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Spalovač mrtvol in Book and Film Form
The bachelor thesis deals with the interpretation of Ladislav Fuks´s work The Cremator and a comparison of a film with the same title, which has been directed by Juraj Herz. The first part of the thesis offers a brief view into the private and artistic life of the author. The aim of the second part is the novel analysis, which is focused on primary as well as secondary characters and motives. The third part presents a film version of the novel. The analysis is focused on motives, technical part such as camera, edit and sound. The last part deals with a comparison of both versions, especially film and novel characters and each scenes.
Benefits of Preventive Programs of Malignant Cancer in the Czech Republic
Matějková, Karolína ; Pechholdová, Markéta (advisor) ; Cséfalvaiová, Kornélia (referee)
Due to the constantly increasing epidemiological burden of our population on oncological diseases, nationwide preventive programs for selected types of malignant tumors have been introduced within the Czech health system. The aim of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate these screenings, such as mammographic screening, cervical screening and screening of the colon and rectum. The subject of the analysis is the mortality rates for breast cancer (C50), cervix (C53) and colon and rectum cancer (C18-21) between 1994 and 2015. The main focus is on question of whether the development of the mortality rate for selected neoplasms depends on the degree of coverage rate by a preventive program.
The Development of Mortality in the Czech Republic and Neighboring European Countries
Matějková, Karolína ; Dotlačilová, Petra (advisor) ; Fučíková, Simona (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the development of mortality in the Czech Republic and to compare it with development in neighboring countries during period 1960-2012. The first part characterizes basic mortality indicators and describes an algorithm for calculating life tables. The life tables is calculated in the second part based on data from EUROSTAT and the Human Mortality Database. The thesis is devoted to a detailed analysis of infant mortality and its effect on life expectancy. This thesis is also focused on the life expectancy paradox. In the final part of the thesis life expactancy, median length of life and normal age of death are compared.

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5 Matějková, Kamila
3 Matějková, Karolína
12 Matějková, Kateřina
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