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Emergence of space geometries from quantum entanglement
Lukeš, Petr ; Scholtz, Martin (advisor) ; Svítek, Otakar (referee) ; Švarc, Robert (referee)
MASTER THESIS Petr Lukeš Emergence of space geometries from quantum entanglement Institute of Theoretical Physics Supervisor of the master thesis: Mgr. Martin Scholtz, Ph.D. Study programme: Physics Study branch: Theoretical physics Prague 2019 Abstract: Connecting the field of Quantum Physics and General Relativity is one of the main interests of contemporary Theoretical Physics. This work attempts to find solution to simplified version of this problem. Firstly entropy is shown to be a good meeting point between the two different theories. Then some of entropy's less intuitive properties are shown, namely its dependence on area, not volume. This relation is studied from both Relativistic and Quantum viewpoint. After- wards there is a short description of a quantum model interpretable as geometry based on the information between its subsystems. Lastly, results of computations within this model are presented.
Forest health assessment in Czech Republic using Sentinel-2 satellite data
Lukeš, Petr ; Strejček, R. ; Křístek, Š. ; Mlčoušek, M.
This methodology aims to design a comprehensive system of nationwide assessment of the state of health of the Czech Republic based on Sentinel-2 satellite data analysis. The methodology addresses the entire process from the pre-processing of source satellite data using a novel approaches based on analysis of all-available satellite observations and their processing in the form of cloud-free mosaics of the Czech Republic using big data approach. In the next step, the products derived from cloud-free mosaics (vegetation indexes and other image analysis) are compared against extensive database of ground survey of forest health status (values of the leaf area index sampled as part of the development of the methodology - further denoted as LAI, database of tree defoliation ICPForests, airborne hyperspectral data acquired for selected study area, global forest losses database). For products with the best relationship to in-situ data, a predictive statistical model to yield LAI from satellite observations is developed. Forest health status is evaluated on the basis of yearly changes of the LAI values for cloud-free mosaics generated in the vegetation maximum. Individual pixels are classified into four health classes according to LAI growth rate or decrease in the observed period. The final assessment of the state of health is applied at the cadastral level, where each cadastral area is classified into four health classes based on the fraction of the lowest health status stands with significant LAI decrease to the total forest cover for stands up to 80 years of age
Quantitative analysis of biophysical parameters of crops using multispectral data Copernicus
Mišurec, J. ; Lukeš, Petr ; Tomíček, J. ; Klem, Karel ; Jakešová, L.
The development of a methodology for retrieval of biophysical parameters using multispectral satellite data Sentinel-2 has been optimized for the most frequently grown crops in the Czech Republic: winter wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape, lucerne, maize and sugar beet. The target crop parameters were chlorophyll and water content in leaves and leaf area index (LAI). The method of calculating biophysical parameters was based on the use of the ProSAIL radiation transfer model, where the model simulates canopy status for various combinations of biophysical parameters in inverse mode. A combination of biophysical parameters, showing the best match for the reflectance values observed by the Sentinel-2 satellite system is searched. Developed products will find use in farms, for example in planning the management of agricultural land.
Investigation of nanosecond pulsed corona-like discharge generated in deionized water.
Pongrác, Branislav ; Šimek, Milan ; Babický, Václav ; Člupek, Martin ; Lukeš, Petr
We employed techniques of time–resolved ICCD microscopy and spectroscopy to register basic morphologic and emission fingerprints of micro-discharges produced in deionized water.
Nanosecond discharge in deionized water: morphology, propagation velocity and optical emission during initial phase.
Šimek, Milan ; Pongrác, Branislav ; Babický, Václav ; Člupek, Martin ; Lukeš, Petr
In this work, we have explored micro-discharges produced in deionized liquid water by applying fast-rising positive HV pulses of nanosecond duration (pulses of ~80 kV in amplitude and of 5 ns in duration, either with the repetition rate of 1 Hz or in a single-shot regime) in a point-to-plane electrode geometry.
Báze vlnových balíků v popisu rezonančního rozptylu
Lukeš, Petr ; Kolorenč, Přemysl (advisor) ; Houfek, Karel (referee)
Title: Wave-packet basis in the description of the resonance scattering Author: Petr Lukeš Institute: Institute of Theoretical physics Supervisor: RNDr. Přemysl Kolorenč, Ph.D., Institute of Theoretical Physics Abstract: A common approach towards the solution of problems of particle scattering problems is the approximation of the wavefunctions with some set of square integrable functions. A new type of such basis is assessed in this work. The vectors of the basis are obtained by integration of eigenvectors of free Hamiltonian over finite intervals of energies. This basis is called the wave- packet basis. This basis is used to compute values of resonance width and resonant energy for two simple cases and the results are compared to benchmark data known from other works. The results serve to evaluate the properties of this basis. Also this work contains a proposal of how could this basis be applied in computations of quantum scattering. Keywords: potential scattering, wave-packet basis, resonance width, resonant energy.
The Thinking of Friedrich Nietzsche
Lukeš, Petr ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
The thesis discusses the ideas of eternal recurrence and will to power, first separately, as the basic motives of Nietzsche's thinking, and subsequently deals with their internal relation to the fundamental concept of "the Overman" (der Übermensch) in which these two ideas culminate. Within the context of this theme, the thesis not only outlines the very essence of Nietzsche's thought process, but also tries to open the theme of a deeper dialogue between contemporary man and his philosophy. Nietzsche's work undoubtedly leads us to the understanding of our own intellectual space in which we move.
Comparison of statistical and physical models for prediction of contents of conifer leaf biochemicals
Mareš, Jan ; Albrechtová, Jana (advisor) ; Lukeš, Petr (referee)
Porovnání statistických a fyzikálních model· pro predikci obsahu bioche- mických látek v listoví jehličnan· Abstrakt: Tato práce se zabývá vztahem mezi obsahy biochemických látek v listoví smrku ztepilého (Picea abies L. Karst.) a jeho odrazivostí ve viditelné a infračervené oblasti elektromagnetického záření (400-2500 nm) s využitím převzatých dat získa- ných ze vzork· listoví z lokalit okolí obcí Přebuz a Kovářská v Krušných horách. Je porovnáno biochemické složení listoví v obou lokalitách a nalezeny statisticky významné rozdíly svědčící o lepším stavu listoví v lokalitě Kovářská. Dále jsou tes- továny vegetační indexy převzaté z literatury a zkoumána korelace odrazivosti a bi- ochemických parametr·. V práci je potvrzen jev, kdy maximální korelace s obsahem chlorofylu dosahuje odrazivost v oblastech nižší absorpce fotosyntetických pigment·. Jsou navrženy nové vegetační indexy optimalizované pro použitá data. Dále je popsán pokus o predikci obsahu ligninu na základě spektroskopických dat, který však byl neúspěšný. (Použitelnost metody přitom byla testována na předpo- vědi obsahu chlorofylu.) D·vodem m·že být komplikovanost vztahu obsahu ligninu k odrazivosti kombinovaná s nedostatečnou kvalitou použitých dat. Poslední částí práce byla inverze modelu optických vlastností listoví LIBERTY. K hledání...
Mini hockey in the 4th grade category and its differences from regular hockey viewpoint of individual play moves.
Lukeš, Petr ; Šťastný, Petr (advisor) ; Arnošt, Pavel (referee)
Thesis title: Mini hockey in the 4th grade category and its differences from regular hockey viewpoint of individual play moves. Thesis objectives: To ascertain and compare the number of individual play moves in mini hockey and modern hockey in the 4th grade by way of indirect observation and audiovisual technology. Method: For data collection we used indirect observation via a videocamera. Data thus collected was processed, filled in to charts and compared. Results: Mini hockey players made 9x more successful shots (7x more on the wicket and 2x more outside of it), the rival team's goal-keeper sent forth 4x more shots and caught 3x more. Mini hockey players handed off accurately 2x more frequently and there were also 2x more inaccurate handoffs. They processed 2x more successful handoffs and further 3x more unsuccessful ones. In personal matches, mini hockey players won 2x more pucks. The players were able to break free by changing direction or speed 2x more often, as well as by doubling. Mini hockey players were 2x more frequently in contact with the puck than modern hockey players. Keywords: Mini hockey, regular hockey, 4th grade, individual play moves

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