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Carpooling in the light of private and public law
Müller, Tomáš ; Frinta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Carpooling in the light of private and public law Abstract The thesis deals with legal aspects of carpooling across the spectrum of the law of the Czech Republic. Due to carpooling not being a legal term, the thesis itself defines it as a phenomenon when multiple people are traveling simultaneously by one road transport vehicle, under the assumption that the transport is not being provided on a commercial basis. The thesis also describes the differences between carpooling and commercial transport of persons. As far as public law is concerned, the thesis discovers which areas of administrative law apply to carpooling and what consequences arise for the subjects concerned. This involves the regulation of road transport and road traffic in particular. The description of tax implications is also included. Furthermore, the thesis deals with criminal and administrative liability. The focus, however, is on private law. After an exploration of the legal history of transport of persons, the thesis answers the question whether or not contractual obligations arise from carpooling and inspects the elements of the contract along with the rights and duties of the parties. International aspects are taken into account - the thesis studies direct legal norms as well as rules governing conflicting laws. The centrepiece of...
Approaches to abandoned quarry reclamation
Müller, Tomáš ; Kuťáková, Eliška (advisor) ; Veselý, Adam (referee)
The disruption of open landscape goes in hand with mining operations. Continuous growth of such disturbed areas, both in numbers and coverage, puts ever increasing pressure on attempts of their reintegration back to the landscape. Different methods and approaches that allow this exist, commonly related to as reclamation. The two main ones are technical reclamation and ecological restoration. This thesis will: 1) introduce individual steps required to be taken in an abandoned quarry in order, to achieve previously defined goals, 2) compare individual methods that are in use today, and 3) explore the potential of abandoned quarries in the context of open landscape. Keywords: reclamation, abandoned quarries, limestone, restoration ecology, succession
School Timetabling
Všetička, Martin ; Barták, Roman (advisor) ; Müller, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis deals with a hard real-life school timetabling problem of a Czech secondary school. In this problem, lessons are to be allocated to classrooms while respecting various constraints such as curricula and teacher availability. We study existing approaches used for school timetabling problems and we show how to represent introduced problem in existing school timetabling software. We then present a software prototype that solves introduced problem using constraint logic programming. Related problems, such as data representation and data conversion, are discussed. Powered by TCPDF (
Capital adequacy of banks
Müller, Tomáš ; Dupáková, Lenka (advisor) ; Hraba, Zdeněk (referee)
This work concentrates on the issue of capital adequacy of banks. Inadequate capital base of the banking sector is often referred to as one of the causes of the latest financial crisis. Such topic is currently very actual. Even banking regulators pay high attention to this topic. In my thesis I focus on legal and economic aspects of this topic. It is typical for the banking sector that banks operate with much more leverage effect than enterprises belonging to other sectors. Therefore, I focus on the root cause of this phenomenon in the third chapter. I assess the bank indebtedness using the theory of optimal capital structure and I also address the relations between economic and regulatory capital. In the fourth chapter I focus on the concept of capital adequacy and its comparison with leverage indicator. The next chapter concentrates on the development of regulatory minimum capital adequacy standards developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, known as Basel I and Basel II. The last but one chapter focuses on the latest regulatory rules Basel III governing the capital adequacy of banks and their legal implementation. Final chapter analyzes the impact of Basel III rules on the capital structure of banks in the European Union and the Czech Republic. A separate part of the chapter is...
The Study of Calculation System in Engineering Organization
Műller, Tomáš ; Chroust, Petr (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The goal of the submitted thesis is to analyse and improve current costing methods in a chosen engineering company. The theoretical part is devoted to definition of notions – cost types, segmentation of cost and then contains summary of costing technique and costing method. The theoretical analyse is centered on questions about costing in engineering company. The practical part describes company, his organization structure, processes and his productions. Further in the practical part is created analyse of current way costing of order and innovation suggestion. In the conclusion is cognisance evaluation from analyse of costing method and recommendation for the company.
Digital data recorder
Müller, Tomáš ; Skapa,, Jan (referee) ; Diblík, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with method of measuring optical beam intensity, searching for communication system beam using stepper motor movement of the optical head and processing measured signal for displaying on PC. The basic theory of optoelectronics is shown here concerning the problem. There is elaborated main principles of photodetector and stepper motor mainly, which are main part of device. The second part of work is theoretical design of data recorder. All parts are described individually-their characteristics and conditions for correct usage. In the last part setup of device is explained, with the references to blocks of written programs. In the last part, main funcrions of system, its hardware managing and communication are described. At the very end of thesis, examples of measured data are presented.
Low-level measurement methods
Müller, Tomáš ; Steinbauer, Miloslav (referee) ; Fiala, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis discuss about low-level measurement methods. Also is outline the method, how to proceed in lay-out of measurement system and in selection of measurement device and its accessories. Thereinafter is stated the calculation of mistakes and in recent time also the calculation of often use mazes. Without them would be not the result total. Next part of this bachelor theses pointed to practical measurement in the area of low level current and voltage, where are shown and described wiring types used for these measurements. Next chapters discuss about measurement principles low level electric current and voltage. Than try to point to appearance, which indisposed participace on measurement accuracy and try to introduce with steps, which helps to reduce this effects. These voltages and currenties are in normal measurement insignificant, but in the low-levels influence they the result too much. Thereinafter is described the principle of measuring amplifier and closer mentioned parameters and usage of instrumentation amplifier with ultra low input bias current INA 116. Next to last point of this bachelor thesis is an example of usage this network in measurement with gerdien condenser. Therein is clarify its physical principle and proposal parameters. In the last part is described the air ions concentration measurement with gerdien condenser. Also are described the results of measurement and results of this.
Quantifying the impact of change in state subsidy on number of building society contracts
Müller, Tomáš ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Pichaničová, Ludmila (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the impact of change in state subsidy on number of building society contracts in the Czech Republic. Regression analysis of time lines from the period between the year 2000 and the half of the year 2012 was used for the research. Freely available data and the data from database of the Ministry of Finance were used for the analysis. Based on the analysis, positive impact of change in state subsidy on number of contracts was proved; one-percent rise in state subsidy caused a rise of number of building society contracts by 396,743. GDP and the fourth quarter of calendar year were other factors that have proved positive impact on number of contracts. On the contrary, prolongation of contract minimum duration, growth of guaranteed interest rate, and issuance of government bonds proved to have had negative impact on number of contracts.

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