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Analysis of the region and its development strategies
Lukeš, Jakub ; Chovancová, Jitka (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
In this diploma thesis is described problematic of regional competitiveness issue. In the theoretical part is defined region as the main actor of regional development and its funding possibilities. In the practical part is described Olomouc region supplemented by SWOT analysis. Competitiveness of the region is achieved by statistical variables from different sectors.
Leadership Approaches to Multicultural Working Groups
Lukeš, Jakub ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
The Master's thesis deals with approaches to leadership and work engagement in multicultural work environment and includes an original research of correlation between the concepts of approaches to leadership and work engagement in multicultural work groups in Prague shared service centers. The aim of this work is to identify the currently used approaches to leadership and their correlation with work engagement of employees within shared service center's multicultural working groups. The current situation of shared service centers in Czech Republic is discussed. Shared service centers represent the largest employers of expatriates living in the Czech Republic. Companies are in need of optimization of approaches to leadership due to the complexity of the multicultural work environment. This thesis focuses on the different approaches to leadership in culturally divergent work environment. The difference between leadership and management, how important it is to choose the optimal leadership style for multicultural environment, or different approaches to leadership development are discussed. Work engagement represents one of the concepts most afflicted by culturally complex work environments. Various approaches and descriptions of engagement are explained along with the possible differences in the...
Socio-economic Consequences of Unemployment in Germany
Lukeš, Jakub ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Kubišová, Zuzana (referee)
Diese Diplomarbeit widmet sich den sozio-ökonomischen Konsequenzen der Arbeitslosigkeit in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Aufgrund der statistischen Daten von den Jahren 2007 bis 2011 wird der Stand des deutschen Arbeitsmarktes und Entwicklung der Arbeitslosigkeit im Laufe der Wirtschaftskrise. Im theoretischen Teil beschäftigt sich die Arbeit mit Definitionen der Begriffe: Arbeitsmarkt, Arbeitslosigkeit, Beschäftigungspolitik und soziale Folgen der Arbeitlosigkeit. Im praktischen teil analysiert siedie Entwicklung der Arbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland in der abgegrenzten Zeit 2007 - 2011. Als besondere Aspekte werden regionale Unterschiede im Rahmen des deutschen Arbeitsmarktes, problematiche Situation von Imigranten und Aplikation der Beschäftigungspolitikmaßnahmen im Kampf gegen Krise (vor allem Kurzarbeit) betrachtet. Die Diplomarbeit legt die Hypothese fest, dass der deutsche Arbeitsmarkt 2007 - 2011 durch verlaufende Wirtschaftskrise stark beeinflusst wurde und infolge dieser Tatsache die Arbeitslosigkeit gestiegen ist. Die soll sich dann negativ durch die Ausbreitung von sozial-pathologischen Merkmalen in der Gesselschaft ausgewirkt haben. Durch Analysierung der statistischen Daten hat sich die Hypothese in keinem von ihren Punkten bestätigt. Der deutsche Arbeitsmarkt hat sich als sehr...
Impacts of the World Economic Crisis on Employment in The Federal Republic of Germany
Lukeš, Jakub ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Havlík, Radomír (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with impact of world economic crisis for employment in Germany. The aim of the work is to analyse the economic development from 2007 to 2009 with help of macro-economic indicators, with a special attention to problems of employment, labour market and anti-crisis measures, with were taken in the field of labour policy.
Global Witness´s influence on forming of conflict mineral legislation
Lukeš, Jakub ; Zemanová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Trávníčková, Zuzana (referee)
The thesis concers the issue of conflict minerals in the Democratic republic of Congo. The situation in the country has been monitored by the NGO Global Witness for decades. Human rights violation, illicit trade followed by exporting of minerals out of the country, have been supervised by militaristic rebel groups. As a result these groups have been indirectly founded by international corporations.The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of Global Witness at the agenda setting of conflict minerals, including a critical assessment of legislative measures.
Financing of development strategies in the municipality
Lukeš, Jakub ; Záhorská, Hana (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis is described funding problematic of public project realized by municipality. In the theoretical part is defined the municipality, like a contracting authority of the tenders. There are characterized particular statements connected with municipal budget. Last but not least are named funding possibilities. In the practical part is described and solved funding of the project Sewerage and wastewater treatment plants in Parsovice. The main attempt of municipality is receiving the grand from the Ministri of Agriculture.
The Munich Agreement and United States of America
Lukeš, Jakub ; Johnson, Zdenka (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
In my diploma thesis, I provide an analysis of the Munich Agreement and the Czechoslovak crisis from the perspective of the United States of America. My aim is to create comprehensive picture of bilateral relations between Czechoslovakia and the United States before and after the signing of the Munich Agreement. Thesis focuses on the diplomatic and economic relations between Czechoslovakia and United States in the period 1936 -- 1938/1939. The introductory part of the thesis is devoted to the phenomenon of isolationism and its influence in shaping the U.S. foreign policy. The main point of the analysis is the attitude of the American public to the Czechoslovak crisis and the Munich Agreement itself. The main hypothesis consists in the assertion that the United States played a major role in the Czechoslovak crisis that preceeded the signing of the Munich Agreement. I am seeking answers to these questions: How did the American public perceived the Czechoslovak crisis? What was the reaction of the U.S. government to the Czechoslovak crisis and the subsequent the Munich Agreement? How did president F. D. Roosevelt perceived the Czechoslovak crisis? In order to find answers to my questions I am using the issued and unissued sources, specialized literature and especially the contemporary press. The thesis has proved that the United States took part in the events that preceded the signing of the Munich Agreement.
The activity of OHCHR in the area of human rights: case study of India
Lukeš, Jakub ; Zemanová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Šklebená, Karolína (referee)
Nowadays, increasing discrimination against woman in India has become more violent then ever before. The international community has several means for prevention of discrimination against woman at its disposal. This bachelor paper examines the role and the influence of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in India. India has ratified a number of conventions related to the elimination of all kind of discrimination against woman. The fundamental goal of this paper is to analyze the contribution of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights to the observance of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. The analyzed reports come from the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Woman. The Committee's cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights is essential to getting the data and bringing about change. The contribution of the High Commissioner to India is tested through a comparison of particular statistical figures. The results are summarized and possible recommendations are being presented.
Least Developed Countries (LDC), the problems of economic development and their solutions.
Lukeš, Jakub ; Ševčíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Kotýnková, Magdalena (referee)
The goal of this paper is to analyze current problems and economic development of the Least Developed Countries in South Asia. As an example I will be using the Federative Democratic Republic of Nepal. As another goal of this work I will specify characteristic problems of Nepal. I will focus on the international help of OSN and strategies of UNCTAD to improve the situation in this region. Next step will be integration of Nepal into international trade. The main goal of this work is to point out why is Nepal one of the poorest countries. Consequently I will try to propose possible alternatives to solve the current situation which will be effective.

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