Maňák, Jan (referee) ; Nováková, Jana (advisor)
The thesis is devoted to the of use of time planning methods in construction project mangement and explains the basic concepts which in this area concern. The goal of bachelor thesis is to get acquiainted with the basic methods of project management. The output is application of individual methods on concrete project management.
The Intensive Care Unit-Acquired Weakness: the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in its pathogenesis
Jiroutková, Kateřina ; Duška, František (advisor) ; Houštěk, Josef (referee) ; Maňák, Jan (referee)
BACKGROUND: ICU-acquired weakness impairs functional outcome in survivors of critical illness. Therefore, deepening our understanding of its pathogenesis is an important goal as muscle-specific therapeutic targets are urgently needed. Systemic inflammation and sepsis are the main risk factors of ICUAW, and these syndromes are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. The aim of our study was to collect reliable information on the mitochondrial function of human skeletal muscle in the protracted phase of critical illness. Additionally, we explored mitochondrial respiratory parameters following experimentally induced changes in the availability or composition of selected nutrients (fatty acids and glutamine). MATERIALS and METHODS: Vastus lateralis muscle biopsy samples from patients with ICU- acquired weakness and age-matched healthy controls were obtained. In human skeletal muscle tissue homogenates mitochondrial functional indices were assessed by high- resolution respirometry, individual functional capacities of respiratory complexes were measured by spectrophotometry and correlated with concentrations of electron transport chain key subunits measured by western blot. Additionally, using human myoblasts and myotubes we studied the influence of extracellular environment manipulations by...
Acute kidney injury in sepsis: phatophysiological and therapeutical aspects
Chvojka, Jiří ; Matějovič, Martin (advisor) ; Kasal, Eduard (referee) ; Maňák, Jan (referee) ; Balík, Martin (referee)
Sepsis and septic shock remain major cause of mortality in non-coronary intenisve care units. Prognosis of septic patiens worsens further in case of concomitant acute kidney injury. Pathophysiological pathways leading to renal dysfunction in sepsis remain unclear despite of enormous experimental and clinical research. Similarly, the role of extracorporeal blood purification techniques as an adjunctive treatment in sepsis is highly controversial. The aim of our study was to dynamically assess renal haemodynamic, microvascular and metabolic responses in a porcine clinically relevant model of septic shock. The same experimental model was used in experiments elucidating potential benefit effects of two distinct haemopurification methods on different biological responses to infectious insult.
Disturbances of effective osmolality in acute brain diseases
Špatenková, Věra ; Kazda, Antonín (advisor) ; Maňák, Jan (referee) ; Jabor, Antonín (referee)
Dysbalances of effective osmolality arc some of the most frequent and serious complications in neurointensive care. Their severity lies in brain oedema in hyponatraemia and dehydration of the brain in hypernatraemia. Due to the seriousness of dysnatraemia in acute brain diseases, timely and accurate diagnosis is necessary. Nowadays this is easily achieved through measuring and calculating renal function parameters. The aims of this study were 1) evaluation of hyponatraemia and hypernatraemia in acute brain diseases after establishing these renal parameters into clinical practice in our NNICU and 2) determining the significance ofNT-proBNP in differential diagnostics of hyponatraemia. Over a ten-year period, in a retrospective (1.1.1996 - 31.12.2000) and a prospective study (1.1.2001 - 31.12.2005) we evaluated all patients hospitalised in our NNICU with acute brain diseases, who had scrum sodium below 135 mmol/1 (collection hyponatraemia) or above 150 mmol/1 (collection hypernatraemia). The prospective part took place according to standard protocol for diagnosing hyponatraemia and hypernatraemia in the NNICU, which includes the measuring and calculating of renal function parameters. In the prospective study, assesment of NT-proBNP was carricd out on 40 patients with hyponatraemia. The control group consisted...
Hemo elimination method in the treatment of sepsis and early multi-organ dysfunction
Sýkora, Roman ; Matějovič, Martin (advisor) ; Chytra, Ivan (referee) ; Maňák, Jan (referee) ; Šrámek, Vladimír (referee)
The most common cause of death in patients with sepsis/septic shock is deterioration of the function of multiple organs, termed multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Although our understanding of mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of sepsis-induced tissue damage has improved substantially, therapy of these syndromes still remains largely supportive. The hallmark of sepsis is an overwhelming systemic production of both pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators leading to generalized endothelial and epithelial damage, microcirculatory-mitochondrial distress, altered endocrine and coagulation homeostasis and cellular immune hyporesponsiveness. Therefore, the hypothesis that modulation of this excessive immunological and biological response to infection might improve patient outcome appears reasonable. Hemoelimination techniques represent biologically plausible way to provide non-specific removal of soluble pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators, although the concept of blood purification in sepsis remains a matter of considerable debate. The aim of this thesis was to elucidate effects of 1) high volume hemofiltration (HVHF) and 2) coupled plasma filtration adsorption (CPFA) in a long-term, hyperdynamic porcine septic shock model, which fulfils the criteria for human sepsis. We hypothesized that both HVHF and...
The uncertainty of the coefficient of multiport averaging probe
Maňák, Jan ; Havlíková, Marie (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
The bachelors thesis is engaged with problem of measurement uncertainty especially for indirect measurement. This issue is shown here on determination uncertainties measurement of coefficient multiport averaging probe Annubar 485 and modified MQS probe.
Optimization of Working Mass Composition for Dense Silica Bricks Production.
Maňák, Jan ; Lang,, Karel (referee) ; Nevřivová, Lenka (advisor)
A silica bricks is a refractory material which is used mainly in coke industry, glass industry and metallurgy. This material constitute of the quartz modifications. Compact silica is an irreplaceable part of the coke battery and its compactness and robustness is important for quality and long endurance. Very important for large compactness is a grain curve of work matter. This thesis deals with influence of different grain of work matter.
Assessment of existing test procedures used in the production of goods vibropressed linked to the real properties of products
Maňák, Jan ; Eger, Lukáš (referee) ; Hubáček, Adam (advisor)
This master´s thesis is focused on assessment of properties of vibropressed concrete products. The important point of the thesis is measuring fresh concrete air permeability by Qaver control tool and confrontation this results with results of hardened concrete. The relationship between results obtained is examined.
Testing of binders of thermal insulations for specific applications on technical appliances
Maňák, Jan ; Kulísek, Karel (referee) ; Petránek, Vít (advisor)
This work focus on testing alcali-activated binders for thermal insulation which could be used for special industry devices. In the beginning of this work is presented example of thermal energy storage where these specific alcali-activated materials can be used. Ensuingly two construction with thermal energy storage tanks are mentioned. Most of the interest aims on ageing and rheological properties of alcali-activated binder. Some rheological methods are also discussed. In the end of this work is added practical experience.

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