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Two- neutrino double beta decay of 150Nd in the NEMO-3 experiment and scintillator characterization for the SUPER NEMO
Žukauskas, Aivaras ; Vorobel, Vít (advisor) ; Lokajíček, Miloš (referee) ; Wagner, Vladimír (referee)
The half-life of two-neutrino double beta decay of 150 Nd has been measured with data taken by the NEMO-3 experiment at the Modane Underground Laboratory. Using 1918.5 days of data recorded with 36.55 g of 150 Nd the half-life of this process is measured to be T2ν 1/2 = (8.99 ± 0.18 (stat.) ± 0.71 (syst.)) × 1018 y. SuperNEMO is the successor to NEMO-3 and will be one of the next generation of 0νββ experiments. It aims to measure 82 Se with an half-life sensitivity of 1026 yr corresponding to ⟨mββ⟩ < 50 - 100 meV. In order to achieve this target, a testing apparatus for the scintillator characterization has been developed and 140 scintillator blocks were characterized for the calorimeter of the SuperNEMO. It was determined that none of the blocks violate defined criteria of uniformity (± 3% for the energy resolution at 1 MeV) nor the criteria of energy resolution (< 16% at 1 MeV). The average uniformity of the blocks was found to be 0.7% and the average energy resolution of these blocks is 12% at 1 MeV. However, it was discovered during the visual tests that 23 out of 140 blocks contain more than 20 visible dust specks, thus alarming the possible contamination of these blocks with the natural radioactive isotopes.
Modernization of public ground transport through the use of 21st century technologies
Lokajíček, Miloš ; Bruckner, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šperková, Lucie (referee)
The thesis deals with the benefits of modern technologies to public land transport, an area which has not been notably impacted by modern technologies to this day. The work anal-yses both the way modern technologies can help transport companies, and also which tech-nologies in particular can bring something new to the conservative sector. The specific ob-jectives of the thesis are the analysis of D2D systems key components, benefits of Yield Management to the transport industry and implementation of carriers into the Bileto plat-form.
Podrobná analýza odezvy různých buněčných linií na ozařování ionty uhlíku
Hromčíková, Hana ; Kundrát, Pavel ; Lokajíček st., Miloš
Cell survival data of three Chinese hamster cell lines irradiated by carbon ions have been analyzed on the basis of the probabilistic two-stage model. Detailed characteristics of damage induction and repair-success probabilities have been established, quantifying the difference in response to carbon irradiation between these cell lines.
Energie předávaná ionizujícími částicemi a inaktivační mechanismus v buňkách
Kundrát, Pavel ; Lokajíček st., Miloš
Energy loss of individual particles, their lateral scattering and energy-loss straggling are involved in the Bragg peak formation. A model of the Bragg peak of protons and light ions is presented that takes into account all these phenomena.
On the use of accelerated hadrons in treatment of cancer
Kundrát, Pavel ; Lokajíček st., Miloš
Basic principles of hadron radiotherpy and its current use worldwide will be summarized. Situation in the Czech Republic will be discussed, too
Mathematical moddeling of radiobiological mechanism in cells
Lokajíček st., Miloš ; Kundrát, Pavel
A mathematical model will be presented thet enables to correlate the inactivation effect of defined numbers of ionizing particles traversing cell nuclei with corresponding cell survival curves. Applications of the given model in analyzing the relative biological efficiency of protons and ions in their Bragg peak regions will be discussed

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