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Three Essays on Electricity Markets
Luňáčková, Petra ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Tashpulatov, Sherzod (referee) ; Knápek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Möst, Dominik (referee)
DISSERTATION - Abstract in English Three Essays on Electricity Markets Author: PhDr. Petra Luňáčková Academic Year: 2017/2018 This thesis consists of three papers that share the main theme - energy. The articles introduce characteristics and behavior of electricity focusing on its unique properties. The dissertation aims at the Czech electricity market and analyzes also highly discussed solar power plants. The first article studies long term memory properties of electricity spot prices through the detrended fluctuation analysis, as electricity prices are dominated by cycles. We conclude that Czech electricity prices are strongly mean reverting yet non-stationary. The second part of the dissertation investigates possible asymmetry in the gas - oil prices adjustment. Oil prices determine the price of electricity during the times of peak demand, as the reaction of power plants fueled by oil is quick but marginal costs are high. We chose the gasoline - crude oil relationship known as "rockets and feathers" effect and offer two new tests to analyze such type of relationship as we believe that error correction model is not the most suitable tool. Analyzing international dataset we do not find statistically significant asymmetry. The third study assesses the impact of renewable energy sources, solar plants in...
The impact of renewable resources on price volatility in the European power markets
Líšková, Katarína ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
Integration of renewable energy sources impacts electricity spot price and its variation. Remaining open question is, in which direction. Volatility fluctuations threaten secur- ity of electricity supply, influence trading strategies and create uncertainty in optimal installed capacity planning. In this thesis, drivers of price volatility in Czech and Ger- man day-ahead power market are analysed with an emphasis on penetration of renewable energy sources. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study focused on this issue in Czech electricity market. We apply recently developed approach of quadratic variation theory with an adjustment for electricity prices. Realised volatility is divided into its continuous and jump component. The continuous part is modelled by three het- erogeneous autoregressive models, differing in complexity and inclusion of market-specific fundamental variables. Amendments to each model for the particular market are proposed and the models are evaluated both in-sample and out-of-sample. Addition of exogenous variables − commodity prices, weather conditions and seasonal variables − to simpler heterogeneous autoregressive model is found to improve volatility forecast accuracy. The results suggest higher continuous volatility due to increased penetration of power from wind...
National Power Grid in China: the reform of electricity industry
Liu, Ruyuan ; Semerák, Vilém (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
Separation of transmission and distribution is the core for the new reform of electricity industry in China. To solve problem with long distance transmission, the two national power grids started Ultra-High-Voltage (UHV) transmission lines in 2006. After July 8th 2010, UHV lines started to operate. In March 2015, Document No.9 issued, to deepen the reform of electricity sector by separating transmission and distribution, and privatizing retailing. This paper will focus on the change in economic scale after separation by empirical analysis, and which pricing mechanism to choose.
Definition of Relevant Market in Rail Transportation on the Route Prague - Košice using consumer survey
Juhásová, Zuzana ; Vacek, Pavel (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to define the relevant market in railway transportation on the route Prague - Košice. In the theoretical part we describe the concept of relevant market, its use and importance for competition policy. We explain methods used for defining the relevant market and focus on the SSNIP test and its practical application, critical loss analysis. In the empirical part we conduct a consumer survey among passenger on the route Prague - Košice and use its results to compute elasticity of demand for rail transportation on the route Prague - Košice and then we perform critical loss analysis. JEL Classification C80, C81, D42, D47,K21, L41, L92 Keywords relevant market, SSNIP test, critical loss analysis, critical elasticity, critical loss Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Willingness to pay for mobile internet in the Czech Republic
Doskočilová, Kateřina ; Polák, Petr (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
Willingness to pay for mobile internet in the Czech Republic Abstract The main focus of this thesis is to examine consumers' willingness to pay for mobile internet in the Czech Republic. The data for the estimation were collected via a self-developed online questionnaire. Using the logit model, the factors, which significantly influences the WTP, were identified. These include: the ownership of a smartphone, perceived importance of availability of the internet connection, having a monthly mobile tariff and the way of using mobile applications. Additionally, the price, that the consumers' would be willing to pay for their ideal tariff, is examined and it is shown, that the level of education has a significant negative effect on this price.
Personal bankruptcy in the Czech Republic
Malíčková, Jana ; Gutiérrez Chvalkovská, Jana (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
Personal bankruptcy has been enacted in the Czech legal system since 2008. In the six years, during which the legal regulation was in effect, there here have been already 84,000 applications for personal bankruptcy filed and the number is still increasing. For the em- pirical part of this work, I have created a data set matrix consisting of 175 applicants for personal bankruptcy and 25 descriptive variables. I found out that personal bankruptcy was permitted in more than 90% of the cases. The single variable with the highest influence on the positive handling of the request for personal bankruptcy was the manner of filling in the application. Handwritten applications have a much lower percentage of approval than those written on a computer or a typewriter. We noted that frequently debtors received a financial donation optimized in order to have sufficient financial means for the permission of personal bankruptcy. 1
Does the Shale Gas Revolution Mean the End of Biofuels?
Kouřílek, Jakub ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
World effort to reduce climate changes drives demand for more environmen- tally friendly alternative fuels, since transport emits quarter of total green- house gas emissions. For many years biofuels were main mean for achieving more green transport. Nevertheless, there are rising concerns that some of biofuels have negative environmental and social impacts sometimes worse than fossil fuels. This work links European Union's biofuels development with expansion of natural gas caused by exploitation from shale formations. We examine relationship between biodiesel, natural gas and relevant com- modities by using the price transmission framework. Results indicate weak slowly increasing negative price relation between biodiesel and natural gas. Our work finds favourable legislation for future application of natural gas vehicles. Nonetheless, we conclude that the expansion will not be driven by exploitation of shale gas at European Union territory. 1
Public procurement of mobile network operators services
Polák, Zdeněk ; Skuhrovec, Jiří (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with public procurement of mobile network operators services and analysis of institutional and procedural characteristics under which public authorities are able to reach lower prices than regular retail customers. The applied model attempts to explain a variation in final price of high consumption mobile services consumer basket. The variation is explained as a function of estimated price of consumer basket, year of tender, length of contract, supplier, governance structure of public authority, number of bidders and use of electronic auction. The results indicate that usage of electronic auction brings lower final price of mobile services by 8.6 %, T-Mobile is more expensive than O2 and Vodafone on average by 8 % and each additional bidder decreases the final price on average by 6.1 %. We found that there exists statistically significant difference in the final price with respect to type of public authority. The final price of mobile services is decreasing in time, on average by 9 % per year. Together with insignificance of the variable measuring length of contract, it follows that long term contracts are not cost-efficient.
The Impact of Renewable Energy on the EU Electricity Prices and CO2 Emissions
Čech, Marek ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
This thesis is focused on the topic of electricity pricing in the European Union connected with the increasing use of renewable energy sources in electricity production and consumption. It provides background information related to the types of energy sources along with the summary of their advantages and disadvantages regarding both the environmental impact and financial costs. Furthermore, it involves fundamental global and European electricity production statistics and a summary of the European Union approach to the support of environment-friendly energy production methods. The core of the thesis is then the econometric panel data model (data collected from 13 member states of the European Union over the period between 2010 and 2013) analysing two relationships. First, the impact of the share of renewable energy sources in the final electricity production on the European consumer electricity prices. Second, whether the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energy causes a significant decrease in the greenhouse gases (specifically carbon dioxide) emissions. In conclusion, this paper provides suggestions for further research based on the analyses included in it. JEL Classification H20, Q20, Q40, Q47, Q48, Q54 Keywords carbon dioxide emissions, electricity price, energy sources, renewable energy...

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