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Helthy lifestyle of General Nurses
Müllerová, Veronika ; Hodačová, Lenka (advisor) ; Vachková, Eva (referee)
Bachelor Thesis Abstrakt Author: Veronika Müllerová Name of Institution: Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Department of Social Medicine Division of Nursing Thesis Title: Healthy Life Style of General Nurses Thesis Supervisor: doc. MUDr. Lenka Hodačová, Ph.D. Number of Pages: 95 Number of Appendixes: 3 Year of Thesis Defence: 2017 Key words: health, life style, nurse, stress, physical activity, regeneration, rest This Bachelor Thesis deals with a life style of medical nurses. It discusses the principles of a healthy life style, an influence of stress on our organism, advantages of a regular physical activity, various ways of a healthy diet and it also describes individual components of a diet. A subject of the thesis is the influence of our profession on following the rules of a healthy life style with the emphasis on work shifts, on a way of eating, physical activity and dealing with stress. The thesis also focuses on the attitude of medical staff members to this topic and it inspects their opinion whether a member of medical staff should give a leading example in following the rules of a healthy life style. The practical part of the thesis presents the results of the questionnaire survey and it compares various types of work environments
Marketing Communication of Technological Conferences
Venglár, Stanislav ; Černá, Jitka (advisor) ; Müllerová, Veronika (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on marketing communication of technological conferences. The goal is to choose and evaluate the suitability of the tools for communication mix used by propagation of a technological conference. In the theoretical part the terms like event marketing and event, marketing communication and communication mix specifically applied on the events are defined. Practical part is focused on a specific technological conference and also on the analysis of the marketing communication tools used in this conference. The outcome is the recommendation for the specific tools of the communication mix useable in the next years for the organizers of the conference.
The effect of N fertilization on plant growth during primary succession
Müllerová, Věra ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Mudrák, Ondřej (referee)
Nitrogen as the fourth most educated element of living organisms and the limiting factor of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem is still a major problem for scientists around the world. Today, developed countries are able to store their inputs in the form of depositions in the same values, but there is a question of long-term effects of chronic nitrogen add-ons. The aim of the thesis is to compare the effect of long-term and one-time fertilization on various plant species, especially on grass and nitrogen fixation plants in relation to the age of the soil on which they grow. This connection will be investigated by the ANOVA method in a practical experiment on selected plants growing on different old soils that have been or have not been fertilized for long periods with nitrogen. As model organisms, I chose a nitrogen fixing device, Lotus corniculatus, and Festuca rubra an unstable plant, which is also a representative of the grass. One-off fertilization had a positive effect on the growth of above-ground biomass on all plants. We have a different impact according a type of plant on long-term fertilization. In this case, I recommend more detailed testing of a wider sample of plants.
Change-of-shift report
Müllerová, Vendula ; Prošková, Eva (advisor) ; Strnadová, Alice (referee)
MÜLLEROVÁ, Vendula. Change-of-shift report. First Faculty of Medicine UK. Academic degree: Bachelor (Bc.). Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. Eva Prošková. Advisor: Mgr. Jan Běhounek. Praha, 2014. 60 s. The BA thesis focuses on a change-of-shift report in nursing. In its theoretical part, the author describes the concept of change-of-shift report, its purpose, contents, factors influencing information exchange, the context of a shift change and its relation to the care- giving process. Legal context of the report in terms of medical documentation and personal information confidential files is also Explorer. The thesis also concerns different ways of reporting. In the practical part, the attitude of professionals towards a change-of-shift report is mapped out. It discusses the use of information obtained from the report for realization of the care-giving process; benefits and obstacles in change-of-shift reporting at the bedside and overall satisfaction of nurses with the currently used way of change-of-shift reporting at their respective wards. Finally, the thesis attempts to propose an optimum solution for high quality change-of-shift reports. Keywords Change-of-shift report, documentation, legislation, care-giving process, observation, shift change, nurse, patient, silence
Three-Part Songs for the Advent and the Christmas Time included in the Hymnbook by V. K. Holan Rovenský - the practical edition
Müllerová, Věra ; Slavický, Tomáš (advisor) ; Maňas, Vladimír (referee)
43 RESUMÉ IN ENGLISH This bachelor thesis focuses on the three-part songs for the Advent and the Christ- mas time included in the hymnbook entitled Capella Regia Musicalis (Prague 1693) by Václav Karel Holan Rovenský (1644 - 1718). The goal is to identify the three-part songs (i.e. two voices and basso continuo) and provide their practical edition (i.e. render them in the present-day form). The thesis opens with an excursion into the history of the Czech hymnbook from the 15th to the beginning of the 18th century. During this period, the Catholic Church was inspired by the repertoire of the protestant songs; we can observe that the reper- toire of all denominations was almost identical. This part is followed by an overview of the most important hymnbook of the 17th century which became Holan's source of inspiration. A separate chapter is dedi- cated to Holan's work and personal life which in itself is of great interest. The following part proceeds to the general description of Holan's hymnbook, Capella regia musicalis, and of the problems that accompanied its creation. The the- sis provides a description of the structure of the hymnbook and its formal organiza- tion. The analysis of selected details has confirmed A. Škarda's judgment that the hymnbook is ill-arranged and chaotic. The historic exposition is...
Physikal Therapy for Vertebrogenic Pain Syndrome
Müllerová, Vladimíra ; Šlapáková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Tesařová, Martina (referee)
This thesis is focused on problems connected with vertebrogenic syndromes. General part consists of these subparts: diagnosis, occurrence, etiology, anatomy, pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of the disease, processes of diagnostic and therapy. Special part comprises these subparts: comprehensive medical rehabilitation, kinesiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological and social aspects of disease. Final part of the thesis deals with case study
Changes of the town of Ceska Kamenice beetwen the years 1945-1951
Müllerová, Vanda ; Václavů, Lubor (advisor) ; Zilynskyj, Bohdan (referee)
As it results from the title, the work is focused on the historical evolution of Ceska Kamenice in the period of years from 1945 to 1951. May 1945 seems to be the turning point of the further development of Ceska Kamenice. The German inhabitants, who had represented the majority population so far, were at once qualified as political unreliable and in light of important changes that were expected, discriminating regulations started to be carried out against them. In the meantime the Czech from various parts of the Republic began to come there. Some of them beholded their arrival just as an oportunity to feather their nests, but of course there were those too, who decided to stay and settle down in the town. They gained the national stewardship and started their new lives. However, some of the new settlers had to leave the town again because the stewardship was not always taken over by people who were the most competent and qualified. Assigning to this office as well as being resigned from, often became the demonstration of potencial power. The first months in Ceska Kamenice were accompanied by injustice and tyrany. Units of troops and guerrilla forces that settled in the town tyrannized both, Czech and German inhabitants and the endeavour to stop it was suppressed. These events were only revealed in 1947...

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