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Methodology of Identification of Original Owners of Movable Cultural Property Expropriated according to Decrees of the President of the Republic to Citizens of German Nationality in Czechoslovakia After World War II
Uhlíková, Kristina ; Uhlík, Jan ; Císařová, Jitka ; Homolová, Dita ; Bakeš, Martin ; Marešová, Jana ; Radostová, Šárka
The methodology deals with the issue of culturally valuable furniture expropriated on the basis of decrees of the President of the Republic in 1945 to citizens of German nationality in Czechoslovakia. Its aim is to describe the most effective procedures and practices for identifying provenance of this property with a focus on the last owner before confiscation.
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It by Stephen King and its film adaptations
The bachelor thesis deals with the horror genre in literature and film, specifically with Stephen King´s book It and its film adaptations. These works are analyzed by way of narratological categories such as story, narrator, characters, time, and space. It focuses on differences between literary and film representation, as well as what literary and film means are used by Stephen King or film creators to produce emotions distinctive to horror stories.
Sepulchral monuments in the Inventories of the Historical and Artistic Monuments of the Archaeological Commission of the CASA and in the current inventory projects of the IAH of the CAS
Marešová, Jana ; Mezihoráková, Klára
The first part of the article (Jana Marešová) is dedicated to the sepulchral monuments in the Inventories of the Historical and Artistic Monuments published by Archaelogical Commission of the CASA. Specifically, it is focused on two transcription instructins and the difference between theory and reality. The second part (Klára Mezihoráková) is focused on the actual art-historical inventories prepared by the Institute of Art History of the CAS: Umělecké památky Moravy a Slezska [Artistic Monuments of Moravia and Silesia] and Umělecké památky Prahy [Artistic Monuments of Prague]. A systematic attention is devoted to the sepulcral monuments in these topographic series.
Jan Quirin Jahn and the dictionary of the history of art? (Beginning of the history of the art in Bohemia)
Marešová, Jana ; Prahl, Roman (advisor) ; Machalíková, Pavla (referee) ; Mádl, Martin (referee)
Práce je věnována osobnosti malíře a osvícenského erudity v jedné osobě, Janu Jakubovi Quirinu Jahnovi (1739-1802) a jeho nedokončenému projektu dějin umění založeném na životopisech umělců. Protože součástí práce je také komentovaná edice, je rozdělena na dvě části - teoretickou studii a komentovanou edici. Teoretická část sumarizuje vývoj biografií umělců od antiky až do konce 18. století v Evropě. Další kapitoly jsou pak zaměřeny na osobnost Jana Jakuba Quirina Jahna a jeho rukopis o dějinách umění. Tento rukopis se skládá ze tří částí - úvodní historické studie, výběru životopisů umělců, kteří do Jahnovy současnosti působili v Čechách a z ukázky medailonů, které Jahn shromažďoval excerpcí ze zahraniční literatury, doplňoval archivním výzkumem a nakonec je řadil do složek podle panování.
Culture and Identity in Anthropology: The Highland Games
Marešová, Jana ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to describe the origin, development and current state of the highland games in Scotland, the Czech Republic and around the world. The emphasis is put on the description of the origin of the highland games within the clan society, subsequent marginalisation of the highland traditions and its "rebirth". The work also deals with the development of the modern highland games from the end of the 18th century to the present. The description of the current highland games' disciplines is also included. At the end of the thesis the culture identity is defined and it is applied on the phenomenon of the highland games. Key words: highland games, clans, the Highlands, disciplines at the highland games, cultural identity, traditions
Human preference to animal species and its impact on species conservation
Marešová, Jana ; Frynta, Daniel (advisor) ; Komárek, Stanislav (referee) ; Sedláček, František (referee)
The dissertation thesis deals with human aesthetic preference to other species and its anthropological and conservation aspect. The aesthetic preference to animal species has rarely been systematically studied before and quantitative analyses, especially on a fine taxonomic scale did not exist. On the other hand, it was known that attractive species often receive more support for their conservation. From these simple facts rose the idea to test human aesthetic preference to snake species (and consequently to species across major vertebrate taxa) and use this quantified preference to explain the conservation effort devoted to captive breeding worldwide (measured as size of zoo populations). We confirmed that the perceived attractiveness (preference and/or species' body size) succesfully predicts the size of zoo populations across mammal, bird and reptile taxa. On contrary, we found no effect of the IUCN listing of the species. To find out whether we work with Czech students' preference only or we may generalize to other populations, we carried out the same experiment to determine human preference to boas and pythons in eight cultures of five continents. Despite profound differences of the studied ethnics, we revealed a considerable agreement. Moreover, we found an agreement between pre-school...
Putting Chopin and the Rez together: multicultural features of Tomson Highway's work
Marešová, Jana ; Kolinská, Klára (advisor) ; Jindra, Miroslav (referee)
The thesis titled Putting Chopin and the Rez Together: Multicultural Features in Tomson Highway's Work focuses on the work of renowned Native Canadian playwright, novelist, and musician Tomson Highway. The paper analyses those features of his writing and music that express the idea of multiculturalism and hybridity. It discusses the nature of the characters in his work and the image of the central character of Native mythology, the trickster. The analysis of dramatic techniques and music shows the way Highway combines his Euro-Canadian education and Native sensibility. Highway supports and promotes the notion of multiculturalism by his work. It has helped him to find personal as well as creative independence.

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