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Teacher as a victim of aggression
Vöröšová, Veronika ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of aggression aimed at a teacher. The theoretical part offers clarification of terms such as aggression, aggressive behaviour, violence and bullying. Furthermore, in separated chapters it discusses in detail the individual possible aggressors, to which belong pupils, parents, colleagues or principals. It focuses on their specifics related to teacher's attacks. The basis of the practical part is designed research realized by quantitative method. The research examined the experience of teachers from chosen elementary schools in Ústí nad Labem region with aggression towards them. Specifically, it dealt with broadening of aggression against teachers, mentioned forms and aggressors. The teachers also had the opportunity to describe their experience which they find as the most serious one. The results are alarming and they call for greater attention whether in the professional or general public. The aim of this thesis is not just being informative, moreover, it should serve as a motivation for further research. KEYWORDS aggressive behaviour, aggression, bullying, teacher, pupil, parent, mobbing, bossing, elementary school
The relations among the school staff as a factor in the school climate
Ondráček, Jiří ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Hanková, Zdeňka (referee)
TITLE: Relationships Among Teaching Staff as a School Climate Factor AUTHOR: Bc. Jiří Ondráček DEPARTMENT: Pedagogy Department, Charles University - Faculty of Education THESIS MENTOR: PhDr. Marie Linková, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The topic of this thesis is school climate and relationships among teaching staff influencing it. The theoretical part includes explanation of the terms climate and school climate, and defines differences between school environment and school culture. An important part is school as an institution and an organisation as well. Theoretical part also defines school climate and its typology. It identifies requirements for a positive school climate and factors influencing it (subjective, objective). The thesis is also focused on research of the school climate itself, the history of research and particular research methods (various queationairres, SWOT analysis, school map, etc.). A very important component of the theoretical part is the description of relationships (climate) among the teaching staff. It defines the teaching team, personality of a pedagogical worker, personalities of teachers, their typology and authority. The concluding part is focused on positives and negatives of teaching staff relationships and it clarifies their causes. The practical part is focused on the research...
A pupil with Down's syndrome in craft classes at primary school
Kabylová, Libuše ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
TITLE: A pupil with Down's syndrome in craft classes at primary school AUTHOR: Bc. Libuše Kabylová DEPARTMENT: Department of Pedagogy SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Marie Linková, PhD. ABSTRACT: This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part explains the conceps Down's syndrome, mental retardation, their context and it also defines integration and inclusion. There are also informations about the causes of Down syndrome and its typical physical features and possible health complications. It also mentions the behaviour of children with this disability, their development and possibilities of upbringing and education. The second chapter characterizes the teaching of Craft in lower secondary school with the help of general educational programme. The practical part gives the informations about the primary school where the joint education was realized. It also provides information about the concrete educational programmes with consideration to the subject Craft. Afterwards it follows its own research and analysis of lessons. Methodological work is solved by observation and dialogues. This thesis concludes with a final summary and evaluation. All the pictures are used with permission of statutory representative. KEYWORDS: education, school, Down's syndrome, Craft, inklusive education
Life style of people with body modifications
Šimůnková, Lucie ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
TITLE: Life style of people with body modifications AUTHOR: Lucie Šimůnková DEPARTMENT: Katedra Pedagogiky SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Veronika Blažková, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: In this work I deal with the theme of life style of people with body modifications, e.g. tattoos, piercing, ears stretching. In the theoretical part I explain all the terms, I briefly describe history of modifications, a short part is dedicated to people's personal motives to get modification and also its research. The practical part is dedicated to personal experiences, people's with modification lifestyle attitudes and opinions. To find out these information the method of interview is used. The aim of this work is to find out how the society perceives people with body modifications, whether tattoos or piercings influence the personal or professional life of people who have them and if so how. Furthermore, the aim is to find out what motivated the respondents begin with the modifications, how they look at this decision today and also how the family and the immediate surroundings reacted to the first modification. KEYWORDS: Modifications, tattoo, piercing, scarification, heavy modification, subculture, lifestyle, minority
Changes in the role of a regular elementary school counsellor after the implementation of an inclusion model.
Medová, Petra ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, the author derives from the historical findings of Educational Counselling Facilities in the Czech Educational system. Furthermore, she focuses on the definition of Educational Counselling Facilities before the introduction of the new concept of Individual Integration in 2016, including the working methods of school guidance counsellor. The author defines the terms of Individual Integration in detail and deals with the amendment and its consequences in the work of school guidance counsellors and teachers. The practical part includes an empirical research based on semi-structured interviews with school guidance counsellors. The author summarizes the findings of her questionnaire survey carried on among schoolteachers. In the final part, the author specifies the changes in the working methods of school guidance counsellors after the implementation of the new concept of Individual Integration starting from 1st September 2016. The author also clarifies the impact of the Individual Integration concept on the everyday responsibilities of the teachers and the educational facilities from their point of view.
A pupil with hearing impairment at the secondary school.
Jurásková, Hana ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
Hana Jurásková, Žák se sluchovým postižením na druhém stupni ZŠ ABSTRACT In my thesis, I will deal with hearing disabilities and his difficulties in the education and education of an integrated second-degree pupil of an ordinary elementary school. Next, I will deal with the compensatory aids for the pupil with hearing impairment and the possibilities of his education. The research survey is oriented qualitatively. The research survey evaluates the methods and the forms of teaching at secondary school the pupils with hearing impairment from their subjective point of view as well as from the point of view of their class teachers and compares them with the results of teaching these pupils. My thesis proposes the methods and the forms of teaching based on in-depth analysis which are appropriate of the case studies. KEYWORDS hearing impairment, integration, methods, case history, secondary school, pupil

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