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Toros, Anastázie ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The main aim of my work is to explore Ukrainian dramatic literature written for children, and to find there inspirational topics that will be of benefit to Drama in Education. I want to focus on searching for contemporary literary themes through the fantasy-folkloric motifs that are present in the work of Ukrainian writers. I will also try to outline how the Theatre of Young Audience in Ukraine works.
Quality of Theatre for Children
Urbanová, Kateřina ; RICHTER, Luděk (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
This thesis deals with theatre for children; it is focused on assessment and recognition of quality of theatrical production for preschool children, taking into account meeting their specific needs. The aim of the thesis is to set ranking criteria for evaluation of theatrical production for children and to use these criteria to assess if the selected productions meet them, do not meet them or exceed them; and to use the ranking criteria to specify a quality theatrical production for children; and to assess how the conclusions might be implemented in preschool practice. Theoretical part of the thesis deals with mental needs of children, especially with those that may be fulfilled by theatre. Also specifics of a preschool child as a theatre spectator are described. Moreover the terms concerning the theatre for children, its specifics, functions and assumptions to be fulfilledby the theatre are defined. Composition of theatrical production for children is then analyzed in detail. The practical part of the thesis starts with description of the ranking criteria of a theatrical production for children. Then a case study including observations of children during the theatrical productions is described and reflected and the theatrical productions are evaluated using the ranking criteria In the case study five theatrical productions presented in one preschool were recorded, described and evaluated. Three out of five productions were ranked as appropriate and of a quality matching specific mental needs of preschool children.
Lőffelmann, Vojtěch ; MARUŠÁK, Radek (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to create a functional two-day educational workshop for a specific institution – a museum. The workshop is based upon a local topic – match making in the city of Sušice and a use of the now abandoned industrial complex. The theoretical part focuses on the development process – main goals of the workshop, a brief summarization of historical facts, characterization of the group and chosen form of the workshop (structured drama). The practical part includes created script of the workshop with the description of realisation with two classes from Gymnázium Sušice (grammar school). It also contains the reflection of the workshop from all parties – the class, present teachers and the lecturer. I then recommend some improvements of workshop. Generally speaking, this thesis examines the use of structured drama in educational process at a museum.
Socialization Potential of Drama Education in Working with Roma Minority
Gažáková, Eva ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The doctoral dissertation presents socialization potential of drama education and the possibilities for its use when working with the Roma minority in the Czech republic. First, the theoretical framework is set by defining the terms individual identity, ethnical identity, socialization, paratheatrical systems. After that the discipline drama is presented and an explanation is given as to how socialization potential is anchored in the discipline through its goal, content and methods
Teaching English through drama methods
Šíp, Martin ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with teaching English as a foreign language at primary school. This thesis summarizes methodological approaches to teaching foreign languages, describing and comparing the predominant methods of drama education and teaching English. Furthermore the thesis describes and compares educational and dramatic games. Later, this bachelor´s thesis explores the application of specific methods of drama education (for example role playing game, pantomime and improvisation) in specific English lessons. Thus, this thesis provides examples of using specific drama methods in teaching English.
Social Topics In Teaching Drama In Education For Students Of Social Work
Šeráková, Jana ; PROVAZNÍK, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to create, realise and reflect four lessons of drama in education for the second grade students of Social Work at Teacher Training College in Karlovy Vary. The topics of the lessons are chosen specifically by the needs of the targeted group and their study focus. The theoretical part deals with the Framework and School Educational Programme and its connotations with the drama in education lessons. It also summarizes the preparatory phase of the project – Asperger syndrome, Russian ethnic minority, alternative waste disposal, social networks and of course the characterisation of the targeted group. The practical part includes the scripts of all lessons and the reflection by students and the teacher. Generally speaking, this paper is trying to find new approaches in combining the fields of social work with the methods and techniques of drama in education. It offers to students new insight to the problematic of the chosen social groups and topics, which they can use in their future work.
Body - Physicality - Image between Art Education and Drama Education
Linhartová, Kateřina ; Šamšula, Pavel (advisor) ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Machková, Eva (referee)
Summary: We work on the assumption that art education as well as the whole educational system should deal with the current issue of "the turn towards body and physicality". Human body, unlike the new rapidly developing media, is the oldest medium that our forefathers used as a means of expression. This may be the cause of the erroneous assumption that we can use this tool without actually learning to use it as we do when working with other visual media. We are attempting to refute this common fallacy. On that account we examine the possibilities of inclusion of a joint concept of art and drama education into regular lessons at primary schools as well as other types of schools. Our aim also is to develop the dialogue between art education and drama education. This work seeks to phrase the reasons and search for the ways of development of physical skills and abilities in art education based on the drama education methodology, while searching for a new concept of work with imagery in drama education in order to achieve its objectives. The researched joint art and drama concept relates to the new concept of the subject of Art and Drama Education taught at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. Key words: body, physicality, body scheme, body image, image, semiotic body, body representation,...
Bible as a source of ideas for drama
Sklenáková, Barbora ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; VOSTÁREK, Karel (referee)
This thesis deals with finding topics for dramatical education in biblical stories. First part talks about history of Bible, her division and content. Second part is dedicated to three biblical stories – Ester, David and Goliath, Jonah. In the thesis you can find retelling of these stories from Bible and then possible topics that you can find in these stories. These topics are divided in two categories – for the general public and for theological group. Third part is a description of working on dramatical production of biblical story Jonah. Screenplay of this dramatical play is also a part of this thesis.
Analysis and Comparison of Dramatizations of The Wind in the Willows
Šteidlová, Kateřina ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; SCHWARZOVÁ, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with an analysis and comparison of dramatizations of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, a book which ranks among the British children's classics. The paper examines to what extent the dramatizations correspond to the book, whether and why they deviate from the original text, and what consequences these changes have. The thesis focuses on four dramatizations – a play by Alan Alexander Milne called Toad of Toad Hall, Alfa Theatre production of The Wind in the Willows, a Walt Disney short animated film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and Terry Jones´s adaptation of The Wind in the Willows to a feature film. In the thesis, firstly the book and then the dramatizations are analyzed in terms of the theme and genre, characters, setting, composition and language use. Subsequently, the dramatizations are examined and compared with regards to the transformation processes – selection, condensation, substitution, amplification, and changes in composition and language. In the final chapter, I summarize my findings and draw the conclusion.
Interconnection between Art and Drama
Blažková, Veronika ; MACHKOVÁ, Eva (advisor) ; MARTÍNKOVÁ, Nina (referee)
The thesis is devoted to the topic of linking art and drama. This theme focuses on the practical verification of the functionality of the links in the preparatory year at the fine art school, which was implemented over two years. In the introductory part I am approaching the theoretical field of art education and its principles trying to find out its limits and define the relationship between visual art and the field of drama. The practical part describes the course of art-drama lessons inspired by three literary models. The thesis aims to provide a sample path that can help solve with support of dramatic education the weaknesses of fine arts.

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