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Music online journalism: iReport and Musicserver websites and application of theoretical concepts of journalism
Šindlauerová, Marta ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
The diploma thesis describes the application of theoretical concepts of journalism into the environemnt of two most popular music websites Musicserver and iREPORT. In the theoretical basis for the topic are featured the basic characteristics of online journalism and the problematic nature of the term "ideal critic". Furthermore, there are at first theoretically established and afterwards analyzed the concepts of agenda-setting, gatekeeping, objectivity and bias, participative journalism, user generatec content, professionalism, hypertextuality and intertextuality, the usage of social networks, tabloidization and the analysis will also touch upon the issue of name transformation to fit the Czech language. There is also a semiotic and visual analysis of chosen samples performed. On the basis of concepts, the paper intends to explain the functioning of the websites, the aspects that are influencing their content, the factors that have an effect on the selection of the content, the means of working with the audience, the problems in terms of objectivity in the art criticism, the requirements laid upon the editorial staff members and the level of influence upon the readers. Keywords online journalism, theoretical concepts, Musicserver, iREPORT, music, agenda-setting, gatekeeping, objectivity,...
The Musical programming of Czech alternative radio stations
Pyatkina, Maria ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
This master's thesis studies and compares the methods that Czech alternative radio stations, Radio 1 and Radio Wave, use while creating the music component of their broadcast. Their alternative format defines their specific approach towards music, which is appealing for this type of research. The theoretical part of this thesis provides insight into the issues of the radio station's musical programming, describes the alternative radio format and the studied radio stations, including the musical component. Music directors and DJ's go through decision- making processes in a similar way that news editors write news articles. That is why the second part of this thesis applies the gatekeeping research framework to the musical programming. Based on the interviews with the radio station's music directors and DJ's, this thesis discovers a wide range of aspects that affect alternative radio station's musical broadcasts. The gatekeeping research levels help to compare these influences within the two stations.
The Differences between Public and Commercial Radio Broadcasting (exemplified by Radiožurnál and Rádio Impuls)
Dolejšová, Kristýna ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
Diploma thesis The Differences between Public and Commercial Radio Broadcasting (exemplified by Radiožurnál and Rádio Impuls) deals with differences in broadcasting of public radio station Radiožurnál and commercial radio station Rádio Impuls. The selection of stations was not random. Radiožurnál stays according to Radioprojekt, official radio audience research realized by companies MEDIAN and STEM/MARK, the longterm most listened radio station of Czech Radio and belong to most listened radio station countrywide. Rádio Impuls is since the begining of this research most listened radio station countrywide. Diploma thesis does not examine general differences in radio broadcasting between these two radio stations which are valid for another radio stations of Czech Radio and for other commercial radio stations. Instead of this it deals with specific differences in their radio broadcasting. After introductory inclusion of examined radio stations to media system in the Czech Republic, description of their origin and current format, other chapters focus on individual differences. Attention is dedicated to programs, news, moderators' inputs and two publicistic programs - Ranní interview and Tři Impulsy na tělo. Last chapter evaluates audio, lexical, morphological and syntactical level of moderators'speeches.
Radio medallion of Iveta Radičová, the first woman Prime Minister of Slovakia
Vohlídal, Václav ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Maršík, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis is constructed from two parts. Practical part that is attached separately as a wav. File and theoretical part that should serve as an addendum to the practical project. The goal of the practical part is to illustrate the life and career of Iveta Radičová, former prime minister of Slovakia and professor of sociology. Practical project is conceived as a opinion journalism radio piece, that could be broadcasted on any public or private radio station. The project contains interview with Iveta Radičová and other people. Words from the author and historical sounds taken from various media which illustrate career of Iveta Radičová. Theoretical part serves as an addition to the recorded material, it aims to explain why and what was chosen.
The "Brady" affair in the news of Czech Televison and Nova TV
Uhlířová, Zdeňka ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Magdoňová, Jana (referee)
The "Brady affair" took place during autumn 2016 and became the subject of enormous interest within all Czech media. It also raised a wave of protests among famous personalities and citizens of the Czech Republic, dividing the public. At the heart of the dispute was the statement by Daniel Herman, a former Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic. Herman alleged that president Miloš Zeman nixed a state decoration to Holocaust survivor George Brady after Herman, Brady's nephew, met with the Dalai Lama against Zeman's wishes. President Zeman denied the claims, with representatives saying the dropped award had "nothing to do" with the meeting. The "Brady affair" was thoroughly discussed on both Czech Television and Nova TV. This thesis discusses the results of the content analysis of the main television news programmes of both Události and Televizní noviny. The analysis focuses on the position of the case in the news agenda of both broadcasts. It also focuses on the assessment of the objectivity, basis in facts and neutrality of expression, as well as the tendency of both editorial offices to use narrative elements in reports. The assumption was that if objectivity, lack of neutrality or any bias of one or the other side of the dispute were apparent in the analysis, it would probably be TV Nova's...

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