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Anti-B18H22: A Brand-New Laser Material
Cerdán, L. ; Braborec, Jakub ; Garcia-Moreno, I. ; Costela, A. ; Londesborough, Michael Geoffrey Stephen
The first laser borane, anti-B18H22, exhibits blue laser emission at 406nm with an efficiency of 9.5 % and a photostability superior to that of commercial laser dyes, providing a new solution to an old problem.
Tuning the Photophysical Properties of Anti-B18H22 [1]
Braborec, Jakub ; Černá, H. ; Benkocká, M. ; Kolská, Z. ; Londesborough, Michael Geoffrey Stephen
The tuning of the photophysical properties of the highly fluorescent boron hydride cluster anti-B18H22 (1), by straight-forward chemical substitution to produce 4,4'-(HS)(2)-anti-B18H20 (2), facilitates intersystem crossing from excited singlet states to a triplet manifold.[1] This subsequently enhances O-2((1)Delta(g)) singlet oxygen production from a quantum yield of Phi(Delta) similar to 0.008 in 1 to 0.59 in 2. This contribution describes the synthesis and full structural characterization of the new compound 4,4'-(HS) 2-anti-B18H20 (2) and uses UV-vis spectroscopy coupled with DFT and ab initio computational studies to delineate and explain its photophysical properties. Additionally, we will report on new fluorescent derivatives of anti-B18H22 and their immobilisation on solid nanostructured substrates.
Nový typ klecové struktury : první jedenáctivrcholový trikarbaborán hypho-[C3B8H15](-)
Londesborough, Michael Geoffrey Stephen ; Janoušek, Zbyněk
The polyhedral geometries that the majority of boranes adopt are related to the number of electron pairs available to it for cluster bonding, a relationship that has allowed the classification of boron-containing clusters into the closo, nido, arachno, etc "families" that we are all familiar with.
Chemie "helmet" aniontu : hypho--[C2B6H13](-)
Londesborough, Michael Geoffrey Stephen ; Janoušek, Zbyněk ; Hnyk, Drahomír ; Štíbr, Bohumil
The geometries and electron-counts of the vast majority of known carborane species fall under the structural catagories of closo, nido and arachno carboranes.

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