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The Personality Of Miloslav Kabelac And His Sonatina For Oboe And Piano
Trnčíková, Barbora ; SEQUARDTOVÁ, Liběna (advisor) ; MIHULE, Jiří (referee)
This thesis follows the life of the Czech composer of the twentieth century, Miloslav Kabeláč, with special focus on his Sonatina for Oboe and Piano op. 24. The aim is to shed light on the grim fate of a signifiant Czech symphonist, whose music was silenced during both the World War II and the communist era in Czechoslovakia. An analysis of Sonatina for Oboe and Piano has been performed and included in order to increase the general awareness of this piece and to help other interprets better understand it and study it more thoroughly.
French oboe school and its influence between bohemian oboe school
Škreptáčová, Anna ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
The topic of this Master’s thesis is term of the French oboe school and then the influence of this specific school on the oboe school in Bohemia. The aim of the thesis is to find validity of this term at present, provide factual informations about French oboe school and write down the own experiences of the author. In the introduction the author explains the meaning of the term French oboe school in this thesis, author represents the aims of the thesis and the reasons for choosing a topic. The first chapter focuses on the term of the French oboe school and its meaning in the context of time. Second chapter describes the historical development of the French oboe school, the French oboe producers and the current system of musical education in France. The third chapter, based on the author's experience, is focused on the French oboists who worked in Bohemia. Czech interpreters who are connected with the French oboe school are mentioned in the fourth chapter. The last chapter describes the author's experience with studying at the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance. Gained knowledges are summarized in the end of the thesis.
Jan Dismas Zelenka and his Six trio sonatas
Hucek, Jakub ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; MIHULE, Jiří (referee)
This work focuses on the biography and magnificent chamber composition of the Czech composing master of the 1st half of the 18th century. Briefly describes the milestones in his life, successes, and disappointments. It draws on previously mentioned unclear facts in the environment which he was moving. It also discusses about the circumstances of some other impressive works.
Breathing while playing wind instruments focusin on the oboe
Trojanová, Iveta ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
Master thesis "breathing while playing wind instruments focusing on oboe" acquaints us with the correct breathing and its importance when playing wind instruments. Analyzes in detail all aspects of breath, refers to any disease associated with breathing device. It deals with the deployment, creating tones and the proof. To release the hold tools, attitudes and release breathlessly offers yoga and breathing exercises. This work could be a suitable tool for teachers and students woodwind instruments at elementary art schools and conservatories.
Oboe section of Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Pavlíček, Lukáš ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
Thesis about oboe section of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra introducing first prosopographical summary of oboists from 1926 to 2014, who were employed in the orchestra or were in long term assistance. A biographical inventory of oboists and their solo recording catalogues are fundamental prerequisites for deeper reasearch for developement of interpretative forms. The first three chapters describe resources, sources and historical and contemporary forms of radio orchestra. Chapter four illustrates circumstances of the formation of Prague Chamber Orchestra. The last chapter consists of resumes of individual oboists, including their detailed education and artistic career. Indispensable components of this thesis are charts of recordings for Czech Radio. The author analyzes the biographical inventory of oboists in radio orchestra and considers the role of the oboe section and it's position in interpretation of solo compositions. The apendix includes sources and other materials, photos and documents from the radio archives.
Problematic of oboe teaching to beginners at an Art School
Reiserová, Štěpánka ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; VÁLEK, Jiří (referee)
Following Diploma Thesis is focused on problematic of oboe teaching to beginners at an Art School. My objective was to summarize the issues as well as a help when solving out the problems whilst teaching. This Thesis might as well be used as a teaching methodology for an incipient teacher. The main source of information was my own experience as well as the experience of other pedagogues from the educational practice. In the individual chapters there I concentrated on selection of a pupil, suitable age for playing, prerequisites, a correct breathing technique and breathing exercises, the embouchure, a reed for the beginners, an issues of the instruments and their rent or purchase all of which is followed by difficulties occurring with gradual technique of advanced level and a switchover from an automatic system of the instrument to a semi-automatic one. I also mention here instrumental schools, etudes or performances which are available in our country and are also suitable for education. I have also included a chapter about home practicing, means of expression, stage fright, motivation, playing by heart and playing in an orchestra or in a chamber ensemble, or even about competitions. Part of my Thesis is also a questionnaire, which had been answered by teachers of an Art School, and which I made conclusions of.
English horn - History and literature of the instrument
Kopicová, Jana ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; MIHULE, Jiří (referee)
The name of my bachelor thesis is English horn: History and literature of the instrument. I have divided it to six chapters. First chapter contains information about ancestors of reed instruments. In second chapter I present the history of english horn. Third chapter is dedicated to oboe da caccia - baroque type of english horn. Fourth chapter is about solo and chamber repertoire. In the next chapter I have written about usage of english horn in orchestra and opera, music examples included. The last chapter focuses on the most famous english horn makers. My thesis should bring a lot of useful information to all wind players.
Benjamin Britten - Temporal Variations (interpreter's musical analysis)
Škreptáčová, Anna ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
The topic of this Bachelor's thesis is musical analysis of piece of Benjamin Britten - Temporal Variations for oboe and piano, interpreter's view. Main task of thesis is gain informations about this piece or gather informations connected with its inception and work out musical analysis of this piece. For introduction, author speaks about reason of choosing this theme of thesis and speaks about how did she worked out thesis. The first chapter presents author of Variations and his musical works. The second charter is focused on composer's life during time of this piece's inception, after 1930. Following chapter contains list of Britten's pieces for oboe. Thirth chapter is focused on Temporal Variations, circumstances of its inception and sources of inspiration. It is followed by analysis of Temporal Variations, which contains analysis of whole piece and analysis of each part of this piece. Gained knowledges are summarized in the end of thesis.
Antal Doráti and his Composittion for Oboe
Trojanová, Iveta ; MIHULE, Jiří (advisor) ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (referee)
The thesis "Antal Doráti and his compositions for oboe" is about personality Doráti Antal, who was a great conductor, composer, theoretician. Contains closer acquaintance with his compositons with his conducting career, inspirations and analysis Duo concertante. It could become a practical guide for all who are interested in Hungarian music, hear a compositions from the composer or just want to expand their knowledge of composers. I think this may work for some choice of repertoire from Antal Doráti.
Isang Yun and his Works for Oboe
Kozáková, Kamila ; BROŽKOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; MIHULE, Jiří (referee)
Isang Yun and his works for oboe is a title of this master thesis. It introduces a personality of a Korean composer Isang Yun and it focuses on his works for oboe. The first chapter contains resumé of principal moments of the composer´s life. The next chapter briefly touches characteristics of a traditional Korean music, how the western culture is displayed in the Korean music, what is her influence on the Korean music and their inosculation into each other. The following chapter describes a compositional style of Isang Yun in which elements of both different cultures combine in a unique way. Yun´s work is devided here into five stylistic periods and in this chapter one fractional subchapter is also introduced where an insight into a few compositional techniques of the composer, can be found. Final chapter contains analysis of five compositions, which Isang Yun wrote for oboe "Piri, Doppelkonzert for oboe and harp, Rondell, Quartett for oboe and strings and Bläserquintett.

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